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Vb script to import ppt slides into a word document

Posted by on 23/11/2014

I want a visual basic script that will take a bunch of slides from a powerpoint deck, save them as .png files (with a resolution greater than or equal to 1080px tall), import [..]

Mobile pic app

Posted by on 14/11/2014

Looking to have a mobile app done for android, ios, and posibly bb with a web page for ad and market will probably require a server side system unless we can determine work a [..]

Moving applications from vb6 to java (to run on both [..]

Posted by on 12/11/2014

I would like to move my retail applications from visual basic 6 to java. the application must support the following > upos /javapos for printers, barcode scanners, cash dr [..]

Regex job, open to any language

Posted by on 11/10/2014

I wish to purchase a script in any language which process a given text file line by line and extracts the contents which meet certain criteria. i am a coder who doesn't have t [..]

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