The Relation Between Organic And Referral Traffic In SEO

Posted by on Mar 26, 2019, in SEO

The Relation Between Organic And Referral Traffic In SEO

No matter what type of digital marketing strategy you follow for your business it is paramount that you must make it work for it in the way as desired by you. It is the prime objective to reach out to more audience targeted and beyond so that you increase the chances of converts and sale for your business and of course increase the revenue for your business.

Ideally, your website should be the most effective and useful platform or a tool that will help you to reach to your business goals that you may have set beforehand. Therefore, while working with your business goals you must focus on your website and its functionality as well. This will ensure that you have more organic traffic to it which is the basic principle of SEO.  

There are several aspects that you must consider for this matter such as:

  • Create a useful and intuitive content
  • Make it appealing with perfectly located items and proper elements incorporated in it
  • Research and use proper keywords, preferably long tail ones
  • And consider the cost as well

If after all these efforts you find that you are not getting the desired traffic and conversion it is time to look deeper into it. You may also get in touch with a professional and reliable SEO agency and get expert SEO tips and advice regarding this matter. 

Ideally, your site will provide high ROI only when you have a huge amount of referral traffic. This will surely affect your Google rankings and also help you in proper and precise data correlation.

About referral traffic

In this modern business world where everything is digital especially marketing of a product or brand, the only way to gain more organic traffic is by getting more referral traffic.  

  • You will need to do a lot more to get ensure that the popularity of your site as well as the session time spent by the visitors to your site lasts much longer than a couple of minutes. It is required to retain them for future as well as make them refer other visitors to your site. 
  • The focus now should not only be in lot of traffic but also on lot of time spent in your site by the visitors. You will need to make the best use of the Google Analytics to make everything happen as required by your business as well as your target customers. 
  • You must focus more on the social media so that more and more people see the thread and comments on it. When you have lots of views and comments, your site will get more votes that will gradually push it up in the Goggle search result pages. 

As the site reaches higher and higher it will start to attract even more views and comments. As a result and soon enough, you will get more organic traffic referred to your site and you will fare well in the popularity contest with other sites that are in similar business as yours. 

Prevent the natural factors

It is quite natural that sites and posts lose its popularity in the search engines as time passes by. This is because the other sites and posts start to down-vote them. This balances the up-votes out. This happens naturally and it is usually this aspect that you should focus and find ways to prevent it from happening. 

Usually, proper SEO is the result of how effective you are in influencing your users as they are the ones who eventually determine the popularity of your site in the search engines. It is for this reason you will need to focus on a few things as under:

  • Keeping your site as well as its contents fresh and interesting and
  • Make the best use of your site administrative rights so as to maintain a steady influx of new threads

In both the ways, you will be able to prevent the decrease of the organic traffic which is a normal occurrence. It is the It is the direct influence of the users that will increase or decrease the number of visitors. This will consequently result in the increase or decrease of the SEO ranking of the site in the search engine.

Now you may think whether or not the increase in traffic influences the site as well as the keyword ranking positions in the SERPs. Experts say that there seems to be a proven relation between these two.

This point at one specific thing: whether or not it is important to focus more on gaining links from the webpages and how it may help in converting traffic into prospective sales. The answer once again is a resounding yes. 

Obtain more links

Therefore, in this modern world of business you simply cannot ignore the significance and benefits of having more referral traffic as that will significantly impact SEO rankings within the search engines.

Instead of using the traditional and outdated metrics it is more productive to focus on obtaining top quality traffic whether it is from social media or not. This is because it is a crucial aspect that you should consider if you want to monitor the traffic. You can use the free tools Google Analytics for that matter.

  • It is also important in this modern world of online marketing that you obtain more usable and relevant links that will provide a higher volume of referrals.
  • It will help you to earn more click-through and this data will impact the search rankings within the search engines

Though you cannot possibly draw 100% certified traffic by any method followed, at least by this way you will have a valid and proper starting point to get more referral traffic that may influence Google search rankings. 

A lot of research has been already carried out on this aspect and more are ongoing to find the exact relation between referral traffic and organic traffic. However, there is no denial that given the current marketing demands and scenario, exploding this aspect as much as possible will help you a lot to achieve a better Search Engine Optimization.


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