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Posted by Andor on Jan 01, 2014, in General

Outsourcing is a business that needs a tremendously conscious company that’s looking for accomplished and expert freelancers or teams. If you have a job to offer, we have the right freelancers to match the needs. We believe every employer should have the best options before making a choice.

It’s a matter of right job description

Yes, we insist all clients to have a clear idea of their goals and requirements for an online project or task. No matter whether you choose a novice or an expert team for a job, they can only work with perfection when the description is correct, precise and understandable. Most clients have the instructions right on their mind, but it’s correspondingly imperative to translate the same on paper.

Consider the requirements early!

That’s where most clients fail to understand what it takes to hire a freelancer. From the deadlines to the work culture, there are more than a few things to expect from your outsourced team. Competence is always the major aspect of hiring a team, but when you know the minimal expectations early, we can help you hire the right team or worker! The job description tells them what to do, but the requirements tell the freelancers whether they are eligible and should apply for the position!

Explore more options!

One of the main themes of outsourcing is finding more optionsthe project. Every time you have a job to offer, there are more than a dozen freelancers or companies teams who will show interest. We always insist that clients should check in for more options for every posting because even the newbies can do a good job and the experienced one can fail. Everything from the profile and portfolio to the bid matters in choosing the right freelancer, and it’s worthwhile to check additional possibilities!

Build a good brand name!

Yes, freelancers do check the client profile before applying for a job! When you expect your task to have the best bids, it makes sense to take time to build brand on our platform. A headshot foto, a company logo, a small description of what you do. Offer feedback and get the same in return. While many of the clients choose to hire a new freelancer every time as needed, it is also a virtuous idea of rehiring freelancers.

Every time when you post a job, we give you the preference to explore more with skilled freelancers!

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