Rent a coder - Programming and design services portal am looking a coder who has the skills to build a website portal in HTML 5. For personals portal. With a data base for profiles. In PHP and MySQL. I will reward you well, time for proje [..]website transfer I just transfer all the content on the site on wordpress platform. Once this is done, the new site will have a professional style, essential, with link [..]Easy website for ebook e-commerce need a simple website to sell my ebook. The project is to give a part of this ebook - through a squeeze page - who will leave his address email.Questo will be automatically stored in a database th [..]Cleanup up of Wordpress template'm hoping to clean up and implement some small tweaks on a Wordpress blog I have. Basically changing the sidebar a bit as well as a few other small items. [..]Need Appdirect Java wrapper developed for my web application have a java web application which I need to integrate with Appdirect APIs. First I need my web app to authenticate users using Appdirect as openid provider. I also need REST APIs developed for the v [..]Review site development a review site like google and yelp with these features added I found these two themes, they may or may not be suitable as a starting point, social engine & also has a yelp l [..]Recruitment System are using CATS ( But would like some modifications to the system. (PHP, MySQL based) We would like another TAB, for CBI. (Compentcy Based Interview) Basically we h [..]Tellesales System, We have been using a system called While it fully meet our requirements, the monthly costs are just to prohibitive for our company's two clients we use. We decided to get ou [..]Dezvoltare si administrare Sophia Concept urgent specialista CS Cart pentru administrare si dezvoltare platforma Sophia Concept (removed). Primul pas consta in realizarea site-ului Sophia Franta. Mai multe detalii se pot obtine la nr d [..]Old text based game needs fixing/upgrading have an old text based mmorpg that is from around 2005, idk if its been upgraded any since then, but its old :P I want the layout fixed its buggy,old and not very good to look at. There are projec [..]Responsive Slicing HTML5 - CSS, I need this design to be sliced . The output should be Responsive -Full screen(No Scrolling) on PCs , Tablets (7" and 10"). I need the Note pad in a separate div - All other images should be butto [..]Wordpress Plugin Creation - PHP - sales funnel There, Looking for an experienced coder to create a wordpress plugin that will automate the creation of a 3 product sales funnel. The plugin must be able to create lead capture pages, sa [..]New Professional Networking Website website (name to be confirmed) is a professional networking tool tailored to the art industry. This is expected to be a very long project, with features developed in phases. Basic features; [..]New Professional Networking Website website (name to be confirmed) is a professional networking tool tailored to the art industry. This is expected to be a very long project, with features developed in phases. Basic features; [..]Very Interactive Map'm looking for a Boston-based coder/web developer to create a very interactive map that's very similar to these: [..]WEB SITE PORTAL for Recruitfreshers I am looking for DEVELOPERS who can build me WEBSITE / PORTAL The USER INTERFACE and User Usability should be matching Naukri and Monster please, No compromise on the UI and UU. Home page requir [..]MT4 Forex Trade Copier for someone who can help in creating a forex trade copier EA to send trading signals from Master EA to Slave EA over the internet. More details are available if you are interested in this job. [..]Play to get paid ! will require to play and win 200 points in a website. You will be given a username and password. You won't need to spend a penny. Playable chips will be provided by us. The game is very sim [..]Need A Programmer To Develop a 100% Proof Of Stake Crypto Coin a m looking for someone to develop a digital coin - 100% proof of stake no mining I need the wallets developed and ability to send coins to wallets I also need consultation on developing a web [..]Hosting Project'm starting a hosting project for minecraft servers, I have purchased 2 servers in 2 prime locations, I'm looking for someone to develop an automated system that creates a server (Minecraft) off of t [..]Simple eMail would like a program that will populate To CC BCC and Subject C# 2012 from the program and then enter body text fields and data for each field; example: All fields can be populated from within th [..]Need a skillful Windows/Network programmer need to develop an application that interacts with network packets as they arrive to the host, and allows access control based on MAC / Computer name. [..]Offloading task to GPU, I would like my software to use GPU to render the waveforms instead of CPU so that i can improve CPU usage. [..]Debug web project have a project which has been created by de-compiling some .DLL files. It was created by somebody else and not finished. There are some build errors which I'd like to get resolved so that I [..]ArmA 3 Coders for server me/us: I am the owner of a gaming community, that plays primarily Arma 3 Altis Life. We are looking for a coder/scripter that would be able to implement new features to our mission file. You [..]