Artificial Intelligence Engineer, San Francisco, USA

  • Yearly salary $ 300,000
  • Part-time
  • Posted on Oct 26, 2018
  • Posted by marina33dutova
  • Job ID 20

For the supporting the Artificial Intelligence Project on outstaffing/outsourcing we need AI ENGINEER (Data Science/Machine Learning Engineer/System Achitect). Only Russian-speakers are required (free conversational Russian)

Remote job.

Main goals:

• Initiate, analyze and implement projects for working with large data processing technologies and machine learning systems
• Manage the project team (including the formation of an effective team for the organization)

Knowledge of technical systems, understanding the basics of CSS, HTML, NET, Python, methodologies for flexible development, ML models, neural networks
Understanding of trends and best practices in the development of artificial intelligence
Propensity to analytical activity
Achievements from the implementation of previous projects affecting the company's KPI
Knowledge of the basic algorithms and data structures
Knowledge of OOP, basic design patterns
Knowledge of Agile development methodology
Good communication skills
Responsibility, ambitiousness
Free English