IT Product Lead, Singapore, Singapore

  • Yearly salary $ 24,000
  • Part-time
  • Posted on Oct 12, 2018
  • Posted by vision
  • Job ID 19

  • Spearhead on product development of Logistics Cloud Software program
  • Participate in end-to-end software and mobile application development cycle, from concept and design stage to development, testing, deployment, maintenance and technical documentation
  • To consult on customised IT projects
  • Research, analyze and assess competitor's products and its features to evaluate our product features development
  • Oversee, give directions, if any, on existing products and customers through system set-up, software installation and troubleshooting
  • Manage and analyze the existing software systems including performance, software quality improvement, diagnosis, troubleshooting of programs and designing of solutions
  • Provide pre-sales technical support and to assist customers on technical matters by proposing solutions and technical support to system integrators, developers and end-users
  • Participate in discussion involving building new design interfaces to improve user experience
  • Experience with Android SDK, Frameworks and tools to create mobile web apps for Android devices




  • Minimum qualification a Degree in Computing/Computer Science or equivalent
  • Minimum of 3 years of working experience in  software development, developing mobile and new applications for the Android platform
  • Proficient in My SQL, MSSQL, Swift, Java, PHP, HTML5, C# and Adobe Flash Lite
  • Need to have backend development experience (tomcat/glassfish/J2EE, php, ASP.etc.)  
  • Preferably with UX/UI knowledge for application purposes
  • Able to attend weekly saturday meetings before 2pm, Singapore time