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Posted by Andor on Dec 06, 2013, in Wordpress

With more than a decade in the market, WordPress empowers around 17% of the websites on the web. For those who are still contemplative over use of WordPress and looking for reasons to get started, here’s range of reasons stated below for quick understanding.

Get the power of easy management

Yes, WordPress is effortlessly the most convenient and easy content management platforms available today. From the task of adding new pages to adding and managing posts with images and data, this platform brings almost each content management feature to the user. With a simple automated process that ensures most of the formatting aspects, there is no waste of time, even for the most complicated posting.

Let Search Engines Love your website

With WordPress sites being considered to be extremely for simple coding and user-friendly services, most of the search engines actually rank them better. In fact, it is the simple coding that allows most of the popular search engines to rank and index websites with ease and at a much faster speed. Not to forget, WordPress itself is SEO friendly and brings in features including meta-tag keywords and description, which help search engines to index better.

Be your own content manager

With a simple platform, you can be the content manager of your own website without having to rely on any web designer for the needs. From posts to making small updates and changes as required on a daily basis, you can do all on your own.

Customize your own website

WordPress not only offers an easy way to post and change the content, but also empowers the user to customize the design and feel of the website as needed. Every aspect and part of the website can be adapted to any look, and most of the it is a matter of just a few clicks.

Manage website globally with panache

Thankfully, when it comes to editing, changing, managing, adding to a WordPress website, there is no need for additional software and detailing. All that is required is an internet connection to log in the website admin panel, and the rest of the things can be done with ease. With no prerequisites, WordPress makes sure you are in form.

Get away with the need for software

For many of the website owners, the need for buying additional FTP software or HTML editor software is always a burden. With WordPress, you can actually get to do everything essential without any need of software or additional data.  Tasks like editing images, uploading images, creating new Web pages, and managing image galleries, can be completed without any supplementary software.

Let your website grow with ease

When you started out, your website was just a small fragment of your ambitions, but as soon as there is a need of new pages and more additions, it calls more convenience. With WordPress, you will have a content management platform that’s easy to handle even for the largest of websites. Growing your business with authority hasn’t been so easy!

Easy Accessibility

Administering a website all alone can be difficult, especially if the website is a big one or a growing one. There may be a need for other people whom you would like to give partial rights to, so that they too can take care of certain aspects/sections of your website. Wordpress gives you the freedom to offer administrative rights to multiple, also set-up different accessibility level to each, if required.

Help Available All Around

There are instances where one would face minor and fatal issues with small, yet tricky cases with their websites. With a WordPress website, which enjoys immense popularity, you are sure to find huge amount to help on or off the internet. Not to forget, there is a large community available, where you can post your problems and get them solved by experts within hours!

Quite obvious, WordPress has certainly evolved enough to revolutionize the way your website is created, changed, migrated or managed. Today, you can get away with the task of hiring experts for the management of a website as WordPress brings in everything in a bag of easy clicks and tools. Getting started and maintaining a web portal all through the way of its development has never so convenient and enjoyable, all thanks to the WordPress team. No matter what the size of your portal may be, there’s always a desired level of control on the entire content!

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