Rent a coder - Programming and design services cipher c++ a script in ( C++) that is an implementation of a version of the Vigenere cipher for English text. The script should distinguish lowercase and uppercase letters (i.e., the encryption key and [..]Need to parse multiple input files and save in HDF5 format am updating an old FORTRAN code and organizing the datasets others have generated in the past. The FORTRAN code reads in several related ASCII input files generates the answers and saves the data in [..]New website all, It is my pleasure to write to you for the first time, my name is Sayed Darwish, I am from Egypt. ? My main goals are: 1- I would like from you to build a web site that I display my master [..]Billing management system Pub in JavaFX personalised login systems, with 2-3 hierarchy levels, order management, several file import and export features and some more things. [..]Taxi ios/android application just like uber without credit card system. [..]PickupLiquor website that sells alchoal and beverage tab on the side with all diffect alochals wine whiskey vodka etc with the first page showing promotion deals live chat screen contact us page Available [..]A website for Japanese food order Sir / Madam, I am looking for an expert to develop a website similar to this one: [..]VMWARE VSphere Integration with Web Portal -Automation + DRM Solution Experience (Front End) 1. User logs in to 2. He logs in with a username password 3. Portal has two sub-menus a. Courses b. Lab 4. He clicks on the “lab” button. a. He see [..]Multiple Webpage Scrapping have a list of 4200 Hedge funds, I need to put together a database of there email addresses, phone numbers and contact individual so that I can market to them. I am looking for a script that can be [..]Premiumpress Directory Theme Search Function Customisation use the premiumpress directory theme and need the search function customised to improve search results and to also pull in information from other plugins used on the site. It may involve using ano [..]Rush Job for Graphic Designer needed to create Lead Page & Memes Job for Graphic Designer needed to create Lead Page & Memes Please respond with: -Name -Contact number -Email -Website/ work samples Compensation: TBD [..]Cirvos Website need to add a search function on our website - using an API - that pulls information from another website's database, and displays it neatly on ours. The website is currently being rebuilt using wo [..]Xbox Live Stealth Server project is for getting your Jtag/RGH Xbox 360 to connect to Xbox Live. You will need to code all the files and the server so I am able to manage the server; such as adding clients; called a Pan [..]wordpress website update and repair have a website that was built for me in wordpress. I had a friend try to work on it and now none of the links work. I need some updates done and the website fixed. [..]Producer-Consumer using Pthreads have attached word file about my project. [..]Functional eCommerce App (Prototype) for TV & Mobile, we have following requirements for our ongoing eCommerce project and would like to build a functional/ working prototype before we place an order for full scale project work. This request for bid [..]Java Project The edge cost between neighboring blue and green vertex is 10. The edge cost between neighboring blue and red vertex is 5 The edge cost between neighboring red and green vertex is 15 Writ [..]New App Needed am looking for an app that will utilise aspects of the iphone such as phonebook, text and GPS. The app must be able to open from the lock screen (as a widget) and expand in the same way that a text [..]SUBSCRIPTION MANAGER (SMS) ARE LOOKING A CODER TO DEVELOP SMS BASED SUBSCRIPTION MANAGER ,SIMPLE MO /MT BASED , DAILY CHARGING, DAILY CONTENT DELIVERY [..]styx messenger's a proprietary cross-platform encrypted instant messaging client for smart phones that uses Internet to sent text messages, documents like PDF files, GIF images, videos, users location and also au [..]Small School Racket LAB a programmer who is capable of using racket for a small group project, In the attachment you will find a pdf with more explanation. [..]Have issues with a file and need help fixing issues with a file and need help fixing. This will probably be an easy quick job for someone who knows VB.Net. I am getting an error in this code when it goes to write the htm file [..]Website New website: Similar to that of but for a different product. I can supply the content and I will need to be able to easily put up new sales to show potential customers. Th [..]Web App Coder needed looking for a app coder who can help code the game im trying to make..i am needing you to use Character hub since those are the sprites were gonna be using [..]Python scripts help with python scripts (5) to modify, extract, move and/or eliminate certain information from multiple Excel files (or in one case, for Excel and Word files). They should merge, organize, corre [..]New valet POS web application needed for a school project, I'm a honor MIS (Management Information System) student working on a POS Valet web application project. I need help on developing this responsive web application using HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, MySQ [..]looking to setup a website for new startup IT company a basic website for a startup in new York . Please contact for more details. [..]RPG Fantasy Age am in need of a coder who can help code a game i am making with a few other people. the coder needs to use Game Maker from steam The moeny payment does not come from me it comes from the players/us [..]mangement of risk _____________________________________________________________________________________ Write a paper which analyses risks associated with the structure of organisations and/or their partnership [..]weijf [..]Re-host an existing website on a free web-host have a website which was created in ModX a couple of years ago. All the files are located in the link below. I want to have the website re-hosted on a free domain- or similar. I [..]Python script - very urgent (revised and completed) 6 to 8 scripts to make modifications in excel files. Will provide full description later. First script For Excel files. 1. Separates certain terms from a particular column to a new column, a [..]Garrymod i am trying to find a good coder that knows how to code well for this steam game (Garrysmod) if you can help out we can talk of what needs to be done and see if you guys can do it thanks and hav [..]Stickcraft! Need Coders For This 2D Game! Using Unity! [..]MS Access Report Template want to build a shell to structure a report from a database export in .xls format. The report is visual with several charts that I would like to have customize-able formatting i.e line color, weigh [..]Object recognition, I want a software which can recognize hair on live video streaming? Can you do this and how much it will cost? B. Krastev [..]Braintree and Website integration a developer to configure braintree to accept subscriptions on my website. I already have a braintree account and braintree sandbox account registered. I'm looking for someone who has already do [..]Java Programming Skills Required everyone, I need assistance creating 2 java programs. The first program must be a simple game of Nim. Please see this link for more information on the game [..]FPDF script grabbing data from database and creating PDF files have a WooCommerce store where we need to create PDF files with the address of all users. Script should be stand alone PHP we can run trough cronjobs. File should only contain our logo in top [..] [..]New website & custom algorithm writing needed'm looking for someone to write custom code & algorithms for a new website, including ranking and filtering in rating info from a leading online shop. [..]mobile os coding need coders for develop software related mobile phone fixing (gsm coding) if any ne interested experts can contact with me on my email( and we sample project if can complet [..]Screen capture and color changes recognition I am looking for a program designed for personal use just to test an idea in the stock market. Attached is a picture of what my desktop screen would look like running different stock charts w [..]Scheduling problem to be solved you can use constraints programming [..]Conversion of qb45 code to C++ or C# small Quick Basic 4.5, to be converted to similar screen format and operation in C++, C# or visual basic, complete working source code supplied. the program produces receipts for small lotter [..]Call stats company currently uses for our voice calls, we are an outbound call centre and want statistics shown on screens in the building. Voipfone currently provide basic stats which can be [..]Syslog UDP port514 forward to HTTP post message small Application in Console C# ( windows) program will listning on Syslog messages port 515 and forward it to Http Post please check attached Example Message: ( Jpg) [..]VB to C# Converter (Software) I need a VB to C# Converter using Roslyn or something similar It needs to convert most VB code as well as comments pre-processor directives ect, but also allow the user to turn off comments needs [..]Interactive clock game. am looking to re-create this time-telling game in HTML 5 ( Currently it is in java that is blocked by many browsers. Essentially I want the user to b [..]ASP PAGE CHANGES an ASP page (no source code anymore) that has three section, header, middel and footer, and want to create new page with just middle section - this will be for about 2 or 3 pages [..]