06 Enthralling Reasons Why WordPress is the Best CMS

Posted by fayyazfayzi on Sep 14, 2018, in Wordpress

Choosing a platform is one of the critical & turning points for your upcoming website. Gone are the days when the developer had to code a complete website for a considerable number of weeks. With the advancement of technology, we need such a system which could do the job in minutes without having a sound knowledge of coding. Well, we have that system called WordPress! Yes, WordPress is the free and open source content management system. It is being used by trillions of websites all around the Globe!

Still not convinced? be with us, because here we are going to discuss top 10 reasons which make WordPress the best CMS to host your WordPress in 2018 and Beyond

1) Flexible & Time-tested Solution

The key advantage of using WordPress is that it is free of cost. When using WordPress for your website, you can literally select a number of free theme templates, plugins, and some other useful add-ons. You don't have to worry about the payments ever in your business arena.

WordPress in Open-source! it comes up with a huge variety of customization and user support. That makes WordPress the lifetime solution for your blog, online store, agency etc.

2) Beginners' Friendly

Using a new kind of CMS can be complex for a beginner starting as a fresher. Particularly, when you are going to start your own website its value gets double. More importantly, when you don't have any coding knowledge your first always is the WordPress as it is beginners' friendly CMS.

Any fresher having no knowledge of coding and designing either can opt for WordPress. It has easily configurable and manageable Dashboard with a variety of available options to functionalize your websites in minutes.

Whether you are writing content for your website, customizing the layout, or doing the SEO it offers a wide range of tools to do that efficiently.

3) Free Themes & Plugins

Most of the websites require a big deal of customization in the functionalities as well as the layout. That's where the themes and plugins come into place where you can download and activate a bunch of free as well as low-cost themes and plugins. These themes and plugins allow a website owner to mold his/ her website into the environment he was looking for!

WordPress offers many niche-specific themes like the e-commerce, blog, corporate, agency, real-estate etc. Same is the case with the plugins you can find the solution for contact via installing the simple plugin named "Contact-From 7". All you need to do is browse through the plugin and theme directories at wordpress.org

4) Feasible Security Measures

You want to make your website to be secure whether it's a personal blog or an online store. WordPress ensures a full security plan as it is designed considering the security measures. However, the security updates are also released often to upgrade the level of security for your website.

Most of the security holes are results of human error rather than the CMS bugs itself. So, its always advised taking the necessary security measures to make your website hidden from the hackers. However, if it is not enough, you can opt for a number of free plugins which act as the security sheet for your website.

5) Effective SEO Availablity

Just as the strong security system, WordPress also offers the best system for enhancing your Search Engine visibility as well. Obviously, the key target of creating a website is to earn a maximum number of visitors on it. The most effective way of doing this is to create a helpful, scannable and awesome content. But this is not that enough these days.

For a website to be on top of the search engine, both the website speed and the mobile-friendliness are the key factors. Fortunately, WordPress framework has both these areas under a strong belt. Furthermore, you can choose the plugin like Yoast SEO (used worldwide).

6) Active Support Forum

Even with the already strong system. WordPress has an active and really responsive support community. However, finding the direct support is tough. You can collaborate with the WordPress support community to get assistance in any kind of matter.

Final Thoughts,

This was just a quick overview to consider why WordPress is the best CMS over the recent times. However, the story behind the cause is something really big. Keep exploring the reasons near you to learn more!

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