Rent a coder - Programming and design services pro need to create a horse racing database mobile app where it pulls information from a racing website and customers can pick and choose from the data to find a horse that may win a race For example . [..]Php bugs to fix have a website that needs a few fixes. Two pages with content not submitting and thus displaying on the front end. One page is just submitting text, the other an MP3 fie upload. Small job for [..]Install and run Andromda timetracker on JBoss and GlassFish need someone to deploy and run time tracker Andromda sample project on Both jboss and glass fish and add security module asegi as shown in tutorial of andromda [..]Coaching College Marketing Strategy are several projects within this project. - Centre for Parenting and Education 1. design of a logo - i have attached some logos I like 2. create a corporate brand and image 3. create a [..]Wordpress Plugin - Similar to Mailchimp Plugins need a Wordpress Plugin that works similarly to Mailchimp Plugins. The only difference being that it needs to integrate with our custom Email Marketing Solution called Everlytic through our API's. [..]C++ Classes and Dynamic Caste have attached my cpp file . which contains the code I have completed. But the code is not working and project is in complete. [..]New music website needed to be accessed via login in, for members only. Simple layout with 10 music playlists (MP3 files) of average 4 hours each. Members can listen to music on a streaming basis, no downloads avail [..]Small PHP fixes have a website that needs a few fixes. Two pages with content not submitting and thus displaying on the front end. One page is just submitting text, the other an MP3 fie upload. Small job for [..]Scanned Image Renaming have pdfs that include jpgs of scanned pictures and individual scanned pictures that contain an identifier. Additionally I have a database (csv) that holds a tracking number for a specific identifi [..]Retail Pro 9.0 - Woo Commerce Integration need to integrate Retail Pro 9.0 with Woocommerce. There are 3 phisical stores, and 1 central warehouse. I need to send the available (consolidated) stock to Woocommerce, so that it updates the St [..]ios & android game with in-app purchase need an app (game) developed that can play midi files (if possible) and supports offsets. The app itself should be fairly simple, only about 5 unique pages, but needs to be able to download media fi [..]social marketing am about to launch a kickstarter campaign and am wanting to get the word out via social media. I would like to get it out via facebook, tweeter, and linkedin, as well as any other possible social m [..]Using Google Calendar API to send SMS messages to customers program is going to be used for sending SMS notifications to customers via a SMS gateway, based on Google Calendar. Specs: Google Calendar Events to SMS – a lot like Zapier – however a bit [..]Concept Request Automatic connection of customer smart phone to merchant tablet not via internet. is a concept request to identify how to automatically connect a customer using a smart phone to merchant using a table in close proximity. Scenario Customer with App AndrewsConnect(Custome [..]BOOK EDITING am currently writing a book and it is 85% completed. Book will be ready by Nov. 10th, 2014. I am looking for a structural editor, who can edit the structure of book. In this, these are the things I [..]PHP - Database-Sync (PDO) every Release we Export the Source-Code and the actual Database (mysql_dump) in one File. Know we need a PHP-Class do a Sync for the live-database and de mysql_dump file. You also can create th [..]Website Changes/updates would like to have the following updates on my site: I would like to have the following updates on my site: I have all the files for me site. Files include .ph [..]Mobile App Meditation Music Player, This new app I'd like you to develop, let's call it 'The Silent Sleep Wave App, is designed for meditation/sleep aid. It can play relaxing sound effects (rain, birds chirping, etc) that c [..]phone plan selection there. I have a wordpress website and want to develop a simple software portal that allows you to enter raw data (number of calls, ave length of call and call rates) and then spits out the value [..]Speed Dating Website need to create a website that will allow people to buy tickets for a speed dating service. The customers do need to create online profiles. I just need to be able to post the date, location with a [..]LMS needed for tutoring company someone to develop, or modify existing open-source software, to provide an LMS for an online tutoring company targeting ESL students. Models are here: or [..]Multilingual network website would like to create a social network website in three languages. The social network website need to contains the following features : User Registration User Administration Friends lists Inte [..]PayPal PayFlow Secure Token Interface currently have a basic interface set up to accept credit cards with Payflow. It captures personal information, and then proceeds to Payflow to gather the remaining Credit Card information and perfo [..]Create an iPhone betting app would like you to create an app for betting using the API-NG at the It should be an app that is compatible with the latest iOS 8 on the iPhone and iPad. The idea is to make a sim [..]hotel management attach on document. [..]