Advanced Web Design Trends for Magento Developers to Get a Competitive Edge

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Advanced Web Design Trends for Magento Developers to Get a Competitive Edge

E-commerce websites need to be very competent and user-friendly to be on top of the tight competition in this sector. On thinking of web design and development, now many of the businesses prefer to choose CMS (Content Management System) which come with a lot of features for specialized web development for e-commerce purposes with plenty of choices in themes and functional plug-ins.

Magento is one of the top e-commerce website development platforms, constructed using open source technology and offers the online sellers a very flexible and user-friendly e-cart system. The administrators also get an overall control over website management including the look, content, and complete functionality of the store. Magento also ensures SEO, digital marketing, and content management tools. As admired by the leading developers and e-car owners, Magento is the No.1 e-com platform available with various editions as a public open source to large-scale enterprise SaaS systems.

Magento as an e-com website design platform

Magento can scale up and down based on the requirement of various businesses, which can be used to display only a handful of products to thousands of categorized products without the need to change the platform. Magento also offers a lot of user-friendly plug-ins and themes, which help enhance the overall customer experience. There are many aspects to be custom configured when it comes to setting up an e-cart, and Magento helps to accomplish this based on various business acumen.

Magento can help a non-developer also to try and build an e-commerce application all from scratch. The global community of Magento is also very large and helpful for a novice to expert developers to get tips and inputs for successful website design and development. Other benefits of using Magento as your e-com platform are as below.

  • Magento is so easy to install
  • It is so easy to add additional plug-ins, layouts, themes, and frameworks
  • Magento is budget-friendly as being open source

It offers a higher degree of flexibility and scalability in e-commerce solutions

Here are some stats showing the popularity and acceptance of Magento.

Magento is recognized as the top e-commerce platform for working as the base of the world's biggest brand and retailers in B2C and B2B Sectors and topped on the listings as

  • Internet Retailer Top 1000
  • B2B 300
  • And Europe 500 lists etc.

Magento has global support for 300+ technology and solutions partners and an active community of about 150000 developers.

Provided the fact that Magento is one of the most reliable and flexible platforms for e-commerce vendors, the designers and developers need to stick to some essential aspects of building a website on this platform. Further, in this article, we will recap some of the best web designing practices on Magento in e-com cart development.

Magento’s best web design practices


  1. Using info blocks
    One of the latest trends used by Magento developers of is placing the information in block view. The users may get access to the needed info by clicking on the corresponding blocks. Such a display allows space saving on the web page and also makes it more classic. This also seems to be a much more practical and stylish approach when there are a lot of items to display on the screen.
  2. Flat design
    Flat and material type designs are so popular lately, which can frequently be seen on the leading e-commerce sites. This is because it allows smaller file size, which ultimately helps to reduce the downloading speed, which is a key SEO factor. Flat design also enhances the visual appeal of the web page and can hold back the users for more time.
  3. Using font mix
    The new-age designers are so daring and are not afraid of doing experimentations. One frequent area of such experimentations is the usage of fonts. There is a scope of mixing and matching different styles of font, and you can create unique stylistics with appropriate font usage. Try to combine multiple fonts and match different variants to see what unique style you can bring in.

  4. Larger graphics
    Another trend, which is so popular among Magento developers, is the usage of substantial graphical elements, which include product links, etc. This trend is prevailing in 2018, which also found to have a positive impact on sales. Designers used to place large infographics on the home page as well as product pages to grab user attention and thereby increase click-through rates.

  5. Big screen responsiveness
    We know that responsive web designing is the default standard now, but it is not always focused on considering small screens. Displays are not just on mobile devices or PCs, but now web pages are getting on to Smart TVs and bigger screens too. Many of the leading online stores have reported that they are receiving about 20% of the web traffic from the devices having screen sizes above 1920px. So, this is one serious consideration designers need to make.

  6. More video presentations
    Experts say that adding video product presentations on to the web page can enhance the sales by about 10%. The duration of such videos may be 10 seconds or less, but you need to efficiently use it to present your items as to how it fits the needs of the users.

  7. Minimalist approach with more visual content
    Another trend of the year is a minimalist approach to web design. Calm colors, neutral or white background and pleasing design is the formula of minimalism, which let the users focus rightly on the products you showcase. While putting product photos, it is better to display the product from different angles than putting in a lot of text as product description.


To mention a few other quick trends of the year in Magento web design for the developers to try out based on the unique needs of your websites are:

  • Hidden menus
  • Parallax scrolling
  • Animated designs
  • Card style design etc.

To conclude, e-com web design and development is setting new standards in the digital shopping segment. As more and more shoppers are switching to e-buying, sellers are on the lookout for all possible ways to enhance the user experience and acceptance. To deliver an enjoyable shopping experience to the consumers, you should always keep yourself updated and put a step ahead in the tight competition.

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