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Reviews: 5. Rating: 10.00/10.00

Project: Commercial User Interface Drawing Component identification and prototype C# code for use

10/10 by sajidali3387 on 27/09/2013

”He is really a good client and good person.”

Project: Perl script to move files in Ubuntu Linux

10/10 by xieran on 01/01/2014

Project: HTML Sunday afternoon exercise

10/10 by mushroom on 30/12/2013

Project: Very simple 4 page website with Ajax

10/10 by abduncan on 16/11/2012

”Great communication!”

Project: code a c/c++ tree implementation

10/10 by Driagan on 27/11/2011

”Project was very descriptive, payment was posted very quickly, and poster is great about responding to messages. I would definitely work for this poster again!”

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