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A windows mobile visual studio 2012 project

Posted by on 23/06/2016

1- a windows mobile visual studio 2012 project: written in visual basic language only. 2- for learning, as simple as possible and every code line "all the lines" coupled with [..]

Scrape website data into excel

Posted by on 19/06/2016

Hi, i want to scrape point by point tennis scores for specific matches from into the format set out in the attached workbook. i have used the fo [..]


Posted by on 18/06/2016

We are looking for an application which will work on any gadgets. application will have authentication, open master excel files within application file, file selection base [..]

Copy specific text from several .txt files into excel

Posted by on 14/06/2016

Hello, i have hundreds of files such as the .txt files attached which very often i need to copy into excel to prepare some graphs. the problems i have are: 1.- i cannot imp [..]

Web crawling and data scrapping

Posted by on 30/05/2016

Write a software that would automatically crawl the following websites nairabet. com the software wil [..]

A custom sticker creator

Posted by on 26/04/2016

I need an application for my website that allows users to create a custom design for a sticker i will create for them. it needs to have many different types of layout (dependi [..]

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