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Windows server listener for gt06 gps device

Posted by on 23/06/2017

We want to develop listener service for gt06 device on windows platform , and save data on sql server

Create an exchange like for a digit [..]

Posted by on 19/06/2017

Creating an exchange that uses escrow with a reputation and feedback mechanism for regulation just like anybody interested?


Posted by on 17/06/2017

Review in pdf, i want a website that turns static pages into responsive one. it would be a subscription service and is in much need of demand,

Modify existing joomla fabrik database form and list [..]

Posted by on 13/06/2017

We have a joomla website where logged in users submit feedback about trainee members of staff (who are not users of the site) this is built using the fabrik component for joo [..]

Apis configuration, coding and the related automation

Posted by on 05/06/2017

i have apis configuration, coding and the related automation that includes frontend such as appearance (html,css,javascript etc.), backend logic (ruby on rails,py [..]

Online market place portal and mobile app

Posted by on 17/05/2017

I'd like to have an online market place (e-commerce) that has the following personas: provider: individual or company who can supply the need and they are the ones who start [..]

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