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Solar project monitoring

Posted by on 21/06/2017

I work for a solar company and my job is to monitor all of our projects and make sure they are running properly. i am looking to complete a web based project which will be di [..]

Create an exchange like for a digit [..]

Posted by on 19/06/2017

Creating an exchange that uses escrow with a reputation and feedback mechanism for regulation just like anybody interested?

Crossfire auto farm

Posted by on 18/06/2017

Need a program that can send input into a minimized window. basically a macro, if this happens do this, if this image is found do this, etc. this shouldn't actually be hard fo [..]


Posted by on 17/06/2017

Review in pdf, i want a website that turns static pages into responsive one. it would be a subscription service and is in much need of demand,

Html5 audio players added to site

Posted by on 14/06/2017

Looking for a programmer who is familiar with jamroom 4.3.1 must have prior experience... would need to know smarty coding. my website is: [..]


Posted by on 13/06/2017

Need a programmer/coder for an java applet. the project is easy and straight forward

Tawaf counting

Posted by on 11/06/2017

I neeed develop tawaf counting framework . the technique assumed that the area around the kaâbah is divided into four clusters and the kaâbah is located at the center of th [..]

New website needed- interactive crowd funding

Posted by on 08/06/2017

Dear all, we are looking for a crowd funding website , in a way a replica of kick starter / razoo but with much more advanced features and access to global fund raisers. [..]

Apis configuration, coding and the related automation

Posted by on 05/06/2017

i have apis configuration, coding and the related automation that includes frontend such as appearance (html,css,javascript etc.), backend logic (ruby on rails,py [..]

Convert a java application to a web application

Posted by on 30/05/2017

A site i help run has a java application that our moderators use to calculate results for a game, but getting updated versions out to everyone and dealing with individual user [..]

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