Who are the certified members?

Certified Members are users of the website that we guarantee for. We check the address they shared with us, check the phone numbers they listed, ask for additional business emails(not free ones), check the quality of the website(s) they own and other verifications.


We constantly review their activity on the website.


From experience, certified members always carry out in the most professional way. Not everyone can be certified. As there is a monthly fee of $15, not many people can afford it. Therefore we will gather only the ones who do business on higher standards.


Who can apply for Certified membership?

Anyone. If you are looking for jobs or your search for service providers, certification works both ways. Anyone can apply, but not everyone will be certified. There is a difference.


How do you recognize a Certified Member?

Certified members will have a special graphic beside their username and all bids will stand out, using bold font. Your life will be much easier when dealing with quality clients and providers. They will definitely carry on each job in the most professional manner.


How to become a Certified Member? To get yourself certified, please contact us. The fee for certification is $15 per month plus $15 research fee(one time fee).