Rent a coder - Programming and design services Entry for a Data Entry Clerk. The Data Entry Clerk's primary responsibilities are maintaining the database by entering new and updated customer and account information. Job Description: Prepares sou [..]Needed Top App Developer: Quick Pay, Fast Reviews and Long Term Work are looking for professional app developers who have a track record of quality work that gets approved for Apple' App Store and Google's Play. The app you will be working on will be international [..]Fixing a website a bad experience with a "coder" here. He was told to make a quiz and he did, it worked great in the beginning but once he made it bilingual the quiz stopped saving statistics! He refused to fix [..]ImageMap with Rollovers/Popups need JavaScript that leverages an image (a map) and has predefined point on the image that will offer a popup window with details on the point that was rolled over. The details will come from a Shar [..]Game of life need a programmer who is able to do a fairly simple task in vb for a friend of mine who has come to me for help, this is quite urgent. the task is too create a few revisions of game of life with [..]Used car evaluation Joomla component and module Joomla 3.x compatible module will allow users to select used car maker (e.g. Audi), make (e.g. A3), year (e.g. 2005), engine (e.g. 1.9 TDI 105 hp) and mileage and search for an updated price and i [..]Fundraising Database need a fundrasing MS Access database. I don't need anything sofisticated. You can use and modify a template from MS Office. I just need the following: 1. Tables and Forms [..]iwatch app makes use of artworks created for an art exhibit. The app allows the user to configure the look of his/her Apple iWatch by choosing from the innumerable designs. I have more wire frames a [..]Need Some Minecraft Mods Developed, Simple Mods! need someone to create two really simple mods for minecraft. The first needs to add a poising effect when world generates, similar to the poison effect in mystcraft when there is page conflicts. The [..]Need Someone to make me a twitter account creator! (Simple!) guys i really need a twitter account creator and tired of paying money for programs that just simply do not work! If someone could help me out i would really appreciate it, i really would like to [..]Java Beginning Programming HW I use Eclipse on a mac. [..]Water Safety Infographic safety info graphic outlines the Center for Disease Control's recommendations for: storing water, safe water sources, unsafe water sources, and treating water. [..]Controller2735 This project is for developing the code for a machine controller. It is about 4K long. The program can be written in assembly or C , C+ etc as long as it will execute fast enough. The MPU [..]copy Impress.js presentation to new website, make viewable in sizable window, add 5 slides and retitle presentation Impress.js presentation to new website, make viewable in sizable window, add 5 slides and retitle presentation Presentation is at now. I need it loaded into a new Concrete [..]Need to Build a Retail Website with Luxury in Mind I would like someone to build me a website similar to this: This will be a online retail store where customers can purchase with credit card [..]Write .xml file from webshop for import in software with needed .xsd there, the attached file intern(2).xml is a exported file from my webshop. I want to import it in a software, but i need the right structure. The second attached file bestell_import.xsd is the [..]Camtasia Video needed have recently upgraded our website to a xtheme wordpress custom and whilst we are happy with it we are completely lost at the way to update/manage it ourselves, we used an indian developer and whi [..]New Application Concept - Animation would like to create a 30 second animated video of an app I would like to create. This will show the user logging in to the app and using the app. The app's concepts are nothing new - finding person [..]Excel report, average sales per day from in putted trasnactions own an Ice Cream shop. The till runs iZettle. A report of every transaction can be generated as an excel file. This lists every transaction and it's value, the time and date. I am after a report [..]Upgrade. OS / code from rhasberry pi 1 to pi 2 have a camer streaming program running on a pi, I don't have much experience with pi code ( I use windows ) I just got the new pi2 and I need to upgrade the code to run on the pi 2. I'm having pr [..]B2b portal global online B2b portal is to be built on a Magento platform [..]Dropbox PHP Script, I need a PHP script that should list all files names inside a shared folder. The listings should be saved sequentially in a data file or database such that it could be used by used by a MySQL [..]New website for youth basketball program I am a coach and looking for some one who can do our website. we already have a host and they have templates and the site is almost ready but I would like someone with the skills to take over. [..]New website needed all I have a project for a youth basketball team and need help with the website for this program. I am a coach and do not know anything about websites. I want to find someone who will be able to [..]Online admissions management stsyem and reliable admission process is undeniably a crucial process of any academic institution as it is the first step in which prospective students could be acquired. University with manual adm [..]