Rent a coder - Programming and design services for ongoing projects from troubleshooting to full web development am a designer looking for a backend coder for various code troubleshooting and developing small to medium sites. Most are in Wordpress. To start, please bid on installing a WooCommerce store into an [..]Matlab Homeworks Final Project, i did not catch my deadline and today is end day. To use Matlab pragramming lanuage, you have to finish my project. [..]Frame In need to frame into a wordpress site ( the Inventory from our main website ( without the headers and footers. I have purchase iframe advanced pro [..]Write HTML5/CSS code for an explosion and embed into WordPress blog want two things. a) Take the following code and with little modification write instructions on how to embed that animation into a WordPress post. b) Write similar [..]Web Crawling and Data Scrapping a software that would automatically crawl the following websites nairabet. com The software will look for all the footba [..]Speech to Text Conversion Software I would like to know if any coder is able to convert audio files to text files. The coder needs to right a code inorder to collect file from the server (ie MP3 files) convert them send them back t [..]Google Map Features am looking for an experienced coder who is very fluent with Google Maps API. The project I have should be rather quick and simple for someone with great experience with Google Maps. I have this [..]Java .JS Imacro Help help finishing a product. You need to be knowledgeable in .JS and Imacro to be able to complete the project. Basically I have done the coding, however I cannot get it to loop through the CSV f [..]TinyMCE implementation By Jquery, I am in an effort to make changes of an existing pure JavaScript TinyMCE implementation into its Jquery implementation. To start with I need to create a small project with html and Jquery. W [..] [..] [..] [..] [..] [..] [..] [..] [..] [..] [..] [..]bamboo grill grill and sushi restaurant we need help with marketing and social media we need someone to make sure the site is mobile compliant and a long term strategy that can turn into a permanent positio [..] NEED ADD-ONS as AUTOCLICKER. CODER WILL EARN LIFETIME AFTER COMPLETING OUR PROJECT!! This ADD-ON are SIMPLE to code ,very good and SURE PAYMENT FOR LIFETIME!! Coders, We need ADD-ON for CHROME, FIREFOX and OPERA which can auto click on specified tabs. Fixed payment will give for first time, but after that you can earn for lifetime from this projec [..]Post My Website My Website First please do not even dream about taking this project unless you are ready to Video Conference at times comfortable to me. I live in the Pacific Time Zone in the United States. I a [..]Algorithm Engineer needed for medical images segmentation project are doing soft tissue images segmentation, we need an Algorithm Engineer ( part-time or full-time job ), or technical partner. The requirements of the algorithm are as below, Please cantact us if [..]Battleship Game to add 3 new features (buttons and functions for the buttons) [..]BUSINESS WEBSITE MODIFYING & Intigrating WEBSITE MODIFYING & Intigrating I have two websites. And I would like to modify both of them. For more information please contact with us. [..]Business Desktop application (2 modules) and database Business desktop Application running on any desktop platform (windows, MAC, linux) thanks to java technologies includes 2 modules and database it`s project like ERP consist of several modules like [..]Desktop application (2 modules) and database desktop Application running on any desktop platform (windows, MAC, linux) thanks to java technologies includes 2 modules and database Additional items: plus one module when select project featured [..]UDP String Parse/Relay'm looking for an application to capture a large number of UDP strings from a specified server port, send a confirmation message and then re-transmit captured data via JSON HTTP Post in a specified f [..]Access spreadsheet content via database! I’d like to realize a software to provide spreadsheet content to a user via an internet database. Spreadsheet content should be stored as string (not as files) to search through all data easily [..]Job Board Site, Android & iOS Apps for a full stack developer who can develop site with mobile apps with the following IMPORTANT DETAILS & REQUIREMENTS: Your Proposal must address the following in details: ----------------- [..]Valet simple Mobile app to allow the user to Identify the location need the valet by entering address or to select from the map this need to be developed on both IOS and Android. Common feature to Regis [..]Business Directory Website with App for a web developer to build a business directory with an Apps for iOS and Andriod. Please email a link to your portfolio website and a list of references. I already have a website on Wordp [..]Android application reskinning'm in need of someone with Android development skills, for use in reskinning Android applications, and implementing my own google admob code into the application, as well as possible updates to the p [..]AutoIT NOTHING FOR MY TIME AND FEE. [..]Android App, used for specific company in a specific field, with few employee (<100) need to develop android app with below simple features 1. Can Post something 2. Comment 3. Chat [..]android and ios radio aggregator app and ios radio aggregator app similar to difm [..]Software for register and handling bugs am planning to develop a software for registering and handling bugs. If a customer buys a software, there is often a need for testing the software at the customers side. I see a need for an easy sys [..]Need changes to i phone application for website. changes to i phone application for website. [..]Exotic Car Website needed for a web developer in the South Florida area to build a website for an exotic car rental company.please email a link to your portfolio website and a list of references. [..]Seo & Marketing Tools For our Website I am the CEO of We are into SEO Business. We are offering SEO Tools and Seo Services. Beside our own seo tools we need tools developed by reliable coders. We are interested in [..]in need of programming partner for my projects for someone I can hire to work on some programming projects that I have wanted to do for a while but have always lacked the time and skill to do so. these projects will range from simple appl [..]Leader Election algorithms in Python or C/C++ I would like to hire someone who could help me write a small project in Python based on Leader Election algorithms. I will provide more information after I accept your offer Thanks [..]Android app need to develop android app with below simple features of Twitter. 1. Can Post something 2. Like 3. Comment 4. Share [..]Adobe illutrator I am working with sketcher advertising cars etc in Illustrator. I want to do an instick program in Adobe illustrator so you can se the sketch in 3D. And you can turn it 360' Is this someone can h [..]Experienced DAPP developers needed App based on Ethereum team of people at Kore have been working on an app to be developed on the Ethereum Platform. It needs to support Windows/OSX/iOS/Android. Will require extensive backend development (all of which ope [..]A Custom Webstore have created my website on Squarespace and enabled developer mode. I need to make a more versatile web form for our store page. I would like a few options that vary in price and category. We build c [..]project closed [..]Picturebox comparison need code in C# that will loop though either all the picturebox controls on a form or an array of pictureboxes and compare them to a single picturebox to determine if any of the existing ones are a [..]web page replication need a way for our affiliates to be able to do the following: 1. Replicate lead capture pages and other marketing pages that we create for them. 2. Add their own autoresponder list codes, suc [..]