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Posted by Andor on Dec 20, 2013, in Web design

With the fast evolution that the web design industry has been experiencing, what aspects do we expect to disappear in 2013? Better yet, what trends are we likely to see in 2014. There are many things to look forward whether the reports from the experts are anything to go by. Here, we shall look at as many of them as possible. If you are into Internet marketing, you will thus know what to look forward to if you want to reach a big segment of the market.

Sites for mobile

It is estimated that by mid 2014, there will be more smart phones in the market than there are computers. As such, mobile web design is the first trend to consider. If a website is not available for the mobile platforms, then that will be a loss for the marketers. Even though this has become very popular in 2013, there are many things that have not been explored as of yet. Digging deeper into the statistics, an average Joe glances at their mobile phones about 150 times a day. Ardent mobile user glances at their phone more times than that, say, close to 300 times a day. Now if you have a website designed for mobile, it means that you have more chance of having it being accessed on mobile than when it can only be accessed on mobile.

It is important that the website design be very responsive as that is the only way that you can make it available for all devices, including mobile devices. That also means that this website will be able to fit all screens, making it easier for you if you love a good thing.

Single Page websites

You have probably seen them, websites that seem to have everything on one page. This should maybe fall under “scrolling” but here it is, so let us discuss it. However, if you have been looking around carefully, you must have noticed that most of the websites that go with the one page only are smaller in nature. For the bigger eCommerce websites, it can be hard to ram everything in one place. However, maybe this will be ratified for 2014 and therefore, big websites may start coming on one page only.

If you are launching a product or a service, and you would like to tell your visitors about its features by making them focus on the details strictly, then the good thing would be to use the single page websites as that way, they would not stray from that page. It is the only page in the website.

Scrolling continuously

This is one of the most common features in the web design market today. You may have noticed that many websites now allow you to scroll continuously without having to click anywhere. This makes browsing easier, especially on the mobile platforms where the users may not have the mouse. However, note that this continuous scrolling may mean that the website loses some elements. For example, the top fold element may disappear. However, this can be fixed somehow with time.

Research has shown that about 30% of all Internet users, especially those that use the handheld devices do not mind scrolling. This 30% of Internet user is actually the percentage of people that access the Internet all the time.


This is the direction that many websites are headed today. You will need to incorporate the best designs in the market. This includes everything including the color, the fonts and everything else. People do not want to look for features everywhere, and therefore, they are looking for very simple websites where all features are arrayed on one page, the home page. Invest in simplicity.

Whereas several years ago people were looking for a feature and element packed design, this time round they will be looking for the fewest features in a website. They will be looking for a website where customers can find everything on the homepage without clicking a button. All the unnecessary features and additions will go. This may even make it easier and faster for a website to load.

With life becoming more hectic in the day, most people are looking for something that can put them at ease. Look the best in the market today, even the social platforms and you will realize that one thing that defines them is that they are very simple in design. A good example is Facebook, which though packed with robust features; it is a very simple website to negotiate.

Websites will carry many Infographics

Integrated Infographics proved to be a great thing for 2012 and 2013. They will continue to get better and bigger in 2014. This means that the content on a website is made more informative. Since Infographics include pictures, these can stick to the mind faster than just pure content. Today, people do not logon to websites for fun. To the contrary, they do it because they are looking for information. They are looking for entertainment. The most serious websites will include many Infographics in 2014.

The fixed navigation bar

In the websites trends of the past, the navigation bar would be situated at the top of the website, very close to the logo. The bar would disappear when one scrolled downwards and therefore, when users would want to go to the next page, it would be impossible to do so without scrolling all the way to the top again. Come 2014, this will not be an issue any longer as the bar will be fixed such that as the users scroll downward, the navigation bar will remain visible and as such, they will be able to move to other pages of the site easily. Users do not want to be on tiring and complicated websites that take too much of their time. They will be looking for user friendliness.

Large fonts

This is the norm in most websites today and come 2014, there will be bigger fonts for readers. With the coming of devices that have very high resolutions, actually the bigger fonts were a necessity. That way, people can be able to read easier and faster without straining. While the norm has so far been to use 12 size for font, that is fast becoming outdated because higher resolutions means that the font is becoming too strenuous to read with the high screen resolutions. Web developers have woken up to this fact. The good thing is that as a designer, you can decide on the best font size. Do you find it easy to read? If not, then visitors will not find it any easier. There has to be a balance between the headers and the content, the bigger the header, then the bigger the font will need to be.

Adobe’s Flash Plugin

The standard browser code had many failings, especially when it came to video and games. It was taken a notch higher by the Adobe Flash PlugIn and Microsoft’s Silverlight. However, come 2014, the problems that have been associated with these two Plugins will no longer be experienced. There will be new direction to follow. Today, JavaScript has become the order of the day. HTML and CSSS are also joining the bandwagon fast and therefore no developer has to rely on Adobe’s Flash player to develop a great website. In addition, there will be no issues of crashed adobe plugins. Users will have an excellent browsing experience on the websites running on JavaScript, HTML and CSS 3.

Faster loading therefore larger backgrounds

While web developers tended to avoid larger backgrounds because of the slow Internet speeds, today, the Internet speeds have increased and so the web developers have started going back to create larger backgrounds, which can incorporate more information and elements that will be appealing to the eyes.

Larger backgrounds will help to improve the experience of the user, especially the reading experience. Developers will not shy away from going in this direction and websites are set to get better with time now.

In addition to the larger backgrounds for websites, videos in the background are set to make a comeback. This will be great for entertain websites and ecommerce sites. Just the same as YouTube which has been ranked tip as the best for converting prospects to buying customers, videos in the background will make the best impact on customers. It will not only be good for design, but most users will love it. It brings an entirely new concept in web creation and it will not be long before the impact is realized. The former limitations like speed and loading of the websites have now been overcome and therefore even web pages that have videos in the background will be very fast. Again, newer and better browsers are coming up. Therefore, there will be a much better experience for all users.

Parallax scrolling

This concept is set to allow the website designers to control some aspects of the images and contents that they are reading on the web pages. For example, the user will be able to control the depth of the images that they will be viewing. Other aspects that will be improved by Parallax scrolling are like the scroll speeds of different elements. This concept will be inculcated into the website as the core or just a secondary part of the design. However, it is very welcome.

Code free design will triumph

While the code design has refused to go away in 2013, in 2014, it will be replaced fast by code free design. It will be the year that web design will become easier and simpler and many companies offering the code free design will go into business. It will be the in thing. Just as other aspects of technology become obsolete fast, code will soon go away, and even if it lurks around, it will not be used as much as the code free designs.

Colors will make a comeback

While writing about simplicity, we said that colors meant clutters and therefore, we saw the major websites in the world, for example, Facebook, doing away with many colors and using just a few of them. However, 2014 will see some colors coming back. Soft colors will be incorporated to enhance the theme of the websites. It will be done all for show and therefore, designers will be looking for the best, most popular colors for websites.


What will be the navigation for 2014 look like? Already, it is around and this will include big, bold buttons that will be easy for users to find. You see, as the font for the content and the headers grows bigger with time, there will be a need to retain a good balance between all the elements of a website and therefore the buttons will have to change.

Social media

This has not been an option but right from day one, social media integration has been a necessity as webmasters look for more traffic from the social platforms. Therefore, it might not rank as a 2014 thing altogether, but we can be sure that we will see more social media being brought aboard. Different social media platforms are supposed to be used for different functions and the big thing will be to incorporate all of them as businesses become more entrenched online than offline.


All of the planned trends for web design in 2014 are meant to make a better user experience. They have been inspired by many factors but the biggest one here appears to be improved Internet speeds. This means that most of the features that were being discarded before because of the slow loading speeds can be used fully. In addition, there are better browsers coming up. The need for mobile websites has also contributed to the change in the trends of the website designs. No matter what you need, you are going to get it easily.

The impact of video cannot be forgotten. It is big, and it converts prospects to buyers fast. Therefore, videos in the background will be very common. Users can expect a better experience when browsing and developers can offer excellent services to their clients.

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