What is a featured project?

By marking your project as featured means you want your project to be special. You want more exposure. It will definitely attract more experts and more bids.


How featured projects work? Simple. Projects are marked for all to see(with colored font). Projects are listed ositewide, assuring that every single freelancer with interest notices the project.


How much does it cost? There is a flat fee of $15 to post a Featured project. We reserve the right to charge the featured projects because they will be displayed more and NOTICED by almost every visitor. The project will be displayed as long as it expires. If you post the project for only 2 days, it will be displayed, unfortunatly, for only 2 days. We suggest to give each project at least 5 days. Bids number and costs will be much better. There is no need to hurry.


Now tell me, does $15 MAKE YOU? Are you willing to jeopardize your project for $15? I don't think so.