Rent a coder - Programming and design services - Dating Website Automation Script in Selenium, I need somebody to write a script to search a dating website and apply automatically in selenium. Please send me a message and I can share the screenshots. I need somebody who is experienced wi [..]Easy PHP help should only take you about 10 minutes at the most. I'm writing a PayPal IPN Listener in PHP. How this works is, PayPal sends my page some information, the page reads that information and then [..]Marketing Website for Investment Property require a marketing website to be developed, it will be used to attract potential investors for real estate investment properties in Australia. I have drawn and written a flow chart of the website a [..]Pocket to Wordpress Article am looking for a developer to build a wordpress plugin (compatible with wordpress 4.5.3 and above) that takes all saved links in Pocket ( with a specific tag (for example: wp) [..]Script Macro or bot creations am needing a script macro or bot for refreshing a webpage, clicking an option and adding to cart upon availability. I am told the webpage does not have an API and the option is directly connected t [..]Oracle queries for display age of stock queries for display age of stock , table structure and sample data available in the attachment. The user inputs 4 different numbers for displaying stock age. The query to be developed should [..]xbox live stealth server project has to do with getting your jtagged Xbox 360 to connect to xbox live. You will need to code all the files and the server so I can manage the server. You will also need to make sure everyt [..]Texas Water Observatory Database Developer need a developer to design and develop a database for academic use with open source software. The developer should also create code that automates the upload of incoming data on the server to the d [..]Online marketing (SEO/SMO) need to get promote my website Please analyse site make monthly promotional package and send me proposal. Thanks [..]COMPLETE REDISIGN OF WEBSITE, WITH FUNCTIONALITY complete redesign of website, up-to-date coding, for search engines. Unique content, EZ order submission, newsletter (email campaigning), capture users with the ability. site is, [..]LanguageWise is the description of the work to be done: ? The Developer is to navigate through the actual website @ in order to analyze the content, identify problems and propose th [..]App that tracks accomplished goals a vision board party service, would like to link an app for customers to use similar to a simple "To Do List" but they enter their goals and have the ability to check them off once they are c [..]New nice looking PHP VOTING POLL INTERACTIVE WEBSITE NEEDED now I want a voting poll site in php and maybe ajax or something that makes the display looks nice here are the pages i want 1: ADMIN PAGE 2: LOGIN or REGISTER. the registration page will h [..]project black php coder Develop business applications using existing modular reusable code components [..]Migrate Forum from phpbb to bbpress, I need help migrating a forum from phpbb to bbpress. The size of the forum: 4966 topics 102435 posts 2177 members Everything needs to be migrated inluding all the pictures and avatars. Can [..]Whatsapp-A-like, I would like to develop a communication App in iOS and Android to begin with - like whatsapp but with couple of cooler features. ( The design would be very similar though with better design on [..]Cyclos installation in vps involves. installing and configuring vps system in vps server. and configurin the phone simulator [..]Selenium - Dating website automation, I need somebody to write a script to search a dating website and apply automatically in selenium. Regards, Vincent. [..]Need program modified have a program but do not have the code because the programmer left and took code with him, though I legally own the program. The program has record, play, fast forward, and rewind features but I [..]Android App for system control for a Lite App that when opened, would switch the wifi connection to a different connection. That connection would access a website that is hosted on a device that is broadcasting the wifi si [..]MMORPG BOT would like someone to make me a bot for an mmorpg that I play called Dragomon Hunter. bot must be able to use auto target and skills, bypass captcha, accept and complete quests. [..]hdhh [..]Online video streaming project for independent developer who can develop end to end project using latest web technologies. Description: Three phases: (Target time 2 months max on start date). Initial phase will be reg [..]conversion of programs from QB45 to a more modern software to suit windows. have in QB45 program for printing of bingo tickets, i would like to have this converted or written in a modern language to suit window operating soft ware. I have the open code software for the ca [..]Home Rental website website to add rental home with features and display on the. 1. Administration pages to add rental home 2. User pages to view features of home along with rental Technologies: Java, Spri [..]FTP Automation script/ program need to create a FTP automation system. Ideally written in windows powershell or other suitable language. I welcome any ideas in alteration, enhancement etc as far as the process remains efficient. [..]Website/app Creation like Offerup.com need a website created from scratch as well as an iphone/Android App created for the site from scratch. Please let me know how much a Project like this would cost me. We can do the Project in se [..]I need to Re-design my site www.businessbush.com, Please advise me for a lead generation site development cost reference site ( theme ). Need same kind of frame work as soon as possible. [..]Enhance a cashback script are looking for a 'shop to donate' script similar to "". We have a 'Shop to donate' script and need this script enhanced to suit our needs. This is what we will need: First: we nee [..]Music Streaming Website refer to attachment. [..]Prototype for Integrated Remote Control App want to control my home theater from an IPAD app, not from my 5 different remotes. To control the IR receiver and IR transmitter we will use Arduino Uno some basic knowledge in Arduino is requir [..]Need a pic need 2 pic d [..]new website needed and user friendly app. website for transportation ,travel,holidays,tours,cab bookings and app [..]photo face swap needed in next 12 hours :), I have a photo that I want to swap the faces (there are 7 faces) with faces of my friends. I have the original file and photos of my friends' faces. Need this done within the next 12 hours! [..]Update my software program to windows 10 software will only install up to Windows 7. I need it updating so that it will install and function in Windows 8 and 10 also. I have attached the original source code files. Note that the software [..]create a tool for a game have a game called age of empires and there are few programs which are there to hack the game. I want to know how they build the program. For educational purpose. [..]jBPM - Business Process Management Oracle 11g or 12c Task 1: jBPM Implementation. Task 2: Processes development for end users. End user will initiate a the process of indexing a scanned document, by simply scan docume [..]Need developer who can work on iframing and clickjacking for a developer who can provide a solution for framing part of website into another without using any functionality of the original website. [..]Whatsapp similar me or clone me a similar app to whatspp with video chat and sell stickers features added in. Total budget $1200 for both ios and android. I want an app that 100% similar to WHATSAPP with v [..]FTP- Migration need someone who knows how to use ftp from linux to c-panel i have 3 websites that need to be migrated over to c-panel. [..]make me an app someone to make me a apple iphone app (gaming) [..]make me an app someone to make me a apple iphone app (gaming) [..]Simple windows phone dialer A Windows mobile visual Studio project: written in visual basic language only. 2- For learning, as simple as possible and every code line "ALL THE LINES" coupled with explanation for learning: wha [..]Website Developer Needed a team of developers willing to take on a large project. The website will have 8 different features that are integrated with each other. Health information is involved so strong security s [..]Automation Process am a digital artist exploring the concept of generation loss. Generation loss is what happens to a digital file that has been uploaded and downloaded multiple times. With each upload, the file is co [..]Wordpress Search by Tag, I have the posts into a specific category, they are the professional CVs, each CV has specific tag. I need two things. 1. The default search form of Wordpress have to get out the result [..]TROUBLESHOOTING HTTP TO HTTPS CONVERSION AFFECTING LAYOUT AND SEO website has some HTTPS conversion layout and seo errors looking to correct them Quintessential Education is founded by passionate educators whose friendship started from days at [..]Horizontal Property Administration need a webapp for the administration of horizontal property as described in the attachment. [..]Piano Studio teach piano and need a mainly information based website. It needs to have photos, teaching schedule, yearly calendar of events, and possibly recitals given in my home. I need to have access to the s [..]Need service order accessible from pc web browser and mobile app with notifications have a small computer maintanance company, and we have a methodology on fixing the computer. Every computer has to pass all items on a checklist of things to do, like virus scaning, windows updatin [..]