Rent a coder - Programming and design services Mobile Application/Website require someone with deep Javascript knowledge to flesh out an already made HTML5/CSS website. It must be optimised for mobile viewing. - The application must demonstrate the use of Ajax i.e. it [..]Top notch, highly experienced Tech Consultant needed're looking to hire a highly experienced tech consultant who can lead the effort on our software development project including 1. Make recommendations/finalize tech stack to be used 2. Hire a smal [..]webrtc development - simple video chat web app with conference capabilities conference tool where users can be added or removed from the session as required by a central operator needs to run on android phone and on pc Fee can be negotiated depending on the skillset o [..]Small quick project , front end for db , interested in the convertion of a small ms aceess db that wil be send, in to any free sql (eg mysql) ,this must include a front end with a jpg header that i can change , the ability to create e [..]Shift schedule generator project is to is to produce an excel sheet that generates a shift plane for (n) number of employees. there are 2 groups of employees in the roster group A and B. the shifts should be covering 24 [..]iTunes Connect help, I have an active, functional app on iTunes. A new version needs to be created and the support database isn't helping. I'm looking for someone to simply submit the next version to iTunes for review [..]H1Z1 Aimbot for personal use for a coder that will be able to make a maintain a H1Z1 Aimbot. Will need to get past Battleeye. Will be paying well for the making of and upkeep for the Aimbot. This will only be for personal [..]I am looking for a coder to build an app for Android and iOS. am looking for a coder to build an app for Android and iOS. Contact me for more detail. [..]sports video simulation the attached screen layout to show total flexibility in HD 1920 x 1080 format Transparent back ground 1 Complete screen with streaming video e.g. music video 2 Centre section with video [..]Discogs/WooCommerce wordpress API hook in release an API with information on all the releases stored within their system. I need all releases on this API to import into wordpress, creating them as product listings in the woocommerce p [..]Support engineers - Java and SQL - Long term - €earning - Paris context: intervention in the team of management of the computer incidents off workstations. - Main tasks: O Incident management O Analysis of functional and technical incidents (logs in par [..]LTC Smpte IOS Reader need someone to write the backbone of an IOS app for me. The app must be single view application that reads live audio from the headphone input jack and decodes the incoming LTC audio into a frame c [..]Simple School Project - Build an Online Book Reviews System. School Project - Build an Online Book Reviews System using Java and Spring Framework. I have a limited budget Max $50. [..]H1Z1 King of the Kill Aimbot ESP and Battleye Bypass I need a H1Z1 King of the Kill with Aimbot ESP and Battleye Bypass. Should only be for me and not be passed on to other persons in order to minimize the risk. Best with 100% adjustable menu f [..]Java Chat Application all coders! Me and my student group have gotten an assingment for making a chat application in Java, with javaFX. In the added Oblig1-Group.pdf you have all the requirements. We want YOUR [..]TWS to Excel would need code and/or software that is able to perform the following functions: -extract trade data and bid/offer updates from the traderworkstation (TWS)of Interactive Brokers in real time and sh [..]shift schedule generator project is to is to produce an excel sheet that generates a shift plane for (n) number of employees. there are 2 groups of employees in the roster group A and B. the shifts should be covering 24 [..]X-frame busting script are in need of X-frame busting script for all mobile browser version. We need the ability to frame the Deny page in addition once the page loads and we are able to frame we need a auto generated c [..]script me a cron job/tab on google cloud have google cloud hosting with a vm I already have a schedule script where my server shuts down at 7pm central monday - saturday i now need a script to turn on my server monday - saturday everyday [..]Wodpress Plug In need a plugin developed for Wordpress I would provide you with a Excel spreadsheet of stores and the products they sell (there is only 5 products) Each store does not have every product I n [..]Web Browser just want a web browser created that will only allow the sites I want on it, it's very important that there is absolutely no way around this. So I want an allow list only web browser with password p [..]connect contact form to Mysql database have a contact form I am using on my website and I cannot seem to get the right code to have my form connect and communicate with mysql database. I have tried it on MAMP locally and live on my s [..]Looking for Shopify App Design Expert for Multichannel Profit Calculator, I am looking for an expert designer for a Shopify App I need to have created. See details below. I would be buying the app, as well as the rights to use it or distribute it: Auto import comp [..]Demand Planning Tool of the Tool: The Input to the Planning Tool will be sales history of past few years along with the master data like Item Master, Region Master, Region Hierarchy, Product Hierarchy: 1. D [..]Command Line tool for Intel Graphics Control Panel options's a bug in the Intel HD Graphics Control Panel, and whenever our application is launched, it sets the scaling options to Center, but our application needs fullscreen and the Scaling Panel option [..]Reloading an existing website require my website reloaded into my web hosting account. [..]osc 2.3.4 simple changes needed need a few simple changes on my oscommerce site. 1. Site to be full screen rather than the default size. 2. Change the default font and sizes for product text, to Arial 10 for English, Danish and [..]simple mod of a wordpress plugin/widget need a mod on a plugin that creates a widget. It is written in PHP. The widget simply displays a list of pages in the sidebar. It allows pages/subpages to be included or excluded according to the cr [..]Read a website and output to a text file must be in VB.NET 1) Read data from a text file 2) Use that data in order to read a website 3) Output the data from that website to a text file Please see .doc file [..]Locations in the attached PDF file [..]Whatsapp need someone to access a whatsapp account and delete one conversation. Thanks [..]line drawing of pistol need a line drawing of this pistol. this is ultimately for a tattoo on my arm. [..]Setup Wordpress Website on AWS Setup the domain name which is already bought on AWS - I need to setup a WordPress website on AWS - Setup the website using an ENVATO template I will provide the login credentials to the winner [..]Website monitoring and alerts need to monitor my daily fantasy account. Anytime a bet is placed in the account, I want a text message notification. I need a program written that will stay logged into my account and notify me if [..]Android TV A pplication needs creating by an experienced Android APK developer / programmer. Sir / Madam, Hope you are keeping well. I am an Android TV box seller. I need a very professional and beautiful looking and reliable Android TV application creating with nice looking men [..]I need a online order form/page for sandwich shop need a page that contains a title, a menu image (I provided a quick photo so you can see the menu I will provide a better one ) and an order form (with name address phone) that allows the selection [..]Patent Drawings are in need of 9 simple drawings for a patent. [..]Fullscreen iframe need a javascript code which is compatible with my website. The script need to put the content of the iframe (generally a flash game) in a fullscreen mode. I have 2 perfect example of what I need : [..]Javascript scraper to excel have a script that extracts data using Javascript, but the output is one very long list. I would like this data to be outputted into an Excel .xls file as an array (each row/column is clearly define [..]Sale - Cross platform application Buy/Sell all miscellaneous things Order products for consumers Develope products for consumers Negotiate pricings above $100.00 Add consumer rating. [..]Responsive Website Application is a responsive website application used for sending and e-signing one particular type of legal document. The site is completely designed with ready-to-go Illustrator files. I need someone to c [..]Android Utility need a code or command that enable ADB throught Mass Storage on HTC Phones, and if posible in all other android devices that connect as Mass Storage. I foung a tool doing this, but i want add it to [..]Coder for Automatic Currency Conversion on Squarespace are looking for a web programmer to input a script to convert multiple currencies on our website. Please take a look at the script Thank you in advance for your [..]M-Search Please share the actual timelines and cost for consideration. 2. Secondly please share references of mobile work done. [..]PYTHON SCRIPTING IN BLENDER 3D [..]Real Estate Type need a real estate website with a twist. Owners must pay for their listings and people must pay to view the owner details. I have more documentation of how i would like this site to be done. I h [..]Website Needed need a cost esimtate for a mobile ready fitness website that consist of a home page, a store, and a blog. The design will be provided in either a sliced photoshop or illustrator package - think a s [..]Online Guess the date need someone to help me build an online guess the date portal The public can go on, guess the date an time of an event.........then when it happens there will be a winner thanks tim [..]PC software coder required are planning a software company and we require a coder to develop a software for us. The software has to fix general PC related issues and we need one software that notifys customer for scanning an [..]Auto/Bulk SMS Sender App we require an Auto/Bulk SMS Sender App to be built. There are similar apps available in the market already however we require additional features such as bulk volume messaging etc. The app is [..]