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Reviews: 54. Rating: 8.65/10.00

Project: WordPress Plugin self-replicating website

1/10 by polinate on 30/10/2014

”Was awarded bid and never did anything.”

Project: Minor adjustments to oscommerce website

10/10 by customrare on 14/10/2014

”Great to work with once again another project completed within the hour. Thanks”

Project: Website reconstruction!!

5/10 by laberration on 01/03/2015

”He was paid 800$ for a few simple tasks, in the beginning quick to respond, but after stopped "receiving" my emails. Most important part of the contract not completed. Will not do business with again.”

Project: change of font style and colour on oscommerce website

10/10 by customrare on 02/10/2014

”Once project was understood it was completed within the hour would definitely work with WebRomania again in the future.”

Project: api integration

1/10 by imowest on 13/09/2014

”We talked about the project, he started so well about it, and after few days, after he got his money, and made 80% of the project, he ran away and never answered on the phone. NOT RECOMENDED!”

Project: validation issues

10/10 by jayjay7671 on 23/07/2014

”Excellent job, very fast and very efficient.
Many Thanks.”

Project: Custom Photo Uploader

1/10 by sdmairpat on 02/03/2015

”Im sorry to have to write this, and hope that I can one day remove. But webRomania took a lot of money from me and did not do the job.
He will not respond to emails! DONT HIRE”

Project: adding voucher code and product list order module to oscommerce website

10/10 by customrare on 14/07/2014

”Very quick and efficient at doing the job and communicates well and promptly. ”

Project: Build homepage post shuffle function pinterest clone wordpress theme

10/10 by potterest on 15/07/2014

”The shuffle function works exactly like I instructed.
He got the shuffle function working amazingly despite functions.php being encrypted.
And also within 48 hours! Need custom work done? WebRomania!!”

Project: Wordpress Edit

10/10 by ninngggg on 10/04/2014

”Bogdan was extremely patient with all the adjustments I needed to make for my Wordpress site! He asked and understood what my requests were and made the necessary changes efficiently! Thanks a lot!”

Project: ASP.NET Registration System needs completion

10/10 by tommcewan on 07/04/2014

”We were in a bind with our registration system down and our Developer not responding. Bogdan said that he would step in right away and fix the system, and that is exactly what he did. Kudos to him!”

Project: Database Query in order to display information

10/10 by Cotea on 22/03/2014

”All i can say is: I am impressed. Not only WebRomania successfully completed the project, but he also offered me good advices. ”

Project: we need website program

1/10 by ahmd on 14/09/2014

”Complete project
  But not in the form required
He did not complete the project on time
Ready is taking the design is free and edit it some stuff”

Project: Joomla - chrome image issue

10/10 by pscott on 15/01/2014

”I am very pleased with WebRomania. They were always available and quick to respond, but best was their honest and forthright conduct. I will definitely use them again.”

Project: Database recovery

9/10 by matthijs on 11/01/2014

”Fast and accurate service provided by WebRomania. Excellent knowledge about web and hosting tech. Responses where fast and good, this guy seemed online 24/7.”

Project: Goals analysis program

10/10 by tpk on 29/12/2013

Project: New website needed

10/10 by bazzer on 23/01/2013

”Excellent to work with, very professional. Communications superb. I intend to work with Bogdan again. If you want reliability, project delivered correctly in a timely manner then I recommend Bogdan.”

Project: life profile analysis

9/10 by tpk on 06/12/2012

”Prompt and easy to work with end product equaled desired result and you cannot ask for more than that. Thanks”

Project: Turnstile Live Scanning & Offline Scanning software

10/10 by myticketasia on 29/12/2013

Project: Turnstile Live Scanning & Offline Scanning software

10/10 by myticketasia on 29/12/2013

Project: Looking to remake a website

10/10 by YHPDESIGN on 17/11/2012

”Fantastic work! Bogdan at WebRomania was quick to understand what I wanted for the site and delivered the features I asked for and more. very knowledgable, helpful, would work with him again!”

Project: New Website Needed

10/10 by indie11 on 19/10/2012

”Excellent finished website. Bogdan from Web Romania was easy to ork with and easy to communicate with. He took my suggestions on board and made changes I needed quickly. Highly recommended, creative”

Project: Create an Auto PDF Merger Folder

9/10 by removed on 23/09/2012

”Completed the task even faster than expected. Instructions very clear, detailed and precise. Will definitely work with Bogdan again. 9/10 because I felt he was a tiny bit impatient at times!”

Project: Property listing web design

1/10 by chgleo on 05/12/2012

”Avoid this person! Will promise you anything before getting the project and later after get half of your payment he will ignore your email. He just going to buy some template and give it to you!!”

Review reply:
”The website was developed using the original requirements, the customer wanted to change the design, we change it for free. After this, the customer required some additional features, which we coded, but again he wanted more on the same price. When everything was set-up, he remembered that there is something more that he wanted to add.
In total, the project was finished and re-developed 4 times, I don't know what's wrong.”

Project: New website needed

10/10 by Gediminas on 28/12/2013

Project: Calculator

4/10 by bresler on 11/09/2012

”Bogdan completed the project & my calculator is now working in ie ,Thanks ”

Review reply:
”Then why only 4 out of 10? We completed all of your request and on time.”

Project: new website for a management consultant

8/10 by mohammed on 26/09/2012

”This was my first project bidding online, so it took me some time to gain and exchange trust. it was great working with webRomania. and hope to work with them in other projects ”

Project: Need Updated Product Catalogue in Excel & PDF

9/10 by indie11 on 30/08/2012

”Completed the work on my product catalogue very efficiently. He was very easy to communicate with and whenever I sent an email or had a question he replied very quickly. Overall I was very impressed.”

Project: Change my registration in joomla

10/10 by hfy on 17/08/2012

”Thank You so much, very impressive work with high quality . Fast and interesting to work with, I Do really recommend, and definitely will work later with him ”

Project: Joomla SobiPro Data Import

10/10 by stefano14208 on 01/08/2012

”Completed as promised. Fast and efficient”

Project: Create login to access forms online, etc

10/10 by bydesign21 on 28/12/2013

Project: Website redesign needed asap

10/10 by roevin43 on 05/07/2012

”I couldn't have asked for a better experience. He was professional, diligent and was able to deliver what I asked on within the time agreed. I hope to work with him again as my business expands.”

Project: Automated retrieval of information from an online database

10/10 by MKFS on 28/12/2013

Project: Open cart upgrade ( 1.4.8 to 1.5.3)

10/10 by meerfarooq on 27/06/2012

”Fast response , great to work with . finish given tesk within time frame or even better.
The plus point would be great communication which makes the project flow much easier.
Thank you . ”

Project: New Affiliate Website Needed (turnkey)

10/10 by randyhiggins on 24/06/2012

”Bogdan was fabulous during the entire project. He went out of his way and over and beyond to deliver exactly what I asked for! He gave an exceptional product!!!”

Project: Web Sites Templates

10/10 by cbednarz on 27/12/2013

Project: New Website like www.taskRabbit.com

1/10 by BradJ on 08/11/2011

”He took on the project after initially getting the registration page done for the beta site then for two weeks he kept telling me then he stopped answering my mail or calls! Do not use this guy!”

Review reply:
”Problems like this happen once in a while. If everything was clear from the beginning, maybe we could avoid this.”

Project: vbulletin banner ad placement

10/10 by bigredmax on 26/12/2013

Project: Browsers app

10/10 by dafnavangent on 26/12/2013

Project: zencart update

10/10 by walid on 05/09/2011

”Fast, easy to work with, and no problem!”

Project: Paypal to Ebay Database design

10/10 by alber on 20/09/2011

”Excellent yet again, could not ask for a better RIGHT ARM, sorts out issues and responds quickly to issues. RECOMEND you any business wanting to hire a Top Rate Professional”

Project: Desktop gadget for stock sys

10/10 by alber on 31/08/2011

”Another amazing project completed on budget and in time. Super fast efficent service RECOMENDED top rate programmer.”

Project: Create 2 paypal tables on DB

10/10 by alber on 09/09/2011

”Perfect yet again, recomended professional Top quality , fast, reliable and precise. ”

Project: Import Data from auction sites

10/10 by alber on 01/09/2011

”Works very well, professional and knows his business, made sure he fully understood the requirement and completed within time and budget. Will use again and recomend.”

Project: Import from Paypal

10/10 by alber on 31/08/2011

”Professional dots the I's and crosses the t's. Excellent person to work with. ”

Project: Move Website And Blog

10/10 by clyo on 29/08/2011

”This is the second project that Bogdan has completed for me and, again, he was great. He knows what he is doing and did the job faster than I expected. He's very concerned about customer satisfaction, stays in close communication, and will go out of his way to make sure you are happy with the end result. Bogdan is a true professional. I recommend him highly. And I intend to request his help on future projects. ”

Project: Wordpress Fixes

10/10 by clyo on 10/08/2011

”If you've never tried Rent-A-Coder or worked with Bogdan, you may be staring at this site wondering how all this works. You may also wonder whether it's safe to deposit money in Bogdan's account and give him your passwords. After all, it's a little scary, isn't it? Well, I went through all that and Bogdan is great. He's very responsive, gets your job done quickly and answers any questions you have.He is patient, totally trustworthy and knows what he's doing. If he says he can do your job, hire him. You will be glad you did. I am 100% satisfied. I intend to request Bogdan for my next project. ”

Project: Simple message (/CMS) system

9/10 by davido on 13/08/2011

”Bogdanh delivered what was wanted on time and communication worked great too. ”

Project: OS Commerce Refresh/Install

10/10 by opghelp on 03/08/2011

”Excellent work. Did everything I asked, and added extras to help me not run into the same situation again. Completed the work in a fraction of time. I will use them in the future, and most likely will give them a direct quote. Great freelancer, very highly suggested for php, os commerce, mysql. Prompt, and great communication. Job well done.”

Project: Case History OCCA

9/10 by medangabbay on 04/07/2011

”Worked quickly in a unusual environment to produce a report in our customised system. I was very happy and would recommend this team again.”

Project: MYSQL Project

10/10 by onuwayhid on 13/07/2011

”Excellent and efficient work”

Project: Create Piecemaker Asset

10/10 by sean32 on 28/05/2011

”Project was exceptionally great. Communication was very quickly and helpful. I'm definitely going to work with him on another project in the near future..!! Keep up the good work =)”

Project: Coupon Printing System

10/10 by mropchak on 17/05/2011

”Completed job on time, and went above and beyond to complete the project to our satisfaction. Not every detail we asked for could be done 100%, but an effort was made to give us all the functionality we where looking for. Happy with the result.”

Project: Implement jquery upload script

10/10 by gisbertzalich on 03/03/2011

”Great. very helpful all the way. added little extras without payment. couldn't have a better introduction to dac.”

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