SEO and Reseller Opportunities- Why they really matter

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SEO or search engine optimization involves the practice of optimizing sites in order for them to reach high positions in the search results of search engines such as Google. SEO emphasizes on rankings through non-paid or organic search results.


SEO attempts to form a website according to the algorithm of major search engines, which is necessary for the appearance of web pages in higher positions in search results. While these algorithms are generally well-kept secrets, years of experience in the industry have made it possible to get insight into the important factors. The overall ranking of websites is determined by both on-page ranking factors and off-page factors.

On-Page Factors

On-page factors in SEO refer to all the things that can be influenced on a site. Various technical features of a site are essential for the opportunity of a site to rank favorably in search engines. Other vital on-page factors include content, site speed and the structure of the website.

Off-Page Factors

Along with on-page factors are the off-page considerations. However, these particular factors can be a bit more challenging to influence. Links to the site are generally regarded as the most important factor. A higher ranking in search engines can be achieved when relevant sites are linked to your website.

The niche or competition of a certain website is another aspect. It can be more difficult to rank in some niches and easier within other niches. Competitiveness of various markets also has a significant impact on the possibilities of ranking.

Sustainability of SEO

Rather than tricks and gimmicks, SEO should be a long-term, sustainable strategy. Trickery may only work on a short-term basis when trying to fit the search engine’s algorithm. The main mission of search engines is to organize information form around the world and ensure that it is universally useful and accessible. Search engines like Google aim to show users the best results in accordance with certain keywords.

Best Results

Make an effort to be the best result possible if you seek to rank for a specific keyword. Becoming the best result requires great content, online security, a memorable user experience and technical distinction. Focusing on all the elements of site optimization will enable you to be the best result.

Significance of SEO

  • Although several marketing tactics depend on reaching out to audiences, SEO enables you to reach the people who are actively searching for information that is related to your services and products. This is why it is not surprising to discover that SEO stands out among other channels such as print advertising and direct mail. SEO improves your visibility in natural or organic search results
  • Failing to optimize your site for search engines means that you are at risk of losing prospective customers to competitors since their sites are appearing higher in the search results than yours. Consider the number of times you go to search engines everyday to find out where you can get a good price for certain products or which business offers the best options
  • When a user looks for information that pertains to the services and products you provide, it is crucial for you to show up. Find an SEO reseller here

Reselling SEO

If you work in the field of website development or online marketing, you are aware of how vital search engine optimization is in terms of being successful in business. Most web-based experiences being with queries made on search engines and people select organic results rather than paid results frequently.

However, establishing SEO programs requires a substantial amount of expertise and time. Reselling SEO plans that are provided by bigger companies is an effective way to for small agencies to excel in the market.

Sales Skills

Being good at sales is a key skill when reselling SEO. In one aspect, your task is to sell SEO concepts while someone else handles the details of the work. You need the ability to explain what SEO entails as well as its value. The way you express and articulate this knowledge along with the rapport you have with potential clients is an integral component of the process.


While you may not know the exact steps that create great SEO strategies, having sufficient knowledge about SEO concepts and strategies of the products of outsourced resellers is necessary for being persuasive and directing clients towards effective product plans for their specific situations.

Platform Awareness

Resellers may offer private or white label SEO services. This is primarily achieved through online platforms. You need to be familiar with it to the extent of comfortably navigating a web-based platform yourself and guiding your client on how it is used.

Customer Service

When using white label SEO services, the final client will not even be aware that the technical details have been outsourced. This means that bad and good customer services will be reflecting of you and you need to actively offer friendly, personal and prompt customer service.

Meeting Clients

The effort your reseller makes to establish an effective SEO campaign will be largely based on the information that you share with your client. Resellers typically have restricted electronic communication with clients and it is essential for you to have meeting on a regular basis to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Aspects of SEO Resellers

Many agencies either waste time trying to learn SEO rather than focusing on core areas of their competency or provide of SEO services without the actual knowledge of how it works. The good news is that this problem can be addressed through SEO resellers.

They help you outsource the whole process of optimization to trusted experts. With these services, you have more time to deliver the best work and get new clients. If pulled off appropriately, this is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

What SEO Resellers do

  • An SEO reseller works as an agency that is a specialist in SEO and its services are white labeled to other agencies typically marketing, development and design agencies
  • It can be regarded as a group of SEO experts who have highly developed processes that deliver better search results from different aspects
  • SEO resellers usually have relationships with writers, editors and publishers to ensure high-quality backlinks. They also often have teams of copywriters who can help to craft content

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