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Scify theme

Posted by on 08/07/2014

Hello all i'm a huge science fiction buff and what i'm looking to do is to build a site about myself that depicts science fiction. what i'm planning to do is to intergrade vid [..]

Asm dll to be used from vb6/vba

Posted by on 03/07/2014

Need asm dll to get (as in vb code): asc(mid$(string, charpos, 1)) so for example if string was "abc" and charpos was 2 then result would be 2. needs to be about 7 times fas [..]

New website needed

Posted by on 23/06/2014

Project summary privacy 4 humanity is a non-profit organization that exists to inform americans and all citizens of the world of the issues surrounding privacy in the world [..]

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