What is new here

The web is constantly growing. Hundreds  of thousand of new websites are being developed daily. Internet needs and competitors made us redevelop the site. We had an old version of a freelance script for 3 years, with the help of we noticed the clients practical and real needs for a better (not perfect) freelance marketplace.


We have focused on user-friendliness. Our intention is that no client should ever contact us for help, have a good and secure feeling while browsing the site.


Have a look at a few of the site strong points:

  • Only verified users can bid on projects. What it means? It means that you can use your account fully only after you prove us, by making a refundable deposit, that you own at least one major internet payment account( PayPal, Moneybookers). Why? To remove dead times.
  • File attachments for projects, bid and messages. With this you can share now project files or mockups more easily.
  • List of matched projects. Freelancers can save time by checking the section with latest posts. We match the projects  based on individual account configuration.
  • Social approach. Everyone should share one image of themself to make the site more friendly.
  • More freedom in sharing contact details. We allow buyers to share sensitive contact details, like phone numbers.
  • Removed the Frozen state of a project. Again, to save time. This will be a little awkward, but its a good call. A lot of projects are being cancelled or lost because the winning freelancers fail to accept them. Not anymore. Once a buyer picks a freelancer, contact details are exchanged.
  • Better customer support. We are introducing, finally, a ticketing system to help us track the project issues.
  • Project dispute. If someone is unhappy with the project development progress, he can dispute the requirements change or project status/deadline/quality.
  • Favorite providers list. When a buyer posts a project, the favorite freelancers will be instantly notified, so they can bid as soon as possible and save time.
  • Urgent projects. These will be marked with red, to stand out.
  • Detection of a user county. In ex, if you want to save in your account that you are from Canada, the system will not allow you to do that if you lie. We automatically save the country for you, based on your ip address. This way we think we prevent false accounts. We need to be serious. Accurate data.
  • Live customer support.
  • Minimum bid of $50. This could come as a huricane for buyers and freelancers, but implementing this facility will result in a better site and better turnarounds.
  • Minimum budget of $50 for a project. Again, this is a measure to provide only quality projects.


You want more? Contact us and share any cool idea you have!