Posted on Nov 03, 2019 / Est. budget $ 350 / Bids 1
Similar to Dream11 script need for both APP and websie, if anyone have readymad its fine for me ... read more
Posted on Oct 31, 2019 / Est. budget $ 250 / Bids -
Its a social media application that helps bring people closer together along with giving everyone a equal opportunity to grow. got a small team working on it looking for some more help let me know if your interested. ... read more
Posted on Oct 31, 2019 / Est. budget $ 50 / Bids 2
Hello, I'm looking for someone to make a password manager for me, I don't know what coding language it will be, maybe C#, or up to you. I would like it to be very secure, HWID and IP locked for the most protection. I'm looking towards making it a .exe file. If you want further details you can just reply to me or message me on discord Darius#3421 S ... read more
Posted on Oct 31, 2019 / Est. budget $ 500 / Bids 2
We design and build e-commerce websites, mostly on Wordpress / Woocommerce. We're looking for a full-stack Wordpress developer who's able to make Wordpress do whatever you want.Establish and guide site architecture, design and implement new features and functionality, create themes, build custom plugins, optimize existing websites, debug issues, wo ... read more
Posted on Oct 31, 2019 / Est. budget $ 100 / Bids 5
Need an Android-based mobile app to track the check-in/out timings of a person. The data must be stored in the cloud. An admin interface to add people. see the attached requirement document. ... read more
Posted on Oct 28, 2019 / Est. budget $ 250 / Bids 1
I need to know if someone can create a plugin for Xsplit that will allow me to zoom a RTSP stream.   ... read more
Posted on Oct 24, 2019 / Est. budget $ 250 / Bids 6
I am currently using dream template templates and often get stumped with coding issues to make something on the site look the way i want it to.  I don't want to turn over to anyone to design but am looking for piece work, where I can name the problem and have a person on my side to help with the issues as they come up and work by the task, or ... read more
Posted on Oct 23, 2019 / Est. budget $ 300 / Bids 8
Website needs to be dynamic to fit growth of company. Not many products/items for our launch but as company grows want the ability not to be limited on what products we can post. Products will be aperal to sessions/camp registration. Need to be able to add tabs, pages, products etc. With that said backend needs to be easy to work and able to add pi ... read more
Posted on Oct 23, 2019 / Est. budget $ 50 / Bids 2
I would like someone to setup a Bitcoin Mining Pool for me.  I have an Amazon AWS account, but I need a real quick website created and the Bitcoin Blockchain setup on the server for people to hit. ... read more
Posted on Oct 12, 2019 / Est. budget $ 180 / Bids 2
I am teacher trying to work out the classes for my students next year. There are 56 kids needing to be broken up into two classes. I would like to create a program (for Mac preferably) to facilitate this without having to actually sit down and work out class placements in my head which many have done for years before. So I need two classe ... read more