10 Reasons why Freelancing is the best over Desk Work

Posted by fayyazfayzi on Aug 28, 2018, in Freelance

You can assume hundreds of reasons why freelancing is the best option over a safe, secure and most of the time limited sort of opportunity, so-called an employment. Most of the people think that freelancing is the best way to go when you don't get a handsome job. Which is wrong in a sense!

Freelancing vs Job

This article shares the most authentic reasons that why you should opt for freelancing or an entrepreneurship over a tiring 9 to 5 desk work. If you realize the importance of these reasons there is a strong case that you will start freelancing or entrepreneurship, not after a year but today.

1) Be your Own Boss

Being your own boss is the top reason why freelancing is the best occupation over the employment. You are no more supposed to work with a freaky management, no fear of getting late, and even no more clock in and out of the office. You will be like a one-man army having the sailor of your own ship.

2) Work on Desired Projects

In employment, you have to work on the project assigned by your boss. But in freelancing or entrepreneurship, you have a command in your hand to pick the projects you like the most. If you are a web designer and don't want to design an online store, you don't have to. You have the refinery machine in your hand to filter the project topics that suit your nature which is another strong reason why freelancing is the best option for your future.

3) No Investment

Starting a job or even your own business in real life really tough as it asks you a big deal of investment. You have to burn the midnight oil to collect that money. But in freelancing the game is totally different. You don't have to spend even a single penny. Surprisingly, it has the most profit than other business.

4) Multi-tasking

Multi-tasking is another authentic reason why freelancing is growing day by day. The people with a maximum of running jobs can survive the economic shock than the employer who is limited to only one task. The freelancers are work machines on their own. They manage to work, study, learning new skills at the same spot of time.

5) Work From Home

That is the biggest freelancing advantage ever to offer the freelancers. Working from home is the perfect fix to equalize your professional, personal and the family life. As a freelancer, you don't need to step out of your doorstep in the hunt for a better income. You can manage your projects, family, and the other operations sitting right at home.

6) Flexible Work Hours

As a human being, it is difficult to cope with the family commitments and the work deadlines! As a freelancer, you can solve this issue as well. You can fix your working hours best to your availability either it is in the morning, afternoon or late at night! The beauty is this, you can also think of a part-time job which is a strong reason why freelancing is the best job ever.

7) Learning through Work

As a freelancer, you have to face a project with different requirements and criteria every single day. You learn more than just you have ever thought. You will not only be a designer or developer if you stick then you will touch the heights of that working arena. After a few spans of time, you will feel yourself an expert in that niche provided you work consistently.

8) No "Dress Code"

That's another big secret why freelancing is the most demanding job in 2018. Everybody wants pleasure, easiness in working throughout the day. In employment, you have to work the whole day along with a formal dress code. It can hurt you both financially and psychologically as you don't want to dress a new one daily. So, that the pleasure of being a freelancer, you can wear anything while working at home.

9) Clients of your Own Choice

Again you have the lead in your hand to select the clients you want to work with. Possibly, you had experienced some bad dealing with the client, now you can cancel the deal next time. It's the choice of your own how you work, when you work, where you work, and for whom you work?

10) Opportunity to Meet New People

 In this field, you face people from all over the world. There is a strong chance to build up your network as well as learn from the new people you deal with.

Long story short, this type of profession is full of your choices. You are not limited to the orders delivered by your boss at the working desk. You work at your own style, time, manner and environment. That's why freelancing is a lot of time better than the desk work!

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