Rent a coder - Programming and design services website needed evening, I need someone with programming experience to build me a website and vb/vba to manage my data. (Visual Basic (VB) / Visual Basic Application (VBA) Java / HTML) Just like this w [..]Integration of Multisite Users & Simple Membership Members on Four Sub-Domains plus BuddyPress Profile issues have a main membership site with three sub-domains. The main plugins involved are Simple Membership and BuddyPress. 1. When a new member registers he should be automatically registered as a User [..]CMS 1500 claim form & Offic Ally to develop website that will create CMS claim for 1500 for upload into Office Ally. Need to be hippa compliant. Need to be familiar with Office Ally and creating txt files from databases [..]Simple form tweaks using wufoo. Back end web design help for a page already put together using square space. Positioning and color stuffs, pretty simple. Also, the same for a few forms and spread sheets already made. They are al [..]Glossy Brochure Design Needed! am looking for a graphic designer to help me with designing a new brochure for my business as up to this point I have been using a word document and now need something much more professional. I am l [..]Glossy Brochure Design Needed! am looking for a graphic designer to help me with designing a new brochure for my business as up to this point I have been using a word document and now need something much more professional. I am l [..]API Business Enterprise Model IT Project Work Flow Diagram Review And Edit you evaluate, review or study or analyse or assess the online system work flow to determine whether or not it meets or fits or correlates or measures well with the program/project requirements AND [..]NEED A FREESWITCH BUILD A FREESWITCH NEED TO BE REBUILD [..]Project management tool customisation to develope some feture on existing open source project management tools (e.g. or something else). Abiliti to have simeple workflow with capabiliti of uploading [..]Wordpress - mySQL Search and display posted this before and my apologies...I was in a motorcycle wreck and just got distracted with dealing with that. I have a GoDaddy hosted Wordpress site and a myPHP database with them as well. I [..]Live Scores Monitoring and Messaging if parameters are reached need a program that will constantly monitor all live soccer scores from a betting website and send me a WhatsApp message (or equivalent) when a certain score is reached before a certain number of mi [..]PERSONAL ASSISTANT/REPRESENTATIVE USA BASE POSITION seek individuals to work as personal assistant for me.Duties include Coordinating schedules,Booking travel,Running errands, working with vendors, etc.This position also performs office work includ [..]developer(s) required âm looking for developer in the USA, either individually or a team . The developers may be involved in various aspect of creation from concept and storyboard to coding and programming. Kindly cont [..]WP Optimization - "http 500 error" for Googlebot see 200-300 server errors everyday in my Search Console. It seems that: Googlebot couldn't access the contents of some URL because the server had an internal error when trying to process the request [..]Facebook Token App Dashboard, I am loking to collect facebook tokens with publish_action permissions and store the tokens to a mysql database for later use. I want you to make an admin panel that I can access to use [..]Iphone + Anroid App needed, I want to build an Application for IPhone and Android for Travelers which will help them to create a blog of their travel and experiences. Objective is to share this experience on FB and other s [..]Zakah/Zakat Calculator using Voice Recognition Mobile Apps (Android), I'm looking for this apps.. [..]Download, install and troubleshoot 2 of Magento modules for eCommerce are an eCommerce site based on a Magento 1.6.7 platform. We need: - install 2 of Magento modules - trouble shoot an issue with index banners sliders - install and integrate a "slot machine - w [..]Mobile game (iOS, Android)'ve been working on the art assets for my game for over a year. I need an experienced coder to help me bring my project to life. I expect some experience in creating mobile apps and good communicatio [..]Windows Server & Advanced PHP rerouting a local BackEnd Developer in the area of Jupiter, Florida or within a 100 mile range. This person should be an Advanced PHP & SQL designer with experience in creating forms and reports based o [..]Changes/Upgrades to Current website and translations is a new website and requires changes as the business progresses for example upgraded features, more modules, regular maintenance and translation. We also need to build an app for the s [..]Problem with HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR coders, I have a website I transferred over from one account to another. Now its on Godaddy and I think the codeigniter is an old version, I tried to update the framework but got utterly lost [..]New Report needed for QuickBooks need a template enabling me to create summary of debt and credit customers wise for a given period. The report must have Starting Date balance and Ending Day Balance. Please see the image Thanks [..]Load iMap client on Pi linux device with details inside of all if you respond to this please put a 5 in front of the first paragrpah you send me so i know you are not a bot. 1. please complete all tasks in the attachment. main thing is you know [..]Clone a shipping site would like to clone a site: Using wordpress . We would have one freight API for all our rating and would need front side to work similar to their site but on the rate results pa [..]mobile app needed need a mobile app you can see below link, the platform are ios and android native or hybrid [..]mobile app needed need this app which below link for ios & android please check application (native or hybrid). [..]Simple E-Commerce Website Needed basic ecommerce site, some specific requirements detailed in the attached documents. I am happy for the use of third party tools, Joomla comes to mind. I will also require you to deploying the s [..]Package software for MacOS and Windows & make Applet on HTML code is available on GitHub. This was a project I wrote for a school project. It has less than 2k lines of code. It uses JOGL (Java OpenGL) and Jama (Java M [..]Cookie stuffing script for testing purposes to a participation at a bigger project we are currently looking for an (image) cookie stuffing script wich we can test against our own system for testing/learning purposes. [..]connect my gatorhost domain to my squarespace website can't figure out how to connect my domain (which I bought with hostgator) to my squarespace site. My domain is: When people enter that password, I want it to go here: http [..]University Subject Registration System Multimedia University Subject Registration System A computer-based system is required to be used in a typical university for subject registration. Users of this system are students and adminis [..]YouTube Channel Commenter Needed for software to make posting YouTube channel comments automated. Ideally it would be great if the program could gather users that have commented on a certain video, then be able to leave a com [..]Wordpress / Buddypress geocoding plugin must be very familiar with both buddypress and google geocoding. Plugin is in two parts: Buddypress info handling and display, and a search form that can be placed on pages or as a widget in t [..]publish my app on google play store must have android developer id and the bid must include the price to publish the app on andrid store ! what i need is very simple ! an app that all will do is open the link [..]Android app with back end DB and API functionality the following is your cup of tea, then hit me up: 1. You are an expert who can build a sleek, fast android mobile app in native code. Accompanying proof of previous apps by yourself and previous c [..]Enthusiastic game developer(s) required for new game studio’m looking for enthusiastic game developer, either individually or a team for my upcoming game studio. The game developers may be involved in various aspect of a game’s creation from concept and [..]Create poker table map need someone that can create a poker table map for full flush, bovada or carbon poker, I need you to tell what software you use when creating the table maps, tell me everything you know on how you [..]Small changes to graphical interface on simple java program need to edit a simple open source java program for sequential pattern mining (SPMF). The program itself contain around 120 different algorithms (drop down menu) that you can run, however I would lik [..]Need my website recoded. made my first website and now I need it redone right. It works now but I am not sure if it is coded 100% right. You would basically need to redo 2 pages and I will copy them and add the content i [..]dating site want a dayting site that in most file uses ioncube loadres will expalin this later the dating site must allow users to register account with upto 5 photos have message inbox and outbox ability to li [..]Need Calendar created from databse and output are both attached [..]Need Help for AutoIt, I need help to solve a file Autoit, the problem is I have a robot, and has an option that is to write alone, but is failing, do not write, I have another file if it works, but does not have the [..]building a website in CPP and welcome to my website called GameMods. I am trying to, as the name may suggest already, set up a website that does feature Mods for games, game news, walkthrough videos and lets plays and [..]Remake existing catalogue using InDesign and translate into Spanish is to take our 28 page Holt catalogue and recreate it in InDesign and set up the text in Spanish and supply the entire InDesign file when done, we can supply all the raw and close cropped pi [..]Search form and resultat display in wordpress, Need help for my Wordpress ( fitness site with the search form that search for fitness videos. Also I need help with the way the result is displayed. The site is up and r [..]Python code for data mining have a Python script which parses the huge amount of text and generates columns of information. However the script needs to be tweaked to parse the text with different format. I want someone t [..]PHP programmer required to alter a paid for Wordpress addon script. require a PHP programmer to alter a paid for Wordpress addon script. This is the original script. [..]Python Developer three algorithm problems. [..]Ninja Script - Draw a vertical line based on a horizontal line attached specification [..]