Resign without a job offer?

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Resign without a job offer – An irrational and foolish act or a fresh start?

So, you've had enough with your current position. But what should you do? How do you proceed when there is no new opportunity in sight? Just drop the current job? For some, this may be a chance for a new beginning, for others could turn up as an ugly gap in the CV.

I've had enough, I would like to quit tomorrow

I am sure that all of you know this. You have all asked yourself the question: Should I really do it? The problem is the nextup moment, when you ask yourself, what a resignation in the CV will look like, what a new employer thinks about it and how high the financial risk is to survive an indeterminate job search without a secure salary.

Resignation without a new job: a stain on your CV or purely freedom? Luck or bad luck?

You will definetly find a lot of counselors that think that resignation without a new job spoils a resume forever and advise against such a daring move. Instead, you should somehow endure and apply in parallel and only cancel when the ink is dry under the new contract. Others who had the mental power and just stepped out so courageously, call it the best decision of their lives. After all, security is just an illusion and life is too short to endure long-term stress and frustration at work and even become ill in the end.

Both opinions are true. But they alone do not lead to a final decision of resignation without a new job. Many of you have been busy for years with a career change, have studied the market, got opinions from close friends and family and so the urge has become more and more powerful over time. But perseverence doen't means changing.

Right or wrong? It's a personal matter of opinion

No question, it is definetly a difficult decision to make. It comes with self-doubt, fear and worries. Giving up a stable job voluntarily, saying goodbye to the colleagues, accepting financial cuts and knowing that there is a chance for endless job interviews, application letters and tests are coming - all this is nothing to cheer for.

Resign without a new job?

You should answer this question first.

Are you really ready to work on your career?

Working at your professional future requires a mental willingness to think about the goals of the years to come and possible steps to take. A lot of you are probably frustrated, disappointed and daily under pressure and that makes it difficult to channel your thoughts into a motivating new perspective.

If you are not ready yet to look into the future you should change something at you current position. This can be achieved with a time-out, change the old, before the new may begin. Perhaps even a targeted change of attitude to the current activity is enough to gain the necessary distance to the daily insanity and to use the energy for your professional future.

What's your time table to search and apply to a new job?

Writing job applications is a full time job. Many job changers underestimate the effort associated with effective and successful applications. From the targeted job search to the selection of suitable job boards, the composing of the letter, the update of the curriculum vitae to the preparation and the interviews.

Anyone who has been running a hamster bike in their job for years often lacks the necessary freedom to consistently tackle the "application" project. Even then, it may make sense to quit deliberately in order to fully concentrate on the reorientation. If, on the other hand, you are sure that after you make the decision on change, it's the end of the world, then you should better try to create some freedom in your current position to find a job and apply.

How many months can you financially survice?

Financial insecurity prevents most workers from resigning without a new job. If I ask what the consequences of this are for your family, the concern of short-term suffering is often put into perspective.

Clarify your finances and calculate what reserves are available, what you can forego for a certain amount of time, and what your current expenses are. Could you be relaxed for the next six to nine months without salary? If the financial situation at the time of resignation puts you under to much pressure, you should better try to look for prospects ins parallel to your current job or gather some strength on a holiday for an upcoming application and interviews phase. Pressure is not a good idea for a good decisions.

What is your attitude as a job changer and applicant?

Do you feel that the gap in your resume is a stain or does it feel like you're acting wrong, because you can not just quit without having a new job? Then it tends not to be a good idea to present your resignation to your boss as a poor victim of circumstances. Because at the end, the question will pop out in the interview, why you have voluntarily quit your last job.

Anyone who decides to quit their current position without having a new job, should do so with the awareness that this step is a personally good decision - and also close friends and family approve it. Every employee has the right of resignation. Who knows better than you what is good for you?

It is not reprehensible to explain to a potential future employer that you quit your job because it did not work out in the end, that you took a long break after many years in the profession or just needed some space for yourself and your job orientation to have. In addition, your new employer can look forward to not having to wait for your hire your three or even six months' notice.

Your attitude as employee and applicant determines the light in which the self-termination without a new job happens. It is neither extremely brave nor a bad misstep, but your individual decision. You are the boss of your life and you can decide whether this step is good, because it will bring you closer to your goals, or if you need the security and familiar environment of your current employer to look for new ways to relax.

If you are ready to take the next step please carry on and read what benefits freelancing has. It could be an alternative for you.

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