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Posted by Andor on Feb 21, 2014, in Website updates

Freelancing has taken the job market place by storm and people are now offering their skills online. Web designers, content writers, programmers and marketers are some of the professionals whose skills are available online. There is no longer the need for an 8 to 5 job. Everyone can start and work as a freelancer, on their own comfort and at their own place, at their own time. Clients can have their jobs done virtually from anywhere in the world at the click of a mouse.

This simplicity in creation of jobs has led to the coming up of many freelancing websites to meet the demand. This is because working online requires the use of a website, which acts as a medium of connecting the freelancers with the clients. These websites, offcourse, don't come for free. There is always an intermediation fee (or better said project fee) for the users, which discourages them. This is in addition to setting strenuous conditions for posting jobs. This is where we come in. We have the most favorable terms both for the freelancer and the client. Our aim is to create an online platform where both parties can meet and exchange projects without being charged exorbitant fees or being told to meet conditions.

We know what our competitors are offering out there and we want to offer the best services. We are targeting one huge area that are dissatisfying to the freelancer and the client. Project fees.

Project fees removed for freelancers and reduced for buyers

For the freelancers, we have removed the exorbitant project fees of 15 or 5 percent. The only condition is to attain membership on our website.

For the clients, the fee has been reduced to a formal fixed fee per awarded bid.

We decided to removed the project fees. We realized that it takes most of the win that the freelancer makes. It eats up the revenues and reduces the earnings. This means that the bigger the project, the larger the amount that is charged. This is a huge discouraging factor to the freelancer, which we have taken care of by removing the project fees. As some of our competitors will always charge the percentage based fee, we intend to step out of the crowd with beeing one of the few freelance websites that don't commission on projects. Why shouldn't everybody be happy?

When a client awards a project on our website, only a formal amount is charged to the buyer. This is completely different from other freelancing websites which charge a percentage fee. The fee ends up increasing the cost of the project to the client. Or other competitors shifts the burden of project fees to the client or to the freelancer. We would like to see the client spend as little as possible on the fees while the bulk spending is on the actual project. That's how everywhere should be!

Membership on our freelancing website

We believe in giving the best to the freelancers. To make the use of our freelancing website friendly to them, we have created two memberships where a monthly payment is needed. We realized that this is much better than project fees. The membership fees do not change irrespective of the number of projects someone may accept. We have done this by creating two types of memberships. Basic and premium.

No hidden fees, no subscriptions, just a payment for a 30 days membership. You can choose whenever you want to work on our website. If you take a break of 6 months, no problem.

Basic membership

This is the mandatory membership for the freelancer, with the smallest fee. Being on it does not have as many benefits as premium membership, like allowing the share of contact details, the automatically contact details exchange on project award, the highlight on the bidders list and many more. The most important fact is lack of the project based fees. It means if someone win a bid, we charge no fee.

Premium membership

This is the best membership plan for a freelancer who wants to maximize their earnings on our website. One of the main benefits in the premium membership is to have the bids highlighted and ‘recommended’ by the system. This increases the chances of winning a bid due to the visibility. More visibility means more work and consequently, more money. However, not everyone will be accepted as a premium member. There are some criterias that a freelancer needs to meet.

In conclusion, why should you use for freelancing?  

Our aim is create an online platform, which favors the freelancers and the clients alike. We have come up with the website that will make working online a good experience for the freelancers. It is also meant to attract many clients to the site through the favorable terms. This will ensure that there is continuous flow of work.

Once again, we are trying to have the above ones done by:

  • Monthly membership instead of project fees. Project fees can take a huge chunk of freelancers’ earnings. We have found it fit to safeguard the earnings by introducing monthly membership fees for the freelancer. This is of great benefit because regardless of the amount of money the freelancer works on, there are no deductions in the name of project fees. The freelancer can accept and work on as many projects as possible and the only requirement is to pay a  monthly fee. The only recommendation is for the freelancer to take up premium membership. This is because it has more benefits than the basic and allows to win more projects and therefore more revenue.
  • Fixed project fee for the client. To attract more clients, we have a small and formal fixed project fee for the clients. This will mean more clients and consequently more jobs posted.
  • Expensive membership is better. There is a saying that cheap is expensive. This also applies to the membership on our freelancing site. Having the most expensive membership saves the freelancer a lot of money in the long run. Calculating how many projects a freelancer works on in a month should show that a lot more is saved. The membership translates to more profit.

Our job is to make sure that online work continues to grow through the provision of favorable and simple terms to the freelancers and the clients.

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