Rent a coder - Programming and design services project scheduling software are a steadily growing construction company looking to develop a Windows application to replace our existing Excel-based scheduling software. I am the owner as well as the in-house programmer who w [..]C# Desktop Application, I have this c# project desktop application called enquiry managment system i need some modifications in it.The primary reason for the software is the track enquiries. When I launch the sof [..]new website for new legal services provider. Similar content and approach as per [..]Urgent Need clone need a website like Please Study the site Features and get to me with a proper SOW and budget ASAP. [..]Web service to insert data collected in a WPF app in to an Azure SQL database, I have a WPF c# desktop application which is monitoring tests (a few analog inputs versus time). Once each test is completed the data is saved locally to an SQL express database. The scope [..]TThreadedActionHandler am looking for someone finishing the attached example/skeleton. I usually use TAction Mechanism to implement my stuff. But for long running actions I would like to have a handy mechanism to move [..]A Windows mobile visual Studio 2012 project A Windows mobile visual Studio 2012 project: written in visual basic language only. 2- For learning, as simple as possible and every code line "ALL THE LINES" coupled with explanation for learning [..]Build a Website Clone Like webpyramindgroup.com want a website like Kindly Study the site Features and get to me with a proper SOW and budget ASAP. [..]Windows hooks would like some example code writing which we can then integrate into an application we have. It is to be written in c++ and on windows. We want a method of grabbing telephone numbers from any a [..]Voice recording application for iPhone need iOS app. User will open html page, clicks URL link, and application will be load. User will play audio and record own voice. When recording will ready, user save it, and html page will show mp3 [..]Create a Web Spider are looking for the creation of a web crawler/spider for multiple website and create an associated database to be able to query the web site content through our own database. [..]Sms message from webpage as fast as normal text message need code that is compatible with my html webpage that can send a text message and have the receiver receive it as fast as a normal text message through the webpage. I also need, if possible a heade [..]"Find Me" App Prototype a user opens the app they will see a find me button with a map (google map). When they tap the Find me button, their location becomes visible on the map. Another user that has downloaded the app [..]Scrape Website Data into Excel, I want to scrape point by point tennis scores for specific matches from into the format set out in the attached workbook. I have used the following match as the exam [..]Wolf have a set of 4 API that need to be made into a single embed code. [..]make iphone app like idownloader with some extra addons i want a iphone app like idownloader with music player , zip extractor and changeable bookmarks on home page etc [..]Custom Bookmark Video Tube Development are looking for a programmer/developer to take a new responsive designed pages recently completed by our designer for the backend work. Including dedicated MySQL database. Must have 3+ years experi [..]WordPress Custom Theme development want someone who is well at creating wordpress theme from scratch. I need someone who can integrate the customizer options and option framework for theme option panel. I have one ongoing project whi [..]Wordpress design, I have a stock exchange investment oriented Blog: This blog is designed with WordPress and I’m posting articles several times per month. The objective of the pro [..]Web Scrapper needed mean stack developer with Experience (3-5 years in back end) in any open source scrapping tool/ self designed tools. Python, big data, mysql, mongo db, node js, with past experience in back end. [..]Application are looking for an application which will work on any gadgets. Application will have authentication, open master excel files within application file, file selection based on parameters, allow us [..]Code app [..]color chart task is to write a command-line application to generate some of these test patterns. In the simplest case this program will produce a colour ramp starting with one colour on one side of the displa [..]Medical-Fitness App need develop a native app for iOS and Android it has 4 functionalities for patients users like: -Login - Authenticate - Register -Appointments - Cancel and Confirm -Recomedations of Doctors to [..]Erasing data from a lost window mobile phone am in need of professional help for the erasing the data from my windows phone or locking the phone completely. I have tried using the microsoft website for the same but it has not been of any use [..]Need a hybrid mobile app based on NFC and biometric a mobile app which works on hybrid platforms and is based on NFC scanning and biometric. Different transactions are recorded once the swipe is done. [..]Need to make local copy of Databases from Server ADMIN is not available and I need someone to back up some databases urgently so I can download locally. They are MYSQL. They are on a virtual container. [..]Chrome or Firefox extension an extension that replaces all images, text, background (or maybe just all divs??) with images that I supply. Some will be animated gifs some will be jpgs/pngs. [..]api integration'm looking for a Co-founder to build an online marketplace and integrate this API into the platform. [..]PhotoBooth software, I'm looking for custom Photo booth software, has to be similar to Mirror me Booth software: Has to control a Canon DSLR camera, and place the images on a templat [..]create a registration web page + jquery + codeignitor: see attached file [..]excel project for Euro 2016, office sweepstake is an excel spreadsheet. A person can pick a football result If the have the correct score they get 5 points If they get the correct result such as choosing the correct team to win or a d [..]Website adjustments and new functionalities holiday rental site that I manage is currently redesigned using pre-made modules in PHP. I am looking for a developer/team to add some functionalities. I am looking for a well experienced PHP devel [..]javascript: add additional flowplayer-video-players with a specific setting. guys, I need additional flowplayer-videoplayers on a site with a specific setting. These players have to run simultaneously. This is the example [..]Behavioral Economics- Qualtrics based expiriment need help particularly in the questionnaire website qualtrics. we would like to use the website's format to perform the experiment. we need help with javascript commands that will carry informatio [..]Website to be developed (Social Networking platform), I need an experienced web developer to produce a website that can: - Register User based on their email (user credential being: Email address and Password) - A profile page for each regi [..]KNOW HOW TO SET UP LEADPAGES QUICKLY? SEEKING GRAPHIC DESIGNER/PROGRAMMER ASAP Do you know Leadpages well? Have you set up Leadpages for top experts in health and fitness and/or Internet marketers? And are you a fast, amiable, accurate programmer or graphic designer? [..]Price increasement per purchase on webstore would like that each purchase of an item increases itself in price with a adjustable amount. Let's say a customer buys a t-shirt, he buys it for original price of $10.00. After purchase is done, [..]Finalize pdf with design for myweboracle.com pdf with design for - Expand background on top for 50 pixels - Move the title up for 50 pixels - Make a second version of the title in English (Oracle) in the same style [..] write compression and de-compression programs for the following file write compression and de-compression programs for the following file chr1.phastCons60way.wigFix.gz from directory (small characters, the link is long) [..]Copy specific text from several .txt files into excel, I have hundreds of files such as the .txt files attached which very often I need to copy into excel to prepare some graphs. The problems I have are: 1.- I cannot import into excel because I [..]Cloud based human resource and payroll management system are a base requirement for the human resource and payroll management software. It is a web application User-friendly interfaces for your payroll management It is customizable World wide acc [..]fix a wordpress login problem site was hacked and now I cannot log in. The site works. [..]E-learning platform platform, with video and exercises for a business consulting firm. The structure is: Lesson 1: intriduction, video, exercises, verification And so on.. The design has to be similar to w [..]Needing a squeeze page create attach w/ information page"m an realtor & I want a squeeze page: What is my home worth. Example: (I want it identical w/ removing the Trulia symb [..]php website in need of security specialist all, I need a coder to help me add security to my website, and help me finish it! I'm using mostly PHP, some HTML, and CSS with a MySQL database. The site is a health care platform. Le [..]funny sentence generator would like a program that generates funny sentences that make sense when run it would generate sentence and place it in a text file called fun.txt and then close. The sentences could be considered [..]sentiment analysis are seeking a machine learning sentiment analysis engine. We input a list of keywords, the list is returned categorized as "Know" "Go" "Do" or "Buy" in accordance with Google's moments framework. [..] Move MUSE generated HTML to a new .net MVC default application have generated a layout in Adobe MUSE and published it on I also have an empty mvc project "right out of the box" automatgenerated with login-function [..]ClickBank API: API Wrapper (Ruby) an API for click bank that will download my campaign statistics in Ruby. Report in JSON [..]