Posted on Jun 19, 2018 / Est. budget $ 1,500 / Bids 3
Contact me for more details and the signing of a NON disclosure Agreement ... read more
Posted on Jun 17, 2018 / Est. budget $ 250 / Bids -
I need someone who knows how to modify some retro SNES games to match against their overall panorama levels. For understanding of what I'm talking about. See this youtube link: ... read more
Posted on Jun 19, 2018 / Est. budget $ 250 / Bids 1
I have very good theoritical knowledge in Angular 2 but need to develop the new project in angular 5 or 6.   I often get stuck during design and development, and I don't have any good contacts to seek help or do a peer review of my coding or design. I am looking for a senior developer who has very good experience in design and developing ... read more
Posted on Jun 14, 2018 / Est. budget $ 250 / Bids -
Building a intelligence with  physiological implications platform,To do with an integrated chat bot, first developing prototype and testing model, ... read more
Posted on Jun 12, 2018 / Est. budget $ 2,000 / Bids -
We are looking for software engineers who are really good with programming in C#, .NET or SQL. For really quality programmers, we pay above the normal rates. Those meeting our initial qualifications may have an opportunity to get some compensation for writing code during the application process itself. (Yes, you read that right.) Respond if you wo ... read more
Posted on Jun 12, 2018 / Est. budget $ 50 / Bids 1
The features are explained as followed:   What the script/program should do is as followed: 1. Run from terminal (Perl, Python, etc) 2. Have a login prompt that requests a username and then a password.  3. Log in securely to (https) 4. Allow you to enter a specific subreddit   Ie: Subreddit: /r/SNES    ... read more
Posted on Jun 12, 2018 / Est. budget $ 250 / Bids 2
I want to build a joomla ecomerce webiste. It must be mobile friendly. I can pay only with BITCOIN! ... read more
Posted on Jun 02, 2018 / Est. budget $ 250 / Bids 3
In a nutshell: We‘re looking for one ore more experienced Developers, in order to create algorithms that are going to be used for cryptocurrency trading. Basically there is no specific language that is mandatory for the algorithm coding but if you can deliver the code in Phyton or node.js, would be perfect. Please, we need no Developer, who ... read more
Posted on May 31, 2018 / Est. budget $ 50 / Bids 2
We are looking to get develop Online Health and Second Opinion (OHSO) application , to help people getting best online advice from expert physicians anywhere in the world irrelevant of their geo location. Apart from consultancy, OSHO will also show dashboards/graphical representation of patient’s current health status. The graphical repetiti ... read more
Posted on May 28, 2018 / Est. budget $ 1,200 / Bids 1
We need a fully functional sketch for a Arduino project. The sketch is for sending signal signal for changing temparature 18 to 30 (Cold) also Change Fan Speed HIGH or LOW. We need the same code for all major brand of Air Conditioners including some Chinese brands. We can discuss about the brands. We need the code urgnetly. The code should be ready ... read more