Rent a coder - Programming and design services of Wordpress Plugin (Participants Database) to Change DB Query plugin URL: Summary: Need to update plugin such that when using shortcode [pdb_single] we query the user by private_id database fiel [..]Automatic Digital Currency Arbitrage Bot/Scrypt want to have a digital currency arbitrage bot that can detect price discrepancies across digital currency pairs within an online exchange. I have several currency pairs in mind. The arbitrage bot mu [..]MP4 Dash Encoding Batch Script or Console App (C#) a script or console app, leveraging other programs, to encode a video into the following: h264 encoded video at original resolution as well as potentially lower resolutions 1080p, 720p, 480p [..]Have you ever written Android code? Participate in our study! invite you to participate in a University of Maryland/Leibniz University Hannover/Saarland University study about Android programming. If you've ever written an Android app -- for a class, professi [..]Candidate data scrape from LinkedIn are a career service for undergraduates. For the last 6 years we have run an event for law undergraduates. ~1100 undergraduates have attended the event and we would like to know what they have now [..]MYSQL Model To complete this assignment, you will need both MySQL Workbench and a local installation of MySQL Server. Both are available for free download at under the [..]My SQL workbench and Server 5: Week 5 - W5 Assignment 2 Dropbox Assignment Assignment 2: Dropbox Assignment Entity-Relationship Model To complete this assignment, you will need both [..]Adult auction writing user, We are looking for writers for our new adult auction website. You will need to create short (30 – 50 words) write ups of daily auctions. We will pay $0.02/word at startup, then we'll i [..]property rental site, maintenance and development website is the next version of It has been developed using PHP modules from This site needs a number of layout adjustments: viewing o [..]Property Management System (Desktop App) We are looking for someone to develop for us a property management system. Here below is a description of the project: PROJECT DESCRIPTION This Property Management System will reserve, track [..]interactive teaching application app made in ios and in Android to enable retention of information. Think of interactive flashcards reminding u to answer a few questions based on a schedule you chose or someone dictated. Keep sta [..]Microstock with Instagram API, I’m searching for someone who can help me to create a back-end & front-end machine for a microstock site like „“ incl. API to instagram incl. comment function as import the [..]magento owebia shipping and Inproper Integration- Invalid Amount for my magento store [..]CSGO bot Trading Website Needed need to create a website that allows users to instantly trade their CSGO items with bots. The site will allow users to choose from two options, to upgrade their item or downgrade it. The upgrade opt [..]Who Has Beds a website designed that can do profile listing and a search engine with payment option like PayPal, visa, MC etc [..]Make a column sticky, I need to have someone code a "sidebar" column as sticky for me. A very simple task, but just past my ability. I am coding it into a template for a client. [..]professional logo will come later [..]Social Networking Site Template, I am looking to create a Social networking site comparable to Facebook using a template. [..]C# .net engineer needed offer: - Independent work and space for your own ideas in a dynamic and creative team with demanding projects - A pleasant working atmosphere - Exciting and varied tasks, in which responsibility [..]Develop a custom website for a new event planner website specification will be given with a Signed NDA Scope of Work: 1. Code Pages per specification 2. Make API calls as need per an API specification 3. Website to be deployed to Linux server [..]Reverse Engineer an open source app for Roomie Remote TCP driver have a few TVs that I would like to control via IP. Roomie does not officially support them, but there are open source apps that offer full control. I need one of these apps reverse engineered, a [..]Drawing/Sketches/Renditions of house for sale - Want to show what it would look like if transformed into a business have a property for sale that can be transformed from a residential home to a business. This is currently a single family home, on a very busy street. I am seeking to market it to a commercial inv [..]rotating banner - javascript a simple javascript that allows for a rotating banner installed on an existing site. [..]Casino Gaming Analysis Web Application am looking for someone to code an application using PHP and MySQL to analyze certain casino game outcomes for a group of professional players. All code should be documented. I already have a speci [..]Baccarat Analysis Subscription Service ( Partnership Option ) am launching a subscription based service which will be marketed to a professional gamblers who are accustomed to paying for tools to increase their winnings. I am open to developers who wish to ei [..]