How the Paid RAC Membership Plan can Change your Life?

Posted by on Sep 11, 2018, in Announcements

The seriously planned Rent-a-Coder membership plans can certainly transform your freelance life from the scratch to four-figure earnings in fact more. Selecting the premium memberships you can have better selling opportunity, more savings & some extraordinary features to your account that stand you out from the ordinary.

RAC premium memberships like Basic & Premium are like an investment. Whenever you work in a marketplace you want to enjoy maximum features of it. That's RAC premium membership is all about, you can have extra rights to analyze your competitor's work techniques and have to pay lesser project fee as well.

What Are the Key Features RAC Premium Membership Provide?

So, let's have a look at the advantages that the Rent-a-C0der membership plans have to offer.

1) Have to Pay Lesser Project Fee

As a freelancer or an employee in any market, you don' want the earning to be deducted by the third party. However, some marketplaces particularly the freelancing platforms charge a certain percentage out of your project budget. As far as Rent a Coder membership plan is concerned, the Free plan charges 7.5%.

Membership Plan Project Fee
FREE 7.5%

But, here we have something that can save your hard-earned earnings. RAC have BASIC and the PREMIUM plans which charge 5% and 2.5% respectively out of the project fee. You can opt for the BASIC plan for just $6.66 per month. Contrarily, the PREMIUM plan owns $29.99 per month with some magnificent profile options.

2) Edit your Bids

Have you placed a low-quality bid? Didn't you read the project description and applied for the job insincerely? Did you miss any key point that could win the project for you? Now, you are cursing yourself to get another chance to apply on the same project. But how would you do that?

Membership Plans Bid Editing Feature
FREE Not Allowed
BASIC Allowed

Cheers! you need not worry about that. Rent a Coder has the solution for this problem as well. Now, you can edit your bids as a BASIC or a PREMIUM member. However, this feature is not available for the Free members

3) Contact your Clients Personally

As a freelancer you want your clients to be personally in contact. A freelancer always desires to build his clients base so that they don't need to go anywhere other than him. Well, as a Free member on Rent a Coder you cant' enjoy this feature.

Membership Plans Contact Sharing
FREE Not Allowed
BASIC Allowed

As a BASIC or PREMIUM  member, you have the provision to show your personal contact information at your own RAC profile. From there, your clients can contact you personally either on Mobile Phone, Skype, Email etc.

4) Share your Portfolio

The portfolio is one of your guarantee element that an employer wants to see before hiring you. Your portfolio ensures the buyers that you have already worked on the given topic.

Again, in the Free membership, you can't include the portfolio to your profile. But, you can avail this opportunity in the paid membership plans.

5) Competitors' Bid Visibility

Another key advantage of PREMIUM membership is your competitors' visibility. You can see how your project competitors (other freelancers) are placing the bids? Knowing their strategies can also help you win the project more easily by updating the bid.

This helps you in the early stages of your career when you don't have any solid idea of bidding successfully. This can be a bonus for you to bid in a way that a high-profile freelancer does!

6) Rank your Bid on Top

The key Premium membership advantage is the top rankings it provides to your bid. As a Free member, your bids are ranked on the basis of its quality, and your profile value etc. But in the case of PREMIUM membership the bid quality, profile worth and the reviews don't' matter!

Your bid will be ranked on top once it was published. So, there will be the highest probability for the buyer to prefer you as he will see your bid on top and obviously first as well.

"Can I Change the Membership Plan, Later?"

Yes, without a doubt, you can change your membership plans whenever you want. It's your choice whether you opt for an upgraded one or move yourself to the Free membership!

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