Rent a coder - Programming and design services the Google Calendar (List/Edit/Add/Delete items) written in either in Delphi (D7) or Python. No GUI necessary just the routines to allow the mentioned functions. [..]WebRTC Conferencing Solution am looking for skilled WebRTC developers both on the server side as well as the web development side. An easy way to see what I am wanting is to view this site: A quick li [..]A button for inviting all of someone friends to a website. so i have a website, and I want to grow our presence by giving someone $5 dollars off for inviting all of their friends to like our Facebook page. I know a little bit of programing and would love [..]Polish and add new features to website. Must have Symfony, PHP, MYSQL, Python, Java skills own a retro computer site with a strong Commodore 64 flavor, I'm looking for a coder to help out with adding features and polishing the site. How site is coded: We basically use Silex and c [..]math, artificial intelligence high school course, artificial intelligence high school course [..]Chapter 3 Project project must be done with jgrasp as a java file and it must compile and run and expected output should be 12 or 13. And put my name farhan jaffari and class name cp500 01 in project and all instru [..]Controlling IE11 “Do you want to Open/Save” dialogue window buttons in VBA, I'm writing a scrip in vb to download automatically file from web pages. My script an IE "Do you want to Open/Save" dialogue window. How to click on that save button and give a path via VBA ? I [..]Wepon Skins [ Counterstrike source - source mod plugin ] have already built the base of this plug-in As you'll see in this video: However we are having an interesting bug that we cannot seem to fix. If [..]Please fix my HTML/CSS code code renders good in browsers, iOS applications, and Gmail. But in Outlook, the code renders horribly. I've attached the code, please take a look at it and have the email render cleanly and respon [..]Design of a autograph card I want a design of a autograph card. I will deliver 5 Pictures and the text. Should be A6, one front and one back page Thanks [..]iOS mobile app development are in need of an experienced mobile app developer who can design and develop a mobile native iOS app. The app is data manipulation intensive. The data includes simple text, images, files, and maps [..]CLI for embedded device want to develop a simple command line interface (CLI) for our embedded device. It should be multi-platform (at least Windows and different Linux flavors). It should act as a command shell, accept [..]Uniform system - Excel, I have a school project that I need to complete. I'm looking to create a uniform inventry system in excel. I want this in excel as it's a basic project. I need a sheet for stock and another [..]device monitoring need to detect device or PC which is on customer sites that the computer is alive and the resource like memory, HDD and other spec are still the same. So agents needs to update when only they’r [..]Children's app First post so not sure of this is something that is offered on this site. I want toto create an app for IMac computer for my child to learn the keyboard. It's a simple concept. A tre [..]Star Schema Data Mart Design have a relational database with nine entities (tables) for which I'd like to have a star schema created (preferably in sqlplus). Should not really take more than an hour. Detailed information provid [..]Need fill a database with FB data - after user login retreive Total #Fans,#likes,#comments. need a solution that will retreive information from facebook after uses provides permission. My need: Make a database of a users, storing and updating ( every x hours ) the total amount of fa [..]TYPO 3 Projekt suchen einen Typo3 Spezialisten, der eine bestehende Seite komplett neu in der Version 7.0 LTS aufbauen kann (aktuelle Version 4.5). Es handelt sich um eine umfangreiche Seite mit mehreren Erweit [..]cleaning company, i am looking for someone who can make cleaning website for me. Actually i started making website by myself but after putting lots of bucks, it is still in pipeline. due to the time shortage, i w [..]landing page page landing I need code I will design [..]G-Suite Groups App (Java) the Google G-Suite API, code the following in Java. Upon acceptance, you will be provided with a dummy G-Suite account with which to perform testing. Results will be compilable/testable source [..]Web developer needed for the creation of a simple desktop web app, I am looking for a web developer who can help me with the construction of a simple tutoring desktop web app. I need a freelancer who has more experience in the field to assist me with thi [..]University project on python coding the project to be done by monday morning.Please in need of urgent help [..]Doctor Directory want a full clone of this website, with admin panel for the doctors and for the owner. [..]Node.JS and JQuery Website Needed for Startup Company start up company requires a taxi booking website to be built, constituting of 7 front end web screens (home page trip selection, select vehicle type, add customer details, take payment, trip conf [..]Text File Generator Program am looking for someone to code a program that allows me to create insertable text files or what I will call templates that can be selected through a GUI that allows me to key in specific variables t [..]Storefront for Tshirt design company'm looking for a designer that can build a storefront for my Tshirt business. I need it to be easy to add new designs without changing all the variables (size, color, style) every time. Most [..]Tracker tool needed have a standalone project which, depending how successfully it was done and how competent the person was, could be incorporated into my main site at a later date. We use php and MySql languages [..]Google API & Apps + Secure Backend dB Setup & Interface a skilled developer who has solid experience with and knowledge of the Google API. The initial phase is a 1 - 2 week project that may lead into a long-term relationship for multiple large deve [..]Video intro want a video intro 10-20 second around my logo, some dramatic music sound on it for use for my dvd-movies. Logo is uploaded there. Logo need to come and go, maybe some flairs etc. As it goes for dem [..]Small project (Simple race program), I am looking for programmer to complete a small racing program. However, in need of this program by 12/2/16 at 9 pm. Some goals include Creating an array of 20 Cars each with a Driver an [..]Gaming app development, I am looking for someone in the NYC area for gaming app development. I have no coding experience which is why I am reaching out. My game that I want developed is a buying a selling game for rea [..]lab a class than represents a sailing ship, for possible later use in a game or historical simulation. Class name should be somthing like "sailb" (for sail boat) The class should include the [..]Create a Share Market Portal experienced professional to create a share market portal having hands on experience in HTML, Dot Net, Java Script etc [..]Digital Audio Processing am in need of a DSP project that will have 1 Single ended Analog audio input and 2 Single ended Analog audio outputs that are 90 degrees apart in phase (hilbert transform) over a audio frequency ran [..]A Yoast-like script for SEO write a script in html and other coding as necessary to create a place/word press text box (with facility to change font e.g. bold, italic, etc) for people to copy and paste their article. Where th [..]Create a fast video streaming platform need to stream video content coming from an Osprey 201e card to one client, to enable them to access the stream anywhere in the world. The stream needs to be very low latency using UDP / RTP. Thi [..]MatLab project about tweeter project is basically to analysis the tweeter data that is given in .csv and try to do the task that is required. So, I believe it going to be easy for some who have some experience with MatLab. T [..] [..] [..] [..] [..] [..] [..] [..] [..]Matlab Rewrite code to Matlabpool-it have a matlab code that I need to speed up. I think simply parallelizing it using Matlabpool is enough, but happy to hear suggestions. I attach the main one (calibration_pool) and the associated fu [..]Email app for Android and iPhone required that also suits Tablets, mainly the UI and UX and Interfacing code to Libraries objective is to have an app similar in design for both iPhone, iPad and Android (phone and tablet) that is a good quality email app similar to the styles and features listed below, that allows the [..]GUI-based analytics tool want to develop a stand-alone GUI-based analytics tool application that processes saved telemetry history data, and generates several user configurable analytics graphs (e.g. averages across some t [..]GUI-based commissioning tool want to develop a stand-alone GUI-based commissioning tool application which allows preparation of commissioning data file using graphical application. The final output of the process should be a [..]