C# code developer (UWP/IOT medium complexity), BOULDER, Colorado, United States

  • Yearly salary $ 40,000
  • Part-time
  • Posted on Feb 14, 2018
  • Posted by ronos2000
  • Job ID 11

Join us in developing and maintaining our code base targeting cloud connected kiosks running windows 10 and mobile devices. We offer a flexible work environment and schedule, no need to sit in front of your computer when there is fresh snow in the mountains! 20-25 Hrs a week is what we need, of quality result oriented development.

We use VSTS and a continual improvement process in response to our customers, and the crazy ideas we have ourselves. Our code base is the usual combination of C#/MVC/.NET/UWP/.Core/js.

Sorry, we don't have the manpower to train you; we expect a self-motivated individual with a solid understanding of the development process. Base pay will be low, with plenty of incentives to keep you engaged; we gave all our QA engineers a tablet for Xmass! We would expect you to be able to show us your portfolio of accomplishments over the last 7 years or more.