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Reviews: 31. Rating: 9.61/10.00

Project: modify from a template

10/10 by cqy908 on 02/11/2017

”Most talented and professional guy! Super fast on the project, accommodates to all requests. Replies to me back even at 4AM his local time. Strongly recommend and definitely will hire him again.”

Project: Small searchable database (real estate)

10/10 by SMorgan on 08/11/2017

”A great coder, who has built a fine and robust piece of software for my business. Quick to respond to changes, uses his own excellent opinion to fill the gap on any small issues. In constant contact and very reliable. I'd award him another project no problem. 10/10”

Project: New Website Needed

10/10 by I12B2017 on 13/10/2017

”Great Job so far... Got Website up and running with the right content...will be utilizing for Phase 2 next week.”

Project: Update website

10/10 by WEhub on 19/09/2017

”Very good and able coder
Would use again ”

Project: Looking to add a live chat feature to my website

10/10 by gymstogo on 17/06/2017

”Ok, I am four for four now with awarded projects with this coder and completely happy with his service!”

Project: Banner display on landing page for special promotions

10/10 by gymstogo on 17/06/2017

”This is the third job I have awarded him and once again delivered great results for me! He is my go to coder now.”

Project: C# MySQL BLOB reader

10/10 by jacobwilliam on 18/06/2017

”If you know exactly what you are looking for, this freelancer can help you to get job done, but if you don't know what you are looking and you need style and creativity then and he's really amazing...”

Project: Build a inventory management system for spare part shop

10/10 by jacobwilliam on 18/06/2017

”Again it was nice to work with them, Great freelancer. Everything as expected. Responsive and Communication was excellent, great professionalism. Will always hire in future. Highly recommended...”

Project: Build a Website

10/10 by jacobwilliam on 18/06/2017

”What a great job he has done for me! Initially we had few rounds of back and forth discussions on what I was looking for and then he got it and the end result was just amazing! Will hire him again...”

Project: UPS integration to Word Press website

10/10 by gymstogo on 17/06/2017

”I have used him prior to improve website speed and correct issues on my website and he was fantastic! I posted a few new bids and awarded him one of them first and he delivered as requested again!”

Project: homepage tag cloud in avada wordpress theme

10/10 by sophia on 16/06/2017

”Great communication. Flexible with my requests. Very quick, finished the project in under two hours. He's done 3 projects for me here and I can't really imagine how quick he is. Highly Recommended...”

Project: wordpress modifications

10/10 by sophia on 16/06/2017

”No other freelancer here works like him. He s proactive, super skilled and really kind, ready to go for extra miles, best communicator, professional attitude. I Highly Recommended. He's Amazing....”

Project: Speed Optimization of WordPress Website

10/10 by sophia on 16/06/2017

”I'm really happy to work with fayyazfayzi, He's really an amazing WP expert, he solved my problem in just a few minutes also secured the website.
He's exceptional with communication will work again.”

Project: New Website 5pages + contact form

10/10 by fred_perozzo on 09/06/2017

”It's a pleasure to work with Fayyazfayi. Excellent communication and delivery, great service. Very open and responsive to feedback. I'd work again with him without hesitation. I highly recommend him!”

Project: Wordpress website

10/10 by gymstogo on 18/05/2017

”Great experience, problem resolved in hours and was able to communicate effectively! My website is now loading at a top level speed and errors have been resolved! Thanks!! A+++”

Project: A Series of SQL Queries

10/10 by EnjoiFidelis on 07/04/2017

”Fayyazfayzi continually delivers high-quality work for me. He strives to excel and will communicate with you to ensure he is developing what you're actually wanting.”

Project: web structures

10/10 by soarhigh on 15/03/2017

”Tested and proven!
Not only he is expert with java but also html. He is approachable and very nice! He will answer all your questions and makes revisions right away if you ask for it! I'm impressed!!!”

Project: data structures - very short assignment

10/10 by soarhigh on 15/03/2017

”He is beyond my expectations! He finished my project with speed! Code is very neat and easy to follow along. He really did a good job! My instructions were vague but he came up with a perfect output! ”

Project: Shortest Path Problem

10/10 by EnjoiFidelis on 12/03/2017

”This developer has completed 4 projects for me thus far and has done fantastic on each and every one of them. He works hard and really seeks to exceed expectations. Highly recommend.”


10/10 by KatherineZv on 08/03/2017

”Very smart, knowledgeable, professional and fast! He fixed my web site in a few hours when it was 3 days project! If you are looking for a computer genius-HE IS THE ONE! Very happy and satisfied! Thx”

Project: A Shortest Tour Dijkstra Problem

10/10 by EnjoiFidelis on 07/03/2017

”I can't say this more sincerely: This guy will get the job done and quickly. He cares so much about it being done correctly and his communication is superb.”

Project: An All Pairs Shortest Path Problem

10/10 by EnjoiFidelis on 07/03/2017

”This developer accomplished this task very quickly and efficiently. He definitely works hard and will communicate with you every step of the way. I highly recommend him. ”

Project: Algorithms Assignment

10/10 by EnjoiFidelis on 03/03/2017

”He completed a job for me efficiently and fast! I am very satisfied with the work he did for me! ”

Project: Need help with an error on my site

1/10 by carlosb88l on 13/12/2016

”He never fix my problem. He delete all my web pages all of it and never gave me an explication. This is chats on skype: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qulyrkyyh4rg9yy/AADMslAeWIj0IqChl6Y_GeVGa?dl=0”

Project: Java Project

10/10 by whitus007 on 19/07/2017

”Awesome project ”

Project: Marketing Website for Investment Property

8/10 by Zafoid on 15/08/2016

”Did all that I asked for and more including being proactive about making the website work better, was a real pleasure to work with a developer who was keen to get the job completed correctly”

Project: Create Classic ASP code for a Round Robin Sporting event

10/10 by syncnet on 18/06/2017

”They completed the task quickly and it performed perfectly. I would highly recommend them. I have used them on other projects and they continue to deliver great functional code!”


10/10 by kimling on 23/09/2016

”Very nice to work with built my voting script the way i wanted it also does not charge a lot of money and does a good job i will give him more jobs later many thanks Fayzi good job”

Project: Excel Duplicate finder/populate cells.

10/10 by mavnik on 28/07/2015

”Excellent coder, completed task in record time and went the extra mile to meet my requirement's with extras! Highly recommended!”


10/10 by RomanVanHoldt on 26/07/2015

”A really nice developer to work with, he is more than happy to go the extra mile to impress.
I was kept informed about my project the whole way. I am 100% satisfied and would recommend with no delay.”

Project: new Microsoft project

9/10 by gov on 26/07/2015

”He's a good coder ”