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Reviews: 44. Rating: 8.98/10.00

Project: Little Excel VBA Tool

10/10 by Iceskull on 02/03/2017

”Good Work, answered all my questions, always stay in Contact and delivered fast!”

Project: Wordpress Plugin Modification

10/10 by nunooliveira12 on 14/02/2017

”Evaluation of 10 because it is not possible to evaluate more.From the first messages, trofimca, understood immediately what was requested.In the first delivery of the work and everything in operation.”

Project: Windows Modification

10/10 by Mj23 on 14/01/2017

”Even before starting he was ready to go with an good idea. After accepting the bid, he had a 10 minute video made for additional guidance. Quality work and goes the extra mile. Will gladly hire again!”

Project: Occupany calculator- MS Excel

8/10 by ofelix on 06/02/2017

”Very good work! trofimca stuck to the project and completed it even when it became clear that it was much more complex than he had initially thought. Thank you.”

Project: Extract data from website

10/10 by corina on 08/01/2017

”Best experiene had with this developer, fast delivery really amazed by his communication and also skills, he has great approach to clients .
Will definitly will work agian with him”

Project: Excel work 2

10/10 by corina on 08/01/2017

”Really amazed by his work and skills, I asked for some tasks and they were delivered before deadline, great communication and what most important trust,
awesome to work with ”

Project: create report for me

10/10 by corina on 08/01/2017

”Again with 10 + this coder really knows what he is doing, helped me with some tasks I needed for my job in so short time, high level english speaking and response ”

Project: Excel work 1

10/10 by corina on 08/01/2017

”Thank you for your work, awesome developer , helped me in very short time, and still working on rest of the task, really recommend him

Project: Java Project

8/10 by whitus007 on 01/11/2016

”The project was completed quickly and exactly as I had requested. Anton kept me well informed with constant emails. I look forward to doing business with him in the near future and for many years.”

Project: Website Migration

1/10 by telconstar99 on 13/05/2016

”Do not believe the resume, simple website was too hard. Immediately asked for more money. He failed to create a site that came close to the detailed specs. Simple instructions could not be followed.”

Project: Help with Google recaptcha

10/10 by starrt on 29/03/2016

”Anton delivered well within his estimated time frame. His communication was quick and efficient. Much appreciated for a job well done. ”


10/10 by CHRISTIAN1978 on 18/02/2016

”Are Great ! 100% Excelent!! He solve my problem so faster! I very happy with RENT A CODER and of course so much With TROFIMCA. Thanks a lot! Allways I will use this services”

Project: bingo generator

10/10 by aminkorea on 11/02/2016

”Excellent programmer with great communication and fast work. Will use again.”

Project: Complete page for table view

10/10 by PostCommander on 10/02/2016

”Trofimca completed my project in less than 24 hours and then worked with me to ensure everything was working perfectly!
I highly recommend him to help you with any project you may have! ”

Project: Software: Keyword Competitiveness Research Tool

10/10 by dsweet440 on 09/02/2016

”Wrote a program for me in excel. Great guy. Super fast work. Excellent communication. Easy to work with. Very patient. Will use him again next time I need software written. I highly recommend him.”

Project: Diamond Prices - Web Scraping

9/10 by JBDreamerie on 04/02/2016

”Quick, easy to work with, responsive. Provided specs, he executed. After checking, found a few issues with the final product, but was able to work with him to get an updated version. Will work again.”

Project: Extract data from CSV file

10/10 by eblank on 02/02/2016

” The work was completed quickly and accomplished all objectives.”

Project: Online Database

10/10 by gangstergeek on 08/06/2015

”Trofimca did a great job on my request and performed a lot of follow up with me answering questions to help with future maintenance. His efforts were helpful. I highly recommend his work.”

Project: PSD To HTML

1/10 by Premium1 on 26/01/2015

”POOR Service: Project was outlined with great detail and specific bullet points and certain things covered in conversation.
This was not done at all as more then 50% of outlined spec was not complete”

Project: theatre ticket sales for web site (without money transaction)

4/10 by Royka on 26/07/2015

”So here is the thing.
Anton was pretty nice. Did the job, everything worked. Got paid.
After two weeks, everything stopped working. ANTON DISAPPEARED.
Unreachable!! Don't recomend. Lost my money.”

Project: New Webpage needed for existing website

9/10 by Baumalight on 29/01/2015

”Fast work and good communication. Very pleased with the results.”

Project: Need a program that adds an asterisk before and on the end of a keywords

10/10 by ecm22 on 10/12/2014

”Excellent Job done. Finished by project within 24 hrs and was easy to work with. ”

Project: B 2 B New Web Design Needed

10/10 by BDHostClub on 27/12/2013

Project: Telephone - Address Finder

10/10 by domnicmifsud on 27/12/2013

Project: basic website needed

10/10 by dee on 27/12/2013

Project: WEBSITE front page with flash gallery/copy

10/10 by Niborobin on 27/12/2013

Project: Simple Jewellery site

8/10 by frontdis on 01/02/2012

”He knows what he was doing and gave his very best honest effort to help complete the project. ”

Project: advertising website needs improving

10/10 by adilmitha on 26/12/2013

Project: CMS Made Simple FE Users customization

10/10 by gstrambi on 26/12/2013

Project: Dating website

10/10 by formrater on 26/12/2013

Project: Estate Service 1

10/10 by real1 on 26/12/2013

Project: Caller Id FAKER

10/10 by jimbob on 26/12/2013

Project: transfr bing map to google map

10/10 by cyrusx7 on 26/12/2013


10/10 by dpeters1223 on 26/12/2013

Project: landing page for seo

10/10 by pds1st on 26/12/2013

Project: Topping and Tailing

10/10 by angusmack on 26/12/2013

Project: Simple Website - With Database

10/10 by jaymoore74 on 26/12/2013

Project: E commerce web design

10/10 by zaburat on 26/12/2013

Project: Online Cinema Website (Joomla)

1/10 by zaruc on 23/06/2011

”I do not recommend at all. The guy first took our job, even talked to us afterwards and agreed, and then suddenly he ''got busy'' for three weeks, and did not care about our agreement at all. In this way we lost both money and time, and he was not willing to cooperate or find any solutions. In my experience everybody should stay away from this guy.”

Review reply:
”As I mentioned that the project has been postponed : reason- sickness . This does not happening everyday ,and the project could be done already with a little patience . I'm really sorry about this ”

Project: Java swing application

10/10 by intrinsical on 23/06/2011

”Got the project done in less than 3 days. Absolutely outstanding and an excellent level of communication from the freelancer. 100% recommended and would definitely do business with again.”

Project: New Website

8/10 by olista on 01/05/2011

”Really smart guy with a good programming knowledge. I like y website very much.”

Project: Windows Server

10/10 by shade on 01/05/2011

”Got the job done VERY fast. Was available to communicate at all times during the project. I will definitely use again. Honest, dependable and talented.”

Project: Spell Creator GUI

10/10 by tetsio on 21/04/2011

”Fast, excellent and thoughtful service. Would recommend to anyone and would use again.”

Project: BW logic LLC

8/10 by unison28 on 21/04/2011

”Very smart and thorough. gets life to its site. Will always work with him. Quick, fast. ”

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