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Simulate mouse input

Posted by on 23/06/2017

Need a kernel mouse driver to simulate mouse input. must be compatible with win7/10 x64

Crossfire auto farm

Posted by on 18/06/2017

Need a program that can send input into a minimized window. basically a macro, if this happens do this, if this image is found do this, etc. this shouldn't actually be hard fo [..]

Reverse engineering a simple program

Posted by on 14/06/2017

This is an old program from website which is no longer in business. this is a windows based program. prior to year 2005. you must have windows programming experience and tcp [..]

Espeak-ng text-to-speech improvements

Posted by on 24/05/2017

Many people complain that the espeak-ng text-to-speech engine is very difficult to understand due to it not having good klatt-based-voices and pronunciation. i would like to h [..]

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