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Website design and development

Posted by on 02/08/2015

I have a website that i want to turn into an animated and virtual world site. i am a psychologist and i want to create an interactive and virtual world approach to my site. an [..]

Updating site code

Posted by on 29/07/2015

need expert script coder to resolve issues affecting my site resolving fully. what i'm getting surfing is as follows; home [..]

Csgo gambling site

Posted by on 28/07/2015

I am looking for an experienced coder that can make a website like these below. or please contact me [..]

New website needed

Posted by on 27/07/2015

This is the initial setup of a financial planner website. we need to set up a mysql database for users (both registered and guest) and their personal and financial data. regis [..]

Web application

Posted by on 26/07/2015

This web application required 3 types of users to be able to login and create a profile. how this works is one user requires the info from the other two. i want this informati [..]

New website needed

Posted by on 26/07/2015

We are looking for a creative person to build a new site for us which will include sharing of videos. we are looking for someone who is a master at this. thank you.

Database replication (local to remote)

Posted by on 26/07/2015

I have a application with mysql database installed on a local pc. also we have a website with remote database. we want to sync the local and remote databases at real ti [..]

Mobile app for navigation (uk)

Posted by on 26/07/2015

I'm looking for someone to develop an app in android or ios which can be used in car to navigate from one postcode to another inside uk. the navigation has to be voice enabled [..]

Make established html web site mobile responsive

Posted by on 22/07/2015

Background info: my site is an established site since 1998,, made using basic html 4. i manage the site under cpanel and use dreamweaver 4 for html page manag [..]

Software engineers / developers needed

Posted by on 15/07/2015

Ui/ux designer we are looking for a passionate, experienced ui/ux designer with deep experience in creating beautiful and engaging user experiences. you will work tightly wi [..]

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