Rent a coder - Programming and design services management attach on document. [..]CloudMobileApplication is mobile application for iphone and android. it actually merge all cloud services today such as dropbox, google drive, box, one driver and etc...(all those who have api's) into one big cloud [..]Google analytics to track individual visitors from the same IP need someone to setup GA to track multiple visitors from the same IP. please have a look at and tell me if you can make it work with a site build on their system. I would like to s [..]css and JS help on webflow.com, Im looking for someone who is familiar with or can sign up for a free trial account to get familiar with it. They use a graphic UI to create responsive sites with HTML5 CSS3 JQuery [..]mini website i need a mini responsive website. the website is actualy a game, where the player see a picture and then need to choose one from 2 suggested title to the picture. he have only 3 seconds to choos [..]website and app for self-help project want to build a new website and an app for healing Rooms-- The website will resemble a house with several different rooms (pages) that users will access to obtain information. The website will n [..]insurance agency, I am from Turkey and my name is Emre i need to a new insurance agency web site with control panel and without control panel.Could you offer some choise of this website samples I want to buy [..]Landing Page in Spanishño del Landing page Se espera un look and feel similar a Optimizada para SEO Adicionar nuestro código de Google Analytics El texto [..]Complex social media website needed to be build from scratch. need a website which allows people to post videos, photos, and events. Live chatrooms will also be a feature. Location based settings are also a must, in correlation with photos, videos, or events. [..]Urgent Project - Start Up Recruitment Company Website - PDF Brochure - Logo Redesign project for a basic site with a maximum of twenty pages, minimal images, Twitter Feed, along with a PDF brochure & logo redesign. The site needs to look upto date, slick & classy as the cli [..]Auto Start Video File on Boot Android need a apk for Android that will autostart a device and play a video file from a USB Flash Drive then repeat in a loop continuously. [..]Another social network ? need an instant messaging service on our website. the instant messaging will have two parts : 1 : instant messaging like facebook/skype and any instant messaging 2 : internet mail (similar [..]Python script for Raspberry Pi to send & receive SMS through Huawei dongle have made a small python script that can send an SMS to my phone when a reed switch (door sensor) is opened. I would like to extend functionality to be able to enable/disable the door sensor loop by [..] [..]Bot Needed am looking for someone to help me program a bot to purchase Nike shoes from, Footlocker, Footaction, Eastbay, and Champs. Nike releases limited amounts of select shoes each week on their si [..]Menu\meal planner recipe database would like a database I can use to store recipes and create weekly meal plans. Requirements: Ability to store recipe ingredients 1. From manual entry 2. From a scanned document [..]!!!! ONLINE PAYROLL PROCESSING SOFTWARE NEEDED !!!! am looking for a new piece of software to be created for my company ( who carries out payroll for contractors in the UK. What I am looking for: 1) A new professional looking websi [..]Log viewer software should allow user to load file (input.txt) which will store data in arrays. The list of arrays will be displayed on the left expandable tree as show in picture. Then, the user can dra [..]VOIP Signup Foem'm in need a developer to create a signup form that automates the signup process of my SIP service. I would like to have the signup form implemented into my current website signup for which is writte [..]Website required, I'm looking to get a website designed that will be 5-10 pages and similar to these two websites; [..]BEID Extract hashed/encrypted hexdata from smartcard into seperate variables. Send the data from variables to remote server into a mysql-database. 2) Pull specific records from a remote mysql-database [..]Customizable pop up needed I am looking for a pop window that opens on load of the website url. This needs to be customizable to add images and text links to our affiliate site. Can you help? [..]Minor adjustments to oscommerce website have a small project for our oscommerce website, it consists of the removing the items I have crossed out in red in the pictures attached and a change to the wording to the automated customer welco [..]GPU Programming need a person who is familiar with thrust cuda [..]GPU Programming need a person who is familiar with thrust cuda [..]