10 Rare Disadvantages of Freelancing over Employement

Posted by on Sep 24, 2018, in Freelance

Selecting your career is really crucial and at times it also becomes tough! No doubt, freelancing is one of the desired profession for the present and the younger generation. Where it offers a lot of pleasures, there are some disadvantages of freelancing too. However, employment is also a quite fine profession having a lot of pros and cons. So, it becomes even tougher for you to select one of those.

Why Employment is Better than Freelancing?

Don't worry, we are here to help you. Here we discuss 10 main reasons that prove why freelancing is on the lower side of preference over an employment.

1) Unpredictable Income & Work Loads

As a freelancer, you can't predict or guess what amount of money or work you will have after a certain period of time. That means the income and the workloads are flexible leaving you curious about your life plans. This is one of the worst disadvantages of freelancing over employment. A freelancer, can't claim a specific figure of income or work after passing a month, for example. Employment, on the other hand, assure you of the amount of money you will own after the pass of a month.

2) Making Clients is Tough

At the beginning of your career, it is hard to make new clients. Not particularly, in freelancing but as a new business starter this is one of the biggest challenges you have to face. If we talk about freelancing it is more times difficult than in employment. The reason is that you are not physically or personally connected to your clients. All you have to do is to convince them through the textual or sometimes video conversation which makes the job tougher.

3) Uncertainty in Job Security

Unfortunately, one of the disadvantages of freelancing is the job uncertainty. No doubt, you have done a splendid job in the previous project and also the client left you a remarkable review. But, you can't guarantee another project unless you get it.

On the other hand, in employment, you don't have to worry about all these concerns. You just have to play your assigned role as described. So, it is advised to keep freelancing as a part-time job unless you win a healthy clients base.

4) Loneliness

Freelancer work from home! even though it is in a comfort zone but it can be annoying in any given situation. As an employee, you interact with your colleagues, staff, network administrators and also your boss. It gives you a sense of refreshment and professionalism. However, in freelancing you are the boss of your own. You work at home, having no colleagues, friends or a helper nearby which can make you feel lonely and frustrated. This is also one of the worst disadvantages of freelancing.

5) Risks of Scam

The chance of being scammed is one of those disadvantages of freelancing that anybody can't bear. At the start of your career, your main priority is to win the first project regardless of the money being paid in advance. You work and give your 100% but that stupid client doesn't pay you. That is just bad, to say the least!

Except for a few freelancing platforms like Fiverr, rent-a-coder etc. they don't really assure you the payment guarantee. If you have read the Fiverr payment process, you will realize that the platform has predefined rules for the whole order. Same is the case in Rent-a-Coder opting for different membership plans, you can assure your payment guarantee.

6) Flexible Working Hours

As discussed earlier, you can't predict your schedule your time based on your upcoming project. From clients, perspective, they want you to stay connected 24/ 7 with them. So, the long story short, you have to dedicate your full day as far as disadvantages of freelancing are concerned. In employment, you are assured to work for 9 hours and do whatever you want after that dedicated time.

7) Vacation Time is not Existence

Another disadvantage of freelancing is the lack of benefits. As a freelancer, you don't receive the extra funds like vacation salary, health insurance, a huge amount of pension after the retirement etc. You can own only for what you have worked on. Otherwise, there is no chance of being getting paid.

8) Administrative Problems

Freelancing is not just about completing your projects. You have to look at several other businesses of the day. It may be your family, your children, your friends, billing, health, and a number of other things. At times, it can become a challenge for you to meet the deadlines being involved in all those consequences.

9) Unwanted Platform Fee

Paying the platform is something that anybody doesn't want. Although it is legal and deserving of the platform. However, sometimes it can be annoying to be deducted from your hard earned income. Whereas, in employment, there is no rule of law to pay an extra fee for being working on any organization. This is also one of the worst disadvantages of freelancing over employment.

10) Work, Work & Work!

As a starter, you have to work your socks off for the first project. To achieve this you work overnights even in pajamas. This is motivational to an extent but after a certain period of times, it can feel annoying as it hurts your personal development. Long story short, you have to work 24/ 7, because the more you work, the more you make money.

Final Thoughts,

Besides the disadvantages of freelancing, there are numerous brighter aspects of it as well. Freelancing means having your own boss that allows the work freedom. You have to decide personally which one suits you the best!

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