Full-time and part-time developer jobs

Altamonte Springs, FL, United States
Yearly salary $ 250
Posted on Jul 03, 2019
Job ID 31
I need to have created an app to download and ocaisionally update product data in csv format from a site and upload to two pr more different shopping carts that permit similar but differently formatted csv uploads. All sites will require logins and a log file of affected records emailed to admin. ... read more
London, London
Yearly salary $ 500
Posted on Jun 16, 2019
Job ID 30
Require an Appcelerator (Titanium) module for Tapjoy advertising component for iOS and Android. The module will need to support showing Reward and Interstitial adverts with the callbacks to Appcelerator for advert showing completion. The callback for Rewards will need to include hooks for advert cancelling, completion, error etc. ... read more
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Yearly salary $ 2,000
Posted on Jun 12, 2019
Job ID 29
Hi There,   We are an emerging startup working on Offline Advertisements and Signage .  We are looking for angular Developer with 2-3 years of experience in Angular 2+  on contract based.   Looking for an association of 6-8 Week's work Selected person would be responsible for creating developing UI for the the advertise platform which will should be completed in Angular 8. Intrested candidates please respond with the your resume and your past work details.   ---Thanks      Vinod ... read more
Yearly salary $ 350
Posted on Jun 04, 2019
Job ID 28
Hola, estoy buscando un programador que tenga experiencia para facturación electrónica en México que pueda conectarse a la API de contpaq Gracias ... read more
oklahama, usa
Yearly salary $ 250
Posted on May 18, 2019
Job ID 27
Hi . i need coder for write brute and checker soft/ send me mail for more information ... read more
Tangerang Selatan, Indonesia
Yearly salary $ 9,000,000
Posted on May 01, 2019
Job ID 26
Bucuresti, Bucuresti, Romania
Yearly salary $ 150
Posted on Apr 24, 2019
Job ID 25
For details contact me : florea.bianca95@gmail.com ... read more
Miami, Florida, USA
Posted on Apr 18, 2019
Job ID 24
As a rapidly growing startup, we are constantly in need of extra help. Are you interested in perfecting the way marketing and sales teams find their ideal customers? Come join us! ... read more
London, UK
Yearly salary $ 300
Posted on Apr 13, 2019
Job ID 23
Translation from Fortran 77 to VB.NET of a 2900 line code. It is needed in a week from the start of the works. ... read more
Barranca, Los Almendros, Costa Rica
Yearly salary $ 55,000
Posted on Dec 22, 2018
Job ID 22
Developer WEB ... read more