Rent a coder - Programming and design services Plus - Car Accessories in Dubai Plus is Largest importers, stockist and re-exporters of automobile spare parts dealing with Japanese, Korean and American Spare parts. Our main product line is Engine and Body parts and we have o [..]CAD for lung cancer detection am studying Computer Information Systems and I want to da A CAD system for detecting lung cancer. The codes will be in Matlab. I have found image database on internet and trying to write the codes [..]d3 angularjs javascript control a generic angular js directive for a visualisation, as shown, for example, in the 'Political Influence' example on d3 examples page at - Mousing ov [..]Animation - Video'm looking for a coder to develop a animation of diferent equipments operating as the example on the video on this link. in total I need 10 video animaions no longer than 1:30 minutes to be used as a [..]Clean and Edit Flat file Database need a programmer who can program for the Windows Platform to clean and edit a proprietary flat file database. We need to delete specific folders in a folder structure and edit the text files that [..]PubliAutos I'm starting a company that will sell advertising cars for sale I need a website for my company created that have an online application. It must be done in and C # I want my clien [..]Finishing & Partnership with Netherlands Based Company Members, We are standing at the very edge of launching an EU-based internet company which is providing the full variety of services. As previously stated: Our website is nearly completed --> S [..]Add Canon DSLR camera SDK code to exsisting C# photobooth program USA ONLY project is for updating and fixing and existing photobooth program. basically this program tells a camera to take 4 photos, print them out and then repeat all over again for the next user. ht [..]Simple Network Optimizer (Compress/Decompress Network Traffic) I will only require the code and not a application, as I have developed the application myself and want to integrate the code done by you into my application. In other words the GUI is not nece [..]Online browser based kids book platform, with text read while highlighting, and other features need someone to build an online book publishing platform. The object of this job is to build a platform where we can build books responsive, full screen, transitions to choose from (flip, slide.. [..]Filemaker Database require a custom built Filemaker database to manage products and pricing information. We have a partially created one but it needs to be partially redesigned. [..]ecommerce website to build a website selling used industrial parts and components inventory initially 10000 items need unlimited easy bulk inventory listing tool similar site idea similar as ebay but not aucti [..] simple PHP example on how to get info from API to cutsom webpage I need a working example on how to get info from to my own custom web page using API. POST AN GET from API must be in example. You need a account at but [..]Simple form to list link with picture on website need a form page to list new article links on my website I will be posting these links from my iphone, so IOS compatibility is a must. It must post to a specified file that I w [..]QUICK: Set up payment button for me! are 3 quantity options in the drop down menu of my website: When the customer clicks on the button "Send My Order", I want it to go to 1 of 3 links depending on [..]New Webpage needed for existing website summary; 1. Create a webpage on (right now it redirects), in which users can view hydraulic specification data on various carriers and brands. This data should be dynamical [..]Live motion game app developed have an idea to create a shadow boxing app that can mimic the motion of the viewer to a character in the game. This is a game for fitness purposes. The Mike Tyson Punch Out, if you will, for the fit [..]Small C project [..]smart home monitoring using arduino intel galileo ... I need smart phone application for smart home monitoring system using arduino Intel Galileo board and this system can control devices . In future I need more projects in this area ... any on [..]Object Oriented Programming have two projects that require coding in VISIO. Nothing complicated, something simple so I can review and learn from. 5 Small coding projects in all. See attached. [..]Educational geography app for Android of all I need to stay that this should be a very easy app to write for a person with experience in Android programming. I need a geography educational android app. It has to display a map of [..]Grade book C++ | Environment Visual Studio win 32 console application An instructor has finished teaching a course and is asking for your help to analyze the grades of the students. The instructor has recorded in a file the following [..]Working Polar Transformation Code in Delphi sister is working on her final paper in university about iris recognition and one of the proses is the polar transformation which converts a circular/round image to a square one . That's the one th [..].Net Developer NEEDED! are looking for a .NET, MSSQL and Javascript developer to work full-time on a temp – to perm basis or as a permanent employee. Job Requirements: • 5+ years of experience as a programmer worki [..]Unique advertising script has errors and a new site needs additions. ad site is unique and a part of the list mailer is showing errors. the mails are going out but this notice needs to be fixed. I also have a concept viral fader, that is not working and needs [..]