How to Harness Chatbot Technology to Set Your Business Apart

Posted by Andor on Mar 06, 2018, in General


How to Harness Chatbot Technology and Set Your Business Apart

Companies, no matter how big or small, should always be on the lookout for new ways to interact with their customers. By keeping methods fresh while retaining a high quality of service, you can ensure that you continue to build customer satisfaction and loyalty.

One of the newest technological advancements with great promise for customer service is artificial intelligence. AI is allowing customers to interact instantly and directly with businesses through technology messenger chatbots. Additionally, this technology opens up new avenues for boosting sales with the right chatbot marketing strategy. Read on to see how taking advantage of chatbot technology can change the way users interact with your business.

Apps vs. Chatbots

A high quality mobile app can be expensive to develop. Chances are your company will have to reach out to outside developers and spend lots of time and money creating and testing a product from scratch  to provide the optimal user experience. Although developing a chatbot shouldn’t be cheap, it does cost less than an application.

For a business trying to get more visibility and customer interaction, it can be a hard sell to get users to download your app. With so many applications available on the market, there’s a slim chance that your product will offer the user something that a pre-existing app doesn’t. Keep this in mind when creating your chatbot as well: there has to be a compelling reason for a customer to use your chatbot over an app with a similar end goal.

One angle you can use to catch your audience’s attention is that chatbot technology is still so new. Customers are always searching to interact with the next big thing.

When smartphones first came out, apps were completely new and therefore grew to be very popular. However, as the novelty has worn off, people are less likely to download anything new. A report from App Annie shows that the average smartphone user in 2017 was only using nine apps per day.

Messenger Integration

One of the greatest advantages for brands that use chatbots is that chances are high at least one of the apps already downloaded onto a customer’s mobile device is a messenger platform. Chatbots are unique in that they can be linked with a preexisting messenger app. Being one of the first companies to use a chatbot will make sure your customers stay loyal, and could even draw your competitors’ customers your way.

Installing a branded chatbot can be a huge boon to your business: it allows for instant customer/bot interaction, as the platform has already authenticated the user. Additionally, the ease of communication between users means that a successful chatbot can be smoothly shared from one person to another. This opens the door to a whole new range of customers who may not have otherwise been introduced to your brand.

Keep Customers Engaged

The customer service sector will also see vast improvements with the implementation of chatbots. Companies will no longer have to employ entire floors of customer service agents, and those that are kept on will be able to handle the more complex customer complaints. This will save money and keep customers happier, as it cuts down on wait time.

Agents won’t have to spend their whole day answering simple questions, such as store hours. International and other, non-regional customers will also benefit, as they will be able to get instant responses rather than waiting for business hours.

As chatbot technology continues to improve, so too can your customer interactions. Chatbots are advancing to the point where they can help consumers make purchases, and even go so far as to suggest products directly in the chat. By being among the first companies to integrate this software into your marketing plan, you can see increases in engagement, loyalty, and your bottom line.

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