How to post a project?

Describing the project is the first step to your success. Share as much details as possible. More information means less questions, confusion and wasted time.


Project name (i.e. New website needed)

Project name is priority number one. This is the first thing the bidders see from your project. It will be visible on the projects list, on search results, in your and freelancers account and on the search engines. Be sure to pick relevant words and try to describe your project shortly within the title.


Project details

A full project description. Share as much info you can. Use simple or tech words.


Upload images/files 

If you have files and images related to the project, share them with the bidders. You are allowed to upload 5 atatchments. If you have more,  you can either archive them, either upload them to a file sharing online service, either send them using our message board.



Picking the right categories for the project is crucial.  You would post a project for Logo Design in the Graphics category and not in Programming or Writing.


In how many days do you need this

The number of days the project will stay open for bids on the site. If you place 3 days, the project will be closed on the 4th day automatically.



The budget you have for the job. You will have visibly more bids with the right budget. Lot of freelancers will not open your project if the budget is too low.


Make my project featured

Featured projects have more exposure and they stand out.


Make my project urgent

Urgent projects gain more attention.


Hide bids

Bids will be kept private and only the project owner can see them.