10 Alarming Reasons Behind your Slow WordPress Site

Posted by fayyazfayzi on Sep 01, 2018, in Wordpress

The user on your website expects fast super fast delivery of content. However, many of the users might escape away from your website just because of your slow WordPress site taking too much of the time the time to load. When your website loads fast, it gives users a better chance to engage with your delivered content. Moreover, the WordPress website speed is difficult to ignore as it is one of the strong ranking factors that Google uses to rank anyone's website.

On the other hand, if you fail to solve your slow WordPress site issue, then it will not take even a single second for the user to hit the close window button. But the good news is this, we have got some cure to fix this issue.



"What are the Reasons for my Slow WordPress Site?"

So, here we go with 10 major reasons behind your slow WordPress site:

1) The Low-Rated Web Host

Your host is the foundation for your website. For your website to load super fast, it is compulsory that you use a fast, reliable and safe web hosting for your WordPress website to load quickly.

Doesn't matter whatever step you take out to fix the website speed if your host is slow your website will also be slow for sure. Obviously, it's not your fault, however, you must think strongly before selecting a reliable host to avoid the slow WordPress site issues.

2) Not Using CDN

Let's suppose your major traffic comes from the USA. But, the server on which your website is hosted located in Australia. Now, the user accessing your website content from Australia will experience a fast page load speed. What if the user wants to access your website somewhere from India, Africa, Pakistan etc. It will take a lot of time for the server to fetch the content to the above-mentioned user's location.

That's why not using CDN is one of the leading cause of why your website is not loading faster. Content Delivery Network has its own dedicated servers all over the World. Now, when the user access your website from India (for example) he will get the content load faster. Because he will get the content loaded from the CDN server located in India.

3) Having a Lot of Installed Plugins

Whenever a user makes a request on our website, it has to load a number of things from the database. It includes your images, videos, textual content, theme files, plugins and much more. Usually, plugins occupy a large memory in your database. When you use a number of plugins at the same time, it dramatically increases the HTTP requests to load a page. So, go through all the plugins and remove the ones that you don't need to solve the slow WordPress site issues.

4) Having an Unoptimized Theme

Where WordPress offers a matchless feature of installing themes to your website, at the same time, we don't have much of the quality control on them. Some themes use an unoptimized coding, which affects the site performance badly increasing the bounce rate.


slow wordpress site


Ideally, you should look for the theme having HTTP requests lesser than 60, having a load time less than 3 seconds and the file size should not be more than 2 MB.

5) Using Unoptimized Images

Unoptimized images are again one of the biggest factors for your slow WordPress site. The images with larger file size and dimensions take an immense deal of time to load.

When WordPress site is not loading you should look for a lighter image format like JPG other than PNG. Also limiting the image width to 800px can sort out the slow WordPress site complaint. Here is a statistical analysis of bounce rate based on page speed.

Page Speed Expected Bounce Rate
1-3 Seconds  Up to 32%
1-5 Seconds  Up to 90%
1-7 Seconds  Up to 106%
1-10 Seconds  Up to 123%

6) Not Caching the Site

Caching your WordPress Website lowers the page load time to an extent. It saves the copy of your content in the user's browser. Next time when the user accesses your website he gets the content delivery faster.

When you don't enable the caching, the browser has to load the content from scratch. That's another common reason for your slow WordPress site.

7) Having too Long CSS or JavaScript

slow wordpress site

CSS and JavaScript both are the beauty aspects of your website. However, these files have thousands of lines occupying code. It's obvious that these lines of codes are must and can't be omitted. But, in these lines of code, we notice a lot of comments and space which are none of the use. These spaces and comments statements do nothing but slow down your website speed.

8) Having Outdated Pages

The website speed depends heavily on your database size. When you have a number of pages not serving your cause it drastically increases your website speed which is a cause of your slow WordPress site.

9) Not Updating WordPress

While it can be annoying to see WordPress asking for updates often. On the same hand, it can solve a number of problems regarding your slow WordPress site. Updating the content like images, themes, plugins or even the CMS itself keep your website up-to-date for the real trends and latest Google rankings factors.

10) Not Having Hotlinking Protection

Another reason for slow WordPress site is someone is hotlinking your images. Let's say, I like the image on your website and want to use it on my website. I will use your website URL for that image which means the image is loading on my website using your bandwidth slowing down your website.

Enabling hotlinking protection is necessary in that case. If you don't then it can affect your website badly.

Another interesting fact is that page speed also affects your revenue. According to the hubspot.com infographics on page speed declares that if you earn $100000 per day, improving the page speed to 1 second can increase your revenue to $7000 per day.

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