An Ultimate Guide to Get Started on Rent a Coder

Posted by fayyazfayzi on Aug 25, 2018, in Freelance

Getting started on Rent-a-Coder is very easy. But starting in a productive manner is a bit tough. So, you should be aware of all the aspects that are required to start your freelancing career on this platform. Here you will learn how to get started on Rent a Coder to start your handsome freelancing career.

Rent a Coder is a freelancing platform which means it connects the freelancers from all over the world to market their business in a legal way. The freelancers or startups get paid by their respective clients and the site earns by some commission out of that deal. If there are some scammers around, we use a strong payment system to avoid those malicious activities.

How Does Rent a Coder Work?

Like other platforms Rent a Coder also allow the freelancers to create their personal profiles and bid on the projects posted by clients. You can add your description, skills, and portfolio etc. In the similar fashion, you can pay a little extra to claim the extra profile features that help you stand-out.

Besides these memberships plans the platform also charges some commission out of every project you complete on which is 7.5/ project for free members. We also ensure payment protection so that you get paid as soon as you complete the task.

Which Skills are Required to Get Started on Rent-a-coder-com?

This platform truly belongs to the developers, search engine optimization experts, administrators, and also the artwork like logo designing, and graphics designing.

Here is a complete list of Skills List Welcomed on Rent a Coder

  • Web Designing & Developing
  • Mobile App Development
  • Desktop Development
  • Art Work, Design & Logos
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Administration
  • Hosting

How to SignUp on Rent a Coder?

Signing up to Rent a Coder is super easy. All you need is your valid email ID to create an account. Here is how you can do it:

  • Go to HomePage and click "Register" from the top menu.
  • Put your "First Name", "Last Name", "Email Address" in the respective fields.
  • Then select your Username. This is the most important aspect of your profile. Make sure you select a short, attractive, and branding username. Also, avoid spaces, special characters and numbers to make it look better.
  • Then, select your purpose to join this platform. You can select the option for only offering the projects, buying the projects or both at the same time.
  • Now Finally, hit the SignUp button.

How Should your Profile Look Like?



It is obvious that your profile is not only necessary to win your freelance projects but also for personal branding. Without a magnetic profile, one can't expect a bright future whether its a freelance or any other kind of career. Here we give a comprehensive guide to managing your profile efficiently:

1) My Details

  • Account Details: section you have to be very conscious as it contains very sensitive information regarding your profile. You can manage your account password, security question, and the profile picture in this section.
  • Contact Details: segment has the options to share your contact information like phone, email, Skype, and also the first & last names.
  • Other Details: section, you can add your occupation which acts as your slogan. Also, you can add your website and the hourly rate(only for premium members)
  • Company: Here you can add your company (if you own any). Followed by your designation and the company location address.

2) My Skills

  • Categories: The categories help you specify your area of work. This tells the buyers in which niche you are expert at.
  • Tags: Tags are really important to find the jobs near your skills. Add them carefully to maximize your search visibility. You can also use the free text editor to cover more keywords.

3) About Me

This section is the core area of your profile. This is the area where you have to explain yourself, your skills, portfolio and some other interesting tweaks that can amaze the buyers.

So, that's what we had to say about getting starting on Rent a Coder. Hope this helped you. If you still have any confusion please comment below or contact our Support.


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