Rent a coder - Programming and design services, wpf, Desktop Software Coder Needed have several desktop SEO software tools that we need a new coder to maintain, debug, develop further and create new projects too. You will ideally have internet marketing software experience and b [..]Rebuild existing website Current developed site is I would like to rebuild current site to be similar to popular review sites like,, http://www.glas [..]To create PHP MySQL Reports need someone to create php and MySQL driven reports - final version should be opensource, free and fully documented (comments in php code). I give you access to web server and MySQL database and req [..]Website needed am looking to hire someone to design a mapping system type website. The website will need to be a detailed map (google maps would work) of the State of Ca. including cities streets etc. I want to [..]Website Development for KNP Headwear and Silver Spider Knitting need a web developer to help us build 2 websites, one for KNP Headwear and one for Silver Spider Knitting (A subsidiary of KNP). Silver Spider Knitting is a custom local manufacturer for knitted ac [..]Content migration scripts from RoboHelp to MindTouch/DekiWiki goal of this project is the creation of migration scripts to transfer content from Adobe RoboHelp[1] projects to the MindTouch[2] platform. The scripts should enable cutting all dependencies from [..]Dating Website/App Needed are trying to build a user friendly online dating/hookup website. Simple user profile (picture/gender/sex orientation), local area focused and Instant payment. Creative ideas are welcome. Send me a [..]OPENGL Project required maye latest technologies, even a game will do need an open gl project done - it has to be done in OPEN GL along with C++. It can be on latest technologies in Graphics. Like Image/Video Compression. It can also be a game. Please send me ideas an [..]C++ Project a C++ program that reads sales data from a file called sales.txt. Each line of the file contains four data items; 1. A product number which is an integer 2. A product name which is a string [..]Cloud file hosting - file list from link Grab folders and file links.. and allow visitor to download from newly displayed content. You may be able to parse it, scrape it, or whatever the term is called. [..]Maid Service Website need a website for a new home cleaning business in Calgary Alberta. I want the website to be of same standard as some of the popular sites like maids in black, mango maids, mad maids, maids in blue, [..]CSGO- Gambling site need a coder to develop a site similar so or it will have a large pot with a 3 hour timer, and a small pot with 4 minute timer. please contact me directly we are [..]Amazon Web Service script ( Check script ) for Untaged Instance All, I am looking for someone to help write a python script that can search through an AWS account and get all untagged assets (Instances and Volumes) If the check script detects an untagges ins [..]Complete Website Re-Design, this is for a complete re-design of an older website to incorporate HTML5, Java, new graphics and database. The site is currently only 7 pages with one form that needs to populate a database co [..]Looking for a project in Computer graphics - written in C++, could be a game, latest topics on Computer Graphics/ IEEE/ Image Processing, only coding no drawings pls, I am looking to purchase a project. It has to be related to Computer Graphics latest technologies, Can be about IEEE. It has to be something that is coded in C++, even a game will do. It has to be [..]PONG GAME - Required to run in Visual Studio 2015 using C++, also has a second different program to it is an assignment given to me by my Graphics Professor. It is a pong game - he has done most of the code, we just need to add more code to it, which he has given ideas where they need to go in the [..]apache module need to develop custom apache module to monitor apache concurrent connections " threads" and to be able to take some actions based on the number of concurrent users, also the module should be capab [..]apache module need to develop custom apache module to monitor apache concurrent connections " threads" and to be able to take some actions based on the number of concurrent users, also the module should be capab [..]Adding functionality to an existing wordpress website need to add several functions to an existing website: * protect file download with a click through license agreement and login privileges; * update exiting file download/upload functiona [..]ffmpeg/blackmagic streaming video advert hider am looking for someone that can hide pop-up adverts in a video stream using ffmpeg or by modifying bmdcapture (we use blackmagic cards) [..]Dedicated Server Optimization am looking for someone to optimize my dedicated server to perform better and faster. Server is running Plesk control panel. Need experienced and well reviewed only. [..]QRCODE scanner for MIDP 2.0 MOBILE PHONES NEED A SIMPLE JAVA APP DEVELOPED FOR MIDP 2.0 SUPPORTED MOBILE PHONES. THE APP SHOULD BE ABLE TO READ A QRCODE AND TRIGGER A SMS TO A PREPROGRAMMED NUMBER. UI is smple and no other features needed. [..]QRCODE scanner for MIDP 2.0 MOBILE PHONES WOULD LIKE A SIMPLE APP DEVELOPED FOR MIDP 2.0 supported mobiles which can read a QRCODE and trigger a SMS to a prepogammed number. The app should have a particular UI with company LOGO . need [..]Revamp a WordPress Jobportal website Guys, We have a Job Portal built in word press which needs revamping-Please note the site is note yet launched. We have a list of changes that need to be done. Please find the change list in [..]bulent maro WE NEED A JEWELRY ONLINE STORE. WE CURRENTLY HAVE 3 STORES IN TURKEY AND WE WANT TO MOVE OUR PRODUCTS TO INTERNET. 2000 PICTURES WILL BE PROVIDED BY US. PLEASE NOTE THAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR WH [..]