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Posted by Andor on Jan 01, 2014, in Freelance

With jobs going online, we facilitate the way people work online for the mutual benefit of the freelancer and the client on our website.

Freelancing is now the order of the day for all people in the world. From web designers, programmers, social media marketers to content writers, all these services are now available online. The traditional workplace is quickly fading from the market. It is being replaced by the virtual desk. Today, programming jobs, customer care and support, technical support, computer repair and many more such services have gone online.

A good freelancing website must have some great features. That is why we believe that our website here has more to offer freelancers and employers out there. It is important that a website be good because that is only the best way for us to convince our customers that we are professional and that we mean business. Our freelancing website is meant to make signing up easy.

Below is a small list of what we offer you.

Easy to navigate features

Easy navigation is very important in a website. It is very important that when one is freelancing online, they should find everything that they need fast. On our home page, the sign in and the sign up button are readily available and so are the links to the other important parts of the website. We have looked at the top freelancing sites online today and we know that some of them can be hard to navigate. Thankfully, that will not be the case here.

Find everything on the home page

We believe that when you want to work online, you should find everything fast so that you get started on the job immediately. For example, when you sign in to your account, you want to find all your messages in the inbox, arranged from the latest to the earliest. Time is money when you are working online and we would like to save as much of your time as possible. It does not matter whether you are a freelance worker or an employer who has a project that needs to be done, but we have carefully considered all your needs.

No hidden fees

That is right; we will make sure that the fees we have given you are final, that is, if you are posting a project, or if you're completing a job online. This is very important. It is where most of the big websites will fail you in that they will have so many hidden costs that they impose on the site users. We have worked online and therefore we know how frustrated a person feels especially when they find funds deducted from their account for monthly subscription or for other packages. Here, there is no set limit. It does not matter how small your project is. It could be a simple writing job, a logo design job or even a programming or coding task, we will ensure that you pay an amount that is equal to the job and that you make a profit from your job. We believe in service and simplicity, keeping everything easily accessible. Look for the best from us.

Uptime guarantee

Ok, we agree that there is nothing like a foolproof system because someone will always make a better fool. That said, we can guarantee you an uptime of about 99%, possibly more. Should there be any maintenance downtimes for our site, we will notify all our users in advance, via the emails that they used to subscribe for our services. Again, we will ensure that all site maintenance tasks are done when it is least inconveniencing for our users and it will never stretch for more than two hours utmost.
It can be very frustrating when you are trying to log into your account, only to find that the website is down and you cannot access it. We appreciate that many people will make freelancing on our website their full time job and therefore, we would like to do anything possible to enhance their productivity. You can be assured that we will always be online, apart from when we schedule the maintenance downtimes.

Great customer support

Freelancing can be hard, especially for newbies. We have put in place a customer support team that works 24/7/365. When you have hit a snag online, you need to let us know immediately and we will solve it for you. It does not matter whether you are a big or minor user, whether you are an employer or a freelancer, you matter very much to us. You can call us for assistance of any sort and we will give you everything that you need.

We offer 24/7 customer support because we intend to serve clients from all parts of the world. We know very well that when it is night at one place, it will be day at another place. While we cannot guarantee telephone support for all people considering that some of them are very far, we guarantee you that your emails will be replied to in the shortest time possible, latest within the hour.
We do not allow communication outside the site regarding jobs that you will do on our website. Therefore, we have put in place a very good system of communication between employers/clients and freelancers within the site. In case of any dispute arising, we have the technical team in place to help the parties solve that.

Even before you can get to call our customer support team, we have already anticipated all that you need to know and answered it in the FAQ page. In many instances, you will find that this caters to most of your needs and you will hardly need to call our customer support team.


This is for freelancers. As much as you do satisfactory work, we will make sure that you get paid. However, you must not take any jobs outside the site. We cannot guarantee payment for that. You should report employers that tell you to exchange contacts and work outside the site.


We will post many resources in the form of articles, guidelines and more to help newbies get started. Our aim is to help you make money and to help the employers get value for their money. Our site is a meeting ground to facilitate a professional relationship between the employer and the freelancer. We cannot do any more than that and therefore we advise all our site users to deal cautiously.

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