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Concealed carry permit reciprocity maps for wordpress

Posted by on 21/11/2014

I would like to mimic the concealed carry permit reciprocity maps from to my site. i would also like to a [..]

E-commerce monthly razor subscription - barber shop q [..]

Posted by on 18/11/2014

Please see the proposal document attached. looking for full web design and branding. the name on the document states the name of the business as 'shave pennys'. this has no [..]

Wordpress landing page

Posted by on 13/11/2014

I want to create a landing page similar to for our site we want to keep the internal functionality but d [..]

Wordpress plugin - calendar based - book hair and bea [..]

Posted by on 12/11/2014

The system will allow you to create a job (date and time), search for staff that are available at those dates and times with the required attributes (e.g hairstylist, makeup a [..]

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Wordpress plugin - similar to mailchimp plugins

Posted by on 28/10/2014

We need a wordpress plugin that works similarly to mailchimp plugins. the only difference being that it needs to integrate with our custom email marketing solution called ever [..]

Phone plan selection

Posted by on 23/10/2014

Hi there. i have a wordpress website and want to develop a simple software portal that allows you to enter raw data (number of calls, ave length of call and call rates) and [..]

Lms needed for tutoring company

Posted by on 22/10/2014

Need someone to develop, or modify existing open-source software, to provide an lms for an online tutoring company targeting esl students. models are here: [..]

Complex social media website needed to be build from [..]

Posted by on 17/10/2014

I need a website which allows people to post videos, photos, and events. live chatrooms will also be a feature. location based settings are also a must, in correlation with ph [..]

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