Rent a coder - Programming and design services Fixes for php Website Need to be done 1.Correct Any errors so the site validate without errors in all pages. 2.Replace the newsletter as is now with a better script that’s works without errors in p [..]Complete page for table view is designed to show teams, captains, total damage and then 5 screen shots proving total damage. The form that brings you to this page works fine and all the info is stored in the data base. This [..]Game Interface game interface designed to allow for the selection of characters as members of a team for a contest. Details provided upon inquiry. Developer must possess excellent skills in the following tec [..]Wordpress ecommerce assistance need assistance in connecting a website to the e-commerce platform Payfirma. Code is on the server, but I am having trouble getting the php file running. The e-commerce functionality exists on [..]New website needed am looking to create a modern website that will allow my customers to submit their request easily. This is a money transfer website like Please let me know if interested into this pro [..]Web designer for custom trips for a travel agency, the tool will be web based, it will allow to compose a trip made of differentes parts and finally be able to export to word and pdf. [..]Blackjack game created in java coursework, i'm looking for someone to create the card game blackjack in Java for my coursework. I believe it wouldnt take long to complete and needs no interface other than command line. [..]Pokemon Ghoul RPG website structer Login/logout Database Moves/ like attacking Items Maps/ Be able to encounter pokemon on these maps Battle system Shops/ Buy pokemon sell pokemon buy items and sel [..]Writing Requirements for an automatic system consisting of or integrated or combined or connected with API, RSS FEEDS, Social media including Tweet and Wordpress To write REQUIREMENTS for a custom server and/or software that will AUTOMATICALLY do: Best /Topmost or top best Research Select best products and/or services from affiliate programs. Combine, C [..]Querying the YelpAPI using Python 3've almost written most of the Code but as a Python newbie (and too busy to really learn it properly) I wanted someone to finish it off for me. Code needs to use the Yelp API to query businesses an [..]Querying the YelpAPI using Python 3've almost written most of the Code but as a Python newbie (and too busy to really learn it properly) I wanted someone to finish it off for me. Code needs to use the Yelp API to query businesses an [..]VBulletin forum - Need additional ad spaces defining (Existing rotating system) using a banner rotation mod on my forum This works great for top and bottom of the forum as you will see. I used to have the option for a ce [..]Keyword Search Result Checker want a desktop application that can do this kind of action - Import this csv files into grid (see attached file). pick these field only: keyword, Avg. Monthly Searches, Competition,Suggested bid - [..]Software: Keyword Competitiveness Research Tool simple software for keyword research and SEO marketing. Want to run it as private local software on a computer, not web based. Functions: 1) Import keywords via .txt or .xls file. 2) Pe [..]estorage would like to know the cost to develop the mobile app similar to SNAPCHAT but having images stored on central server with following features: - PIC or clip start from APP - allow the end use to ad [..]Ext JS to HTML 5 conversion have a project where Ext JS(Sencha) files needs to be converted to HTML 5 conversion. Experts on Ext JS and HTML5 respond to me. [..]self learnig / multible choice learning program needed, I'm looking for someone who can create a self learnig / multible choice learning program which basically looks and works like the program you find here: [..]Linked in API script in PHP want a script which will post to a company page as a company share on linked in. The script is to run off a mysql database table and use a cron task to auto call. ~Script needs to be in php. [..]New Application Needed currently have a program that was developed in .net VB. I wish to have it converted to more modern code so that it can be updated for use on mobile platforms etc. I also have some modifications that [..]Web form and backend Description: This project is for a car appraisal company. The company needs to automate the process from a paper form to a simple web sheet where the end users and sales executives can upload [..]Baseball Scouting Website / App basic overview of the site is a Database Driven Peer to Peer website with a phone app that has player profiles that can be edited by the players themselves The site will consist of four differe [..]Extract and process data from string a c++ function that 1 – analyzes a given delimited string of data. The format of each sub-string will match one of nine possible formats. For each sub-string format, the data must be inter [..]Website and Mobile Application Development to develop a mobile application which will allow for school to send emails, text to parents and notes about how their child did in the class. We are a tutoring company teaching math and reading t [..]Website structure: 1 - Home. 1.1 - Display the latest posts + images related to the subject. 1.2 - Menu to contain the options "Promises", "Lawns", "Table Tactical", "number 10", "SiteTV", " [..]Diamond Prices - Web Scraping would like to download the data that is on a website. This data is driven by a few inputs, but I would like the ability to scrape this data by changing the inputs and getting the output in the form [..]