Rent a coder - Programming and design services Attacker Attacker will be a Mozilla Firefox Plugin... This plugin / software will be specifically designed to click on banner ads running up the advertising bill through repeated clicking. This will make [..]Assigning auto generated GUID to a variable in offer link am promoting an afilliate offer online and the advertiser wants the GUID/IDFA info for every user who is interested in the offer. I have a Javascript code that auto generates GUID ( https://jsfiddle [..]Weekly ArchLinux Project earning potential on my weekly Archlinux coding jobs. Earn up to $1000 monthly. Bid for details [..]Xbox Live Stealth Server I need someone to code me a full xbox live stealth server. Needs to have kv life of at least 3-7 days. Msp Spoofing Call of duty bypasses Call of duty off-host Colored notifys You will b [..]Need someone to code me a Stealth Server for Xbox live like it to have: all cod bypasses off host menus colored notify and a menu on the xbox guide with options such as check time, and a token menu msp spoofing gta script bypass budget is no [..]Proposal for Peer-to-Peer video in Android, iOS and desktop. require a PROPOSAL for the development of a “video chat module” which will allow for live communication between 2 individuals across any device and platform. This will become an extension to o [..]Placement of virtual image ( rectangle) on Live video objective is to place 2d images on live video. User may choose to mark areas in the field (live video) where it is expected for the images to appear. This may include an initial marking /tr [..]1. Develop live news ticker and 2. Web Scraping leads into this news ticker Spec: Dear Sir, dear madam, I am looking for an expert to: A. develop a news ticker similar to this one: [..]Angular JS and web API (Senior Developer needed) Urgent Code review, I am developing two sample codes. 1. I need to display a json file in Angular JS (as simple as this). The file contains data like building names, addresses, rent costs 2. I have a ,net MVC we [..]Fantasy football line up generator Football Generator A tool that lets me generate multiple lineups so I can enter them online. This tool will feature a “control” player. A control player is a player that you are building [..]Complete form function have a form field with lots of checkboxes created. i need one submit button at the bottom to tie into paypal order form. the form field needs to update dynamically when certain amount of checkbo [..]Scraper needed to create mobile app webpage need someone who is an expert in scraping and linking data to webpage so it constantly refreshes and is able to send alerts to users [..]Create Dynamic Form in WordPress a form using or the like. Approximately 15 - 20 data fields. Questions are conditional and present different options based on the previous answer. Responses need to populate a [..]Typo3 - customize bootstrap template use a special typo3 template => For the redesign of our homepage we would like to customize the layout of this template. - On the startpage [..]E-Commerce Management Software software will be a multichannel management software for e-commerce companies: similar to m2e or sellbrite (allows for people to easily list their products onto multiple selling platforms automatic [..]Mobile App Design App development using GPS option for linking to local events worldwide. Users can submit events for verification and approval to be included in the database. Links to maps for directions. Also [..]Appointments control site need to develop a web site that has all the features you see on this site: please review it in detail before submitting proposals. Additionally I need to be add the fol [..]Enhancement in existing website built in PHP All, Need some enhance in look and feel of the website Website is coded in PHP, need additional feature of appointment. In second phase I want to go for [..]School work with .net MVC have some small school stuff I need to get done, I had a lot of personal issues over the summer so I couldn't give the class the focus it needed. It's should be easy for an experienced dev but it's [..]database linking work is needed There, I need a developer to get my website linked with database. It is short time work. If i like your skills i will work with you on other projects also. Thanks. [..]Convert Excel spreadsheets to a MySQL client has asked me to add a function to their website Joomla 3.6 website. He created a spreadsheet in excel which connect to files in two folders, one for PDF docs and the other for MP3 files. T [..]Add results lookup to Joomla site I need to be able to do is similar to what one finds on where one can look up a swimmers ID and then search for all their results or the results of all the events [..]Wordpress Category List am in need of a programmed category list added to a custom taxonomy page listing the categories and links that are related to that particular page. Example: Category A Link1 Link2 Cat [..]webcoding day I am in need of a coder to program my car website The website must allow people in my city to post and sell there car online to prospective buyers who visit the site and arrange a te [..](Android and iOS) App to find certain text within screen contents Freelancers, I wish to find a team to work with me on a new startup. The first feature of this app will be to able to find certain word from what is being displayed on the screen. Similar to [..]JOIN OUR TEAM - AVAILABLE POSITIONS I am seeking someone that is very sufficient in organizing and has prolific management attribute skills. While these are the traits we are looking for the individual to have: Being we are seekin [..]SIMPLE INVENTORY MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE FOR MAC & PC DEVELOPERS ONLY!! We're a small manufacturing company with one warehouse and need a simple inventory management system for both Mac and PC with multiple user log in, read/write capability. Grap [..]Automated Drop Shipping Program need a program/website for automated drop shipping from Amazon, Walmart, etc. to eBay. This program needs to be similar to If you could make a working copy of this site, that would [..]MATLAB Wireless Communications have sound knowledge in MATLAB, Wireless Communications and Signals and Systems Need to code in MATLAB from the already published paper Step 1: Compute the algorithm in page 530 of the atta [..]Field Service/Dispatch/CRM Web Development w/ Access Import for an experienced web developer that can integrate this project into Wordpress or create an entirely new website with back end admin CMS that allow our service company to track and maintain c [..]Biometrics in Healthcare are currently working on an initiative that would revolutionize the public health sector in the provision of qualitative Healthcare services by deploying a central EMR & HMIS software that will be [..]Clone of Ceckvist want full clone of check All gun [..]Game in C man projectile game ,throwing objects over obstacles . By Aug 17th [..]Create Classic ASP code for a Round Robin Sporting event a round robin tournament every team plays every other team. To read up on the algorithm you can review the following links If you could reproduce the functionality [..]Project closed closed [..]html5 based 3D rotation of an object (letter) with mouse UI know it is a cliche, but this is project really is easy if you know what you are doing. I would like to rotate a letter (or other object selected by hitting a key on the keyboard) and be able t [..]Page coding code 3 pages with buttons and then 1,000,001 will be a contest counter Will provide layered PSD files [..]Create a gaming platform am passionate gamer and i have a idea to create a gaming platform for age of empires. It has be built from ground zero and i can work with you for giving all the needed inputs. We need really experi [..]Basic CRUD PHP-MySql Android & iOS Apps to manage artists fans messages need a Basic CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) Android & iOS Apps, to manage artists fans messages: -Fans can register/login to Application with theirs facebook, email/password accounts (they c [..]Marquee planner, To design a marquee planner that can be adapted for different marquee companies. Has made an marquee planner I would like to make a sim [..]Development of game hack.'m looking for a good coder in which to trust. I am looking for an undetectable ESP/Aimbot/No recoil etc hack for a popular game called "Rust". If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, h [..]Language parser in Bison and Flex project is to implement a parser for the Elm programming language [1] using Bison [2] and Flex [3]. The syntax of the language is described in the documentation [4], and many examples can be fou [..]Virtual Assistant Needed! I am LB Brown owner of Advance Window Tinting. I want to Find a VA that knows sales / marketing. This Va will be taking incoming calls, educating the customers as well as booking appointments. [..]ios application for nanny-babysitter tracking need an ios application for - MOM will generate a to do list with daily plan. - Sitter will get this list from her screen and execute the steps in her application - MOM will check the steps if [..]Custom E-mail Signature Needed need someone that knows HTML code to create a custom Outlook for Mac 2011 and OWA e-mail signature for my business. It should include a table, images, and hyperlinks for some of the text and images. [..]CSS & JS tidy or site rebuild... started with a HTML5 template and have made a whole load of changes to our website over a period of 18 months. 1. I require a quote for someone to come is and tidy up the CSS/JS and get rid of a [..]Web form with user generated input and fields would like a script for a dynamic webform where the users enter items under certain categories. As the users enter the input, the script can be updated or after the user submits the form. It's for a [..]Design a new website want to highlight our pebble stone line and are looking to dedicate a complete new website to feature products with photos and description. We would like the website to be ready for viewing on mobi [..]MOBILE PHONE APPLICATION TO SUPPORT ANDRIOD, IOS, WINDOWS mobile application is need which will operate just like whatapps..... It will be free to users but paid to companies that will be having group or platform on the app. More details will be revealed [..]New Global Business app are a global company audio visual company which would like to create an application ( android / os ). What we would like is the following: 1. Corporate Directory - includes picture, contact deta [..]