Rent a coder - Programming and design services Administration Tool - RAT -'m looking for someone who can make, program (write) or give me a remote administration tool (RAT) with all important and main features of a remote administration tool like the features from the know [..]Script/Extention Magento development a Script extension that allows the publication of registered products on a Magento store directly on the sites, Both sites do not offer webservices, so shoul [..]Connect buyer and seller are looking for someone to create an android app that will allow sellers and buyers to connect each other. The app will need to have a chat and a plateform to allow users to upload money to thei [..]Simple, self-contained, chat-app for theatre audio engineer needs theatre audio engineers one uses battery-powered radio microphones mounted on the heads of on-stage talent/actors. Shows can range anywhere from 1 to 40 or more of these. These "radio mics" are fra [..]Third Part App for Instagram search for a coder that can develop an app(for android and Ios) that has functions of GeoMarketing Searches, Checlists, Engagement mesuares of an Instagram Account. Please, em-mail-me so we can d [..]Network Automation 9, I am looking for someone who knows how to build tasks with the program Network Automation 9.0. Here is the website. I have several task that need to be b [..]New Website Needed, I am a musician and I am looking out for a quote to build a cool website for myself. I play the saxophone. [..]I need a secure video player for Windows and Mac need a video player that functions like the one you can download from I will be playing green screen video clips. When the user downloads the videos it will have an account num [..]Bing Maps AJAX V6.3 to AJAX V7.0 javascript port project, I need to port about 2000 lines of existing javascript code which utilizes the Bing Maps AJAX 6.3 control, to support the new and improved Bing Maps 7.0 AJAX control. Most of the javascript [..]oxid webshop in responsive design custom responsive design for an oxid webshop [..]E-Commerce Monthly Razor Subscription - Barber Shop Quartet see the proposal document attached. Looking for full web design and branding. The name on the document states the name of the business as 'Shave Pennys'. This has now been changed to 'Barber [..]Convert Google Calendar v3 feed into calendar list format (PHP) prevously used some PHP code to dispaly our google calendar in the following agenda-type format from the google public XML url: Tuesday 18th November 2014 All day event [..]New website needed am looking for a person able to design a presentation website which will promote some services in automotive domain. The purpose of this website will be to inform the potential customers. It will ha [..]Oxid responsive design webshop specialist wanted! an existing template (responsive!!!) should be adjusted to to a given design [..]App development an app made for a goods listing type of site craigslist type for a project/business UI and stuff will be based on this as well [..]sandbox game like grand theft auto but not as intricate want a sandbox game where you have a big city you can walk around in and pick up objects. Where you can go into houses, or businesses and pick up keys, money,, or other items. If you pick up money [..]Content development and assessment tools are looking for experience across various Training Packages for both content development and the creation of assessment tools with mapping documents. Experience developing higher level qualifica [..]Creat a script to work with the Jasper Server API need a solution to call the api of jasper server and request a report with a custom dataset connection. Thanks Jasox [..]New Application Needed are looking for a mobile application that would serve the following purpose: Student takes a test using a standard multiple-choice, paper test grid (bubbling answers with a pencil). There are [..]New Catering Website needed a Website for my new catering company that i will be launching in March 2015. Need one page with the our whole menu, and options to add things items to their bag or delete them. During the checko [..]Hello World in Python am rather beginner (basic PHP developpement) and I need to learn python When I execute a 'hello world' program thru the browser , it open as a text file rather than excuting it When I search in f [..]PrestaShop Guru for ecommerce website need a guru that can get a domain up and running with Prestashop ecommerce website hosted on BlueHost hosting company. Images have been uploaded and CSV file for categories created [..]Mobile Pic App to have a mobile app done for Android, IOS, and posibly BB with a web page for ad and market Will probably require a server side system unless we can determine work around as well with secure [..]Android App Timer an Android App that allows the user to set a timer on a selected App ( Facebook,Twitter) and when the timer finishes for example 5 minutes it will notify the user that they have been using the [..]Time clock countdown excel spreadsheet need a excel coding that will allow myself to enter a time and date next to a customer's name. That cell will countdown till that time and will change color and flash when time is reached. I would n [..]