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Salesforce dialer

Posted by on 22/08/2017

I'm looking to develop a dialer plug-in for salesforce. something that can use a lead/account list from salesforce and automate dialing, while also logging data. features: [..]

Software develop with solid principles

Posted by on 21/08/2017

Front game criteria games take profit of coding kata technics to give the scenario and tools for evaluation. concerns to check on game are: - instrumentalization - excepti [..]

Secure website

Posted by on 21/08/2017

We need to change our website from http to https. there are no internal links to worry about, i can take care of those. however, i do not know the network side of things, so [..]

Fpga bitcoin miner vhdl - xilinx

Posted by on 20/08/2017

Fpga bitcoin miner vhdl - xilinx for this project: vhdl coded for a small xilinx usb chip with the sha-256 bitcoin protocol. must work with new getblocktemplate and m [..]

Tor shop

Posted by on 20/08/2017

I need a simple marketplace of my own where i can post listings and sell my product with bitcoin as payment. it should be on a .onion domain and only accessible through the to [..]

Custom sublime text syntax highlighting project

Posted by on 19/08/2017

Need a notepad++ syntax highlighting definition converted to a sublime text 3 syntax highlighting definition specifics of the task are very simple for somebody that knows h [..]


Posted by on 17/08/2017

This is the logo design and i am a fashion designer i also make fashion drawings , paisley and motifs

Building a searchable database

Posted by on 12/08/2017

Hey there! i need to make a single webpage where you can type your postcode into a box and it shows you information about your area. i already have all the data clean an [..]

Inventory transfer calculations via excel

Posted by on 05/08/2017

I have 6 stores with inventory. i have the following data available for each location: 1. store id 2. part# 3. available quantity 4. pieces sold in the last 12 months 5 [..]

Windows 10 tablet display brightness (backlight) cont [..]

Posted by on 01/08/2017

We are using teclast x98 plus ii (windows 10) tablets quite a lot, hundreds actually, and they work fine. we are always replacing the original windows home with windows 10 en [..]

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