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Social assist

Posted by on 27/04/2017

App idea is to help instagram users to mange there account by auto unfollow and auto follow and many futures . work on andriod and easy to mange

Online tutoring

Posted by on 12/04/2017

Need someone to develop, or modify existing open-source software, to provide an lms for an online tutoring company targeting esl students. models are here: [..]

Convert c code function into vb6 code function

Posted by on 11/04/2017

Reference1: (note: the code found at this reference is in the publ [..]

Invoice reader

Posted by on 10/04/2017

We need a software which, starting from a pdf file or from the scan of an invoice, recognizes some data such as the supplier, the number of the invoice, the date of the invoic [..] code for interfacing with ebay and etsy

Posted by on 08/04/2017

My company sells a lot of items on ebay and etsy and we would like to hire someone to develop some functionality using the language to: 1). obtain a list of sales re [..]

Penny stock auto trader

Posted by on 17/03/2017

I'm looking for a program that i can set dates to trade if a certain stock i choose goes to like 0.01 and set it to buy a certain amount of that stock also to have a spot for [..]

Microcontroller cnc

Posted by on 10/02/2017

We are exploring the possibility of developing a cnc control based on a simple interface much like grbl. we need it to do a few specific things, namely read g code forwards an [..]

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