Rent a coder - Programming and design services | A website for betting Counter Strike: Global Offensive skins on a wheel of fortune. concept is simple, and is taken from sites like,, and so forth. You basically provide a bot with CS:GO Skins that have a certain value, and the bot the [..]c# Mobile Facebook/Google/Linkedin/OAuth/Local autentication used to access to reserved web server pages/methods need a sample project that must contain: - a c# windows phone 8.1 application that authenticate user to Facebook/Google/Linkedin/OAuth/Local - a web site, based on standard visualstudio 2013 templ [..]NIKE ADD TO CART APPLICATION Programmers; we are a premier shopping service that for many years have worked the brick and mortar stores to be able to acquire new / first in stock and limited edition products. We now wan [..]Design the new front page of our interior design website are looking for an exceptional designer to create the new front page of our website. The works is only for one page, the front page. About Us Ann Kers├źn, Complement of Space. Visionary a [..]cpp algorithm program in document [..]cpp algorithm program in document [..]site design for site design [..]3d Human Body Scanner with Kinect for Windows 3d Scanner System that scans the Human Bodies in front of 1 single Kinect Cam, then process the raw point clouds as transformer the coarse 3d-depth data into polygonal (preferably Triangulation) Mes [..]New Website needed a Bespoke website for wealth management/property business with Content Management System which can have - - Up to 6 custom designed pages including galleries, rotating images, embedded video [..]Amazon api Listing checker! We are looking to commission a script which will use Amazon MWS credentials to interface with the Amazon API to check multiple listings Given a spreadsheet with one of any of the following Piec [..]B R A N D I N G A N D M A R K E T I N G P R O P O S A L Overview I require the development of a brand and identity for my start up Property Investment company. The brand is to be positioned as a modern, contemporary and friendly. Development [..]Full Stack engineer who is NOT afraid of Firmware, DD-WRT and routers to build something that has never been built before? We are looking for an engineering Jedi who appreciates a good challenge! We are building a new way to communicate with people via WiFi. [..]Phone Application developer needed for IOS and Android. Jimrock will be carried out in ideally in London - I am looking for a designer and a coder to build an application for people who are into health. you will be required to maintain skills to do an app [..]Job for you If you're Expert developer using : C#/ASP.NET MVC, SQL, Java/JSP, C++, PHP, HTMLCSS, JavaScript, Dreamweaver, Netbeans, Tomcat, VisualStudio etc. TITLE: Job for you If you're Expert developer using : C#/ASP.NET MVC, SQL, Java/JSP, C++, PHP, HTMLCSS, JavaScript, Dreamweaver, Netbeans, Tomcat, VisualStudio etc. JOB DESCRIPTION: hours/week [..]receive and send whatsapp messages through computer there, I am looking into having a system that will receive and send whatsapp messages through my computer. The following is what I would like the system to do: 1. If a new number that is not [..]Fantasy sports optimizer needed want a website or app that uses predictions and math to optimize fantasy sport lineups. I have a few variations id like to add beyond standard optimizers. Preferbaly an app but also open to a websit [..]Email Source Security- Creating a spam filter source security Subject Area and Background: Emails can be used to trick readers into responding to a fraudulent request, perhaps from a bank, to attempt to gather users' login data.Such phishi [..]need an ecommerce extension or plug-in that enables me to buy products like iphones from custoners am trying to create an extension or plug in that will allow users to download or install extension or plug in and be able to buy products from people through their website. The final result would al [..]Electronic Medical Records Application am searching for a programmer to develop an Electronic Medical Records software that can be used by medical hospitals and clinics for the end-to-end doctor/patient life-cycle. Key functionality to b [..]wordpress subscription, map plotting, and form plugin form to be filled out by website users which results in them being registered as a subscriber to the site per Wordpress In addition to the form asking for a username and password, it asks them fo [..]UML - Context diagram, systems level DFD, third level DFD is a past exam paper question that I'd like a solution to. I find UML to be quite difficult in that there seems to be a lot of different interpretations and it's hard to verify any one of them (i [..]Website Help Needed - Home Page Not Loading Properly in Firefox or Safari When Accessing it from Back Button, I have done some recent work for a company building a new from scratch website and designing it for them. Up until a week or two ago, everything seemed to be running fine with the website. R [..]Frontend Coder needed there! We're looking for a frontend coder that will help us build numerous websites. We have detailed briefing documents and existing websites as examples or working basis. We don't need design ta [..]Web for Podcast from Madrid, Spain. My name is Jose. I need your help to develop a web for uploading podcast form anywhere and any user, very easy to mange for users and for the administrator, easy to searc [..]Implementing an SSLv3 Handshake need help implementing an SSLv3 Handshake in Python. In short, I got the Client Hello packet to work and the Server Hello packet sending. But despite reading the RFC and multiple document I do not u [..]