Rent a coder - Programming and design services website needed need a quote to build a website for remote computer repair. The idea will be similar to, but with different design that is easy for customers to navigate. Customers sho [..]Customise or build wordpress / woo commerce plugin, I'm planning on making a music licensing website using wordpress with the woocommerce as the ecommerce plugin and the woothemes' uno theme: We need a way [..]Hogwarts Academy and code a system where you can take online classes on wizarding things like charms. I want it to be very interactive so they can be assigned houses and more. [..]Insert data to excel file see the link for detail ttps:// [..]iOs App to display data from an external webservice am looking for a quote from a coder who can deliver an app for initially iOS (will be placed eventually in the apple store) and android on completion of this project. The app will need to connect to [..]Design & Build a Wordpress Website with Shopping Cart for a UK Based Web Desig & Build. I want to begin work on one main website... however that said I also have a number of other websites I would like built so if done well this will form the [..]OS X Finder Add On, i need a solution for displaying image sequences in mac os x. Many Files realy slow down the performance so i would like to have a sequential view and i do not require to os x to cache thumbna [..]Two installation programes program for two different software programs. The software has piracy protection added and one of the installed exe files has to be run before the installation closes. Information about t [..]Update Website would like to modify the website we would like to add phone # on top right hand corner. we would like to update the content, pics and would like our website better than our c [..]EA sports Login to obtain Madden Franchise data via PHP here: I need PHP code that will start with the above link and successfully authenticate and then begin to scrape several json data [..]TRISTAR Authentic Online Database Authentic is an online verification system for authentic, autographed memorabilia. We are in need of a coder to update our Microsoft Access data entry system to be compatible with communicati [..]Website creation we are looking for a basic website for our takeaways. we would like to have it hosted as well. we already have one website thanks [..]Build a website/ mobile app too I want to build a website that allows its visitors to search for the nightlife scene (parties, clubs, art shows, concerts e.t.c)within their current location. - the search can be tailored to matc [..]Website developer needed want to develop our website similar to . So please provide me a quote. [..]Music streaming device This project involves the creation of a networked media streamer that has an API and can simply play a playlist or mp3 file which is stored on an SMB NAS device. The project also involves creatio [..]Add-on to existing website to create an add-on to a joomla website. The add-on is a interactive and dynamic garden (paving ) planner what I need to customise to suit my business. I have some examples of existing websi [..] [..]Program made for Scanner / PDA windows CE5 for warehouse pick packing and stock control working with our mysql database made for Scanner / PDA windows CE5 for warehouse pick packing and stock control working with our mysql database Ideally looking for someone local to us or at least who we can discuss the pr [..]Customization of existing ATG Website current web site was developed in ATG, there is a urgent need to enhance and modify the existing website. Later we need to completely revamp of the existing website. [..]RESTful API Experience a Must Have have a need to automate generation of an Excel spreadsheet showing line items for each project and contractor's rate combination times the hours for that line (hours worked that week by that contra [..]Google apps script - travel approval request workflow have an existing google form that users can fill in their travel request details. I need this form to request an approval/rejection (with comments if needed) by the manager, selected from the form, [..]CLoud bot Freelancers, I need a project made for me and this has to be the BEST work you have ever done and this has to be at the TOP of your priority list, So please do not bid if you have other project [..]Website for trading items. want a website that lets the users to trade or exchange products and services or new/used items. the site will NOT use currencies, instead of that will be some kind of virtual points or coins. Each [..]Website SEO Manager futsal focus academy is seeking an SEO manager to direct traffic to our online website We are looking to launch a marketing campaign for targeted areas of the UK using [..]VBA Coder for API Call ( need to extract a detailed mobile network quality benchmark for each city of Indonesia. The network benchmarks are available on OpenSignal website. Job tasks are as following: 1. Retrieve the [..]