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Vincent DEVALK wrote on 20/08/2014:

”Not happy at all with the services provided by the listed contractors. Some of them commenting about them self on this same page! Contractors seem too greedy, sometimes rude and do not deliver on time or not at all. Seems all Ok before you make your first payment, than the game starts. I am not sure to use this platform again. All depends on a response that I am awaiting by the platform owners.”

I A wrote on 14/08/2014:

”WSK Tech Pvt. Ltd Are a highly recommend from the out set they took charge of the web project & delivered it in good time. The team are polite and responsive in their communication via email and instant messaging. If you also have a vision for a web project let WSK Tech Pvt. Ltd complete it, in a highly professional manner and get the best results possible. I ”

Ray Lagasse wrote on 18/03/2014:

”My developer fbonnet did a great job making my project come true. Patient and precise he got everything right. Ray”

Suresht Suresht wrote on 21/02/2014:

”I'm a paid member. In overall your services are good. The main improvement point is, you are taking a very long time for releasing the money. After finishing the projects, we need to wait so many weeks to get the money. ”

Hamid Reza Mohebbi wrote on 29/01/2014:

”Your services good, the only thing that bothers me, is that it takes so long to answer to tickets and also releasing the money. After finishing the project i must wait more than a week to get my money. ”

Rohit Jindal wrote on 18/01/2014:

”"Rent a coder" provides a very good way to earn money through completing projects.. Thanks for making this kind of web site.”

Jeff White wrote on 18/11/2013:

”Excellent services !!”

Siva Prakasam wrote on 25/04/2013:


Pranav Joshi wrote on 11/04/2013:

”Excellent services !!”

Rutvij Kothari wrote on 10/03/2013:

”Excellent... Nice way to earn money through completing projects.. Thanks for making this kind of web site as well as good marketing.. Keep it up..”

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