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Reviews: 44. Rating: 9.84/10.00

Project: Split PSD into wordpress template

10/10 by planorama on 11/01/2014

Project: Logo Design

10/10 by ericcatterson on 02/09/2013

”The coder provided a good service”

Project: Website overhaul

10/10 by Oliver-SiBee on 31/12/2013

Project: New e-commerce website needed

9/10 by meenu on 13/08/2013

”Zunaira was great. Everything that I asked for was done in good timing. Good communication and professional.”

Project: This is a final year university essay

10/10 by talha123 on 30/12/2013

Project: visual cues for social network analysis

10/10 by almassan on 29/12/2013

Project: Real Estate Website needed for Select Rentals

10/10 by X4Management on 27/12/2013

Project: Visual Basics

10/10 by peterghana on 22/04/2012

”OUTSTANDING PROFESSIONAL!!! Would definitely select Zunash for any future projects which need both attention to detail, and effiicient knowledge!! Thank you!!! A+”

Project: Agentpress2/Genesis site setup and theme tweaking/personalization

10/10 by andy on 26/12/2013


10/10 by Deuceey.com on 26/12/2013

Project: Fit, Firm and Fabulous.me

10/10 by kemi99 on 26/12/2013

Project: new web site needed

10/10 by louis on 26/12/2013

Project: HTML Do-Over

10/10 by msfeldman on 26/12/2013

Project: Articles Needed

10/10 by misterwebb on 26/12/2013

Project: Logo Design

10/10 by ausboots on 26/12/2013

Project: website design and coded

10/10 by georton on 26/12/2013

Project: Fit, Firm and Fabulous.me

10/10 by kemi99 on 26/12/2013

Project: SEO

10/10 by mblount on 26/12/2013

Project: Web 2.0 Landing Page

10/10 by smathieu on 26/12/2013

Project: SEO

10/10 by gkol on 26/12/2013

Project: cambric

10/10 by iayazca on 26/12/2013

Project: Social Media Optimization

10/10 by sgroves on 26/12/2013

Project: Twitter Support Article (SEO)

10/10 by sgroves on 26/12/2013

Project: Website design

10/10 by kinan on 26/12/2013

Project: Compile catalogue in pdf

10/10 by kinan on 26/12/2013

Project: Productive Life Marketing

10/10 by kemi99 on 17/08/2011

”Zunash has excellent delivery time of project. The creativity and talent demonstrated were outstanding. I will absolutely work with Zunash again for projects to come.”

Project: Wordpress Blog Maintenance

10/10 by mikey0717 on 20/08/2011

”Absolutely a pleasure to work with. Great communication, excellent knowledge and very punctual. Hope to work with in the future!”

Project: how to guide

8/10 by gamesandsport on 19/08/2011

”The job was well done and on time. Perfect communication! Top freelancer I warmly recommend him/her. Will use again.”

Project: logo

10/10 by louis on 10/08/2011

”Excellent service........highly recommended......very easy to work with! ”

Project: Need a site like this one

10/10 by nickknightly on 30/03/2011

”Great job, exactly what I asked for!”

Project: Logo design for new business

10/10 by agforsbr on 29/05/2011

”Very fast with the work. Quick and detailed responses to all questions. Definitely a successful partnership.”

Project: Photoshop/Flash Web Designer

10/10 by sean32 on 30/05/2011

”Zunaira did an excellent job on this project. Every detail that I requested zunaira was able to complete in a timely manner. I look forward to working with zunaira in the near future. ”

Project: Business cards design

10/10 by marso2604 on 05/05/2011

”Great work, very responsive, and work until the cards fit all of our desires. A+++”

Project: WP Facebook Twitter

10/10 by ocrealtor on 16/03/2011

”I can't say enough about how much Zunaira has helped me with my project. He responds in a timely manner and really works hard to give you what you want. I would definitely use him in the future”

Project: Trade

10/10 by egl on 12/04/2011

”He really did a good job, really pleased!”

Project: RSS feed help in wordpress

10/10 by 10gobzee on 30/03/2011

”She was quick, good and reliable. I would use her again and recommend anyone else to do the same.”

Project: Logo for a Bar

9/10 by catalinusa1 on 13/03/2011

”With good communications he can get whatever you need. Not so prompt whatsoever ;), definitely i will work again with him. ”

Project: RSS & Email signup side widget

10/10 by thestocksimpleton on 06/03/2011

”Zunash is top rate. She was able to quickly build my sidebar widgets to my specifications, and more. Her communication with me was very clear and professional. It made the whole process very easy. I would highly recommend her expertise for any up and coming blogger. She has a wealth of experience.”

Project: Wordpress Theme Modification

10/10 by recondo99 on 04/03/2011

”Outstanding work. Fast and responsive.”

Project: Emotional Intelligence

9/10 by linrob21 on 02/11/2010

”Great work”

Project: Spirit-Led Life

9/10 by linrob21 on 16/10/2010

”Great work”

Project: Overcoming Obstacles to Destin

9/10 by linrob21 on 16/10/2010

”Great work”

Project: Angels

10/10 by linrob21 on 08/10/2010

”Fantastic to deal with, work completed in a timely manner, went above and beyond what we asked.”

Project: Badge Tracking Database

10/10 by philhelb on 06/10/2010

”I had zunash create an MS Access database and it turned out just the way I hoped. I'd recommend and would have no problem using again.”

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