Rent a coder - Programming and design services Bitcoin Miner VHDL - XILINX Bitcoin Miner VHDL - XILINX For this project: VHDL coded for a small Xilinx USB Chip with the SHA-256 Bitcoin protocol. Must work with new GetBlockTemplate and must have the controller m [..]Tor Shop need a simple marketplace of my own where I can post listings and sell my product with bitcoin as payment. It should be on a .onion domain and only accessible through the tor browser. Here is an exa [..]Custom Sublime Text Syntax Highlighting Project a Notepad++ syntax highlighting definition converted to a Sublime Text 3 syntax highlighting definition Specifics of the task are very simple for somebody that knows how to create sublime synt [..]Force autoredirecting sites based on IP to English. want to have sites like Google, Microsoft and such display in English regardless of my IP, without the use of a VPN or proxy. I use the Firefox Browser, so it should be at the very least compatible [..]Budgeting App want to create a budgeting app that I can use to teach young people to save. This application is a simple app allowing the User to create envelopes for different goals. It summarizes the amount ne [..]logo is the logo design and i am a fashion designer i also make fashion drawings , paisley and motifs [..]New Website with Prestashop (+theme) are looking for development of a new website with Prestashop (+theme) only templates and base not all the products. We also need someone available to help with making small updates and changes thro [..]Bartering service a php database driven website with the following tools: Calendar by year, month, day, and hourly block of time used to post availability,and to schedule services based on availability. Regist [..]C++ application developer for an expert-level C++ application developer. - Ubuntu - Nginx - C++ - Go - Oracle Developer will be required to help build a custom app which will run on a security server. C++ [..]Implement new template for existing Joomla website from psd layout, I need a proficient professional to assist with upgrading and existing joomla website. Graphic designer has already created the psd file (which is in my possession). We need the graphic cut [..] [..]New Android camera apk based on phone angle Take pictures Edit multiple photos down to pixel level Nice simple ui Should be relatively simple project, high demand if done properly.. let's talk [..][Web] Front-end web development of an internal platform for resource sharing to attached pdf for project details. Freelancer will have to come down to our office (Singapore) at least once a week for team meetings. [..][Web] Front-end web development of an internal platform for resource sharing to attachment. [..]Google Cloud SQL App Engine App example I need example code of connecting a google cloud SQL database through the app engine so that an android App can access the google cloud SQL DB and read and write to it. I need a simple example of [..]Building a searchable database there! I need to make a single webpage where you can type your postcode into a box and it shows you information about your area. I already have all the data clean and ready to go in an Excel [..]Check empleo need to create a webbased engine which receives a layout in .xlsx or similar many databases, process that information and reports in a different layout In the example attached you can see the firs [..]Just need source for a web crawler with a specific function. in whatever coding language you prefer, no preference as long as it's editable by me. I've got a huge list of an old archived website that I'm searching for some specific things in, however t [..] [..]Online application and processing need of a web developer to implement three functions for an existing project whose main focus is to handle online applications. Said functions will include creating a logistics page (e.g. assess nu [..]Google and Firefox Extension - Captcha Solver, I want a Google Chrome extension to be developed. The extension is an automated captcha solver or decoder which works by identifying the captcha image and captcha field then the extension will [..]Custom APIs Server and Custom Database you supply or provide: Custom APIs server with multiple end points and multiple clients. Build a database –including enabling or integration and configuration of APIs Search or extract the [..]iOs/Android App (Social Media/Event planning) to hire someone to develop prototype app with the following features.... Map event planning and searching(use heatmaps to show total activity in areas based on filters). Social media inter [..] Help us distribute our software through Software bundling/Torrent Web Marketting there we are looking for a team to help us spread our LEGAL software through bundling our windows client which is only 1MB with small applications which can be legally and freely downloaded eithe [..]Inventory Transfer Calculations via Excel have 6 Stores with inventory. I have the following data available for each location: 1. Store ID 2. Part# 3. Available Quantity 4. Pieces sold in the last 12 months 5. Pieces sold in the last [..]GSM data Receiver data Receiver (contactless EMV Skimmer sniff, read and clone all kind of cards [..]GSM data Receiver data Receiver (contactless EMV Skimmer sniff, read and clone all kind of cards, please message me for info email me for more info [..]Hiring models for research, we are scientific research and development company for fashion industry currently we are looking for some male and female models for research before you apply Please explain the functionalities [..]proof of concept - React-Native service + Firebase a mobile app using React Native which works on Android and iOS. The app should have a UI to authenticate with Firebase, but otherwise should run only as a background service. The app should b [..]Basic calendar Qt-QML require a basic calendar to capture consumer appointments for an existing application, although this project can be developed as a stand alone project. We require the calendar to support multip [..]FTP & SQL scripting required All. SCOPE: I need someone to write a few quick scripts for me as i dont have the time to do it myself right now. Create 3 scripts to do the following; 1) Create a powershell script to have [..]Coder needed for Project ID Generator Page Marketing Services Team at our company assigns unique project tracking ID numbers for assets they create. Presently, we do have a method for assigning the IDs, but it is not the most user-friendly [..]web [..]Windows 10 tablet display brightness (backlight) control fix are using Teclast X98 Plus II (Windows 10) tablets quite a lot, hundreds actually, and they work fine. We are always replacing the original Windows Home with Windows 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB (the n [..]develop a custom printing plugin / develop a wizard program off a lotto expert wheels to print my soccer bets directly on to slips use the attached soccer slips to bet on soccer matches. I use lotto wheels from to create soccer results permutations, I need a wizard program / custom printing plugin to be develope [..]Google Cloud SQL App Engine App example need example code of connecting a google cloud SQL database through the app engine so that an android App can access the google cloud SQL DB and read and write to it. I need a simple example of h [..]Pi3 magic mirror project am looking for someone to code a display that I can convert into a magic mirror. It should have local weather, Chicago Cubs and Bears news and standings on it, as well as maybe a general news feed. [..]Delphi mobile app for experienced Delphi programmers/mobile developers to post an app on the Google Play store and consult with us during the process. We need to understand what our options are in terms of stor [..]Little script for roulette site i need a little javascript for the roulette site The goal is that everytime a Green comes up, the script waits 9 rolls and then bet on the green for a customised amount Exe [..]New Website Needed : Platform am looking for development of a new website. a simple website with features like but only for finding people rather than job posting. Details will be explained over the call. [..]IDEC Programming need programming and specific instructions on how to integrate a touchscreen system into on onboard controller/drive. The system must have multiple levels of use with 5 levels of programming so the [..]PHP based SOAP service need a good PHP developer with knowledge of the PHP SoapClient to assists us in building a PHP based SOAP service [..]C# Maze a console-based C# program that implements the maze using objects. [..]Firebase Cloud Function, I am looking for someone to write one firebase cloud function for me. I need the function to be a https function. It should take a html string and create a PDF file and email the pdf file to a [..]Help needed for Tula stocking tomorrow!!! there! I'm looking for someone that can help create a bot for the Baby Tula stocking tomorrow! I know this is short notice but hoping someone can help! Willing to pay!!! Lets chat!! [..]Convert Java Application to xcode/swift have a xcode/swift project started with the majority of the GUI (ViewControllers) built and I need a swift coder to complete the project to my written specifications. Paymennt will be made upon veri [..]Sharepoint Intranet Site need a basic sharepoint site set up. With permissions set and a place for storing of files online using office365. I need a shared calendar on this site I need a documentation vault I nee [..][WORDPRESS] Buddypress integration with WP Crowdfunding plugin a seasoned Wordpress developer to create a smooth integration between Buddypress and WP Crowdfunding plugin. More details can be discussed once an NDA is signed. [..]New website needed am in need of a developer to take over the development of our website. We have started making this in Wordpress along with Themify, but I simply don't have the right knowledge to finish it in a pro [..]Logo Design to get a website up and running and require a logo - Very badly drawn idea attached, colour idea is [..]