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Reviews: 22. Rating: 10.00/10.00

Project: Information System for a Shopping Centre

10/10 by Dimi on 03/05/2013

”Praveen was very helpful with everything. Communication 10/10 Quality of final product 10/10
He also met the deadline on time. Would definetly recommend! Overall 10/10”

Project: VoIP billing CDR based

10/10 by crt1972 on 30/12/2013

Project: logo needed

10/10 by adelesl on 26/03/2013

”Quick work and responsive to changes. Good ideas.”

Project: Online Absence booking system

10/10 by srehman on 29/12/2013

Project: Google maps store (Read/Write) marker to CSV or TXT

10/10 by Darren on 28/12/2013

Project: Website fix - php work

10/10 by oliver on 28/12/2013

Project: Fixing some problems on adrialines.com

10/10 by adrialines on 28/12/2013

Project: New ecommerce website needed

10/10 by unison28 on 28/12/2013

Project: MySQL to PDF with PHP

10/10 by quiba on 04/07/2012

”Quick work and understood what i wanted! Fast delivery and good work!
Good quality in the code and nice explanations what he did and how i use it.”

Project: Basic web project

10/10 by Ant12345 on 20/05/2012

”I found jspraveen extremely helpful with what needed to be done. Gave percise and informative updates on the progression of the project and completed it in a timely fashion.

Project: Update to Website

10/10 by jaymefford on 16/05/2012

”Very responsive and followed instructions to the letter. Will definately use him again if I have any other web coding needs.”

Project: SQL Store Procedure

10/10 by guzster on 26/12/2013


10/10 by ugo2011 on 26/12/2013

Project: single page website theme.

10/10 by neutronscott on 26/12/2013

Project: pass post variables to php database to update a payment to users account

10/10 by Rtnoww on 14/11/2011

”This person was extremely attentive and right on top of the work, as soon as the project was accepted. Finished the work in a very quick manner, and was very easy to talk to, understanding everything!”

Project: website reconstruction

10/10 by demetrisk on 26/12/2013

Project: Stock List

10/10 by everythingnovel on 26/12/2013

Project: ikumbuka

10/10 by nfiguera on 26/12/2013

Project: Finish Website

10/10 by bidgel on 26/12/2013

Project: Java App

10/10 by superlt09 on 26/12/2013

Project: Scrape Website

10/10 by leadpomp on 12/08/2011

”Reshaba did an excellent job. Did understand the job right away, asked the right questions before starting and was updating me thru the job. Good results and fast. I would recommend him and hire him again.”

Project: norton voting panel

10/10 by stevecarney on 25/04/2011

”Very quick and accurate work”

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