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Database replication (local to remote)

Posted by on 26/07/2015

I have a application with mysql database installed on a local pc. also we have a website with remote database. we want to sync the local and remote databases at real ti [..]

Mobile app for navigation (uk)

Posted by on 26/07/2015

I'm looking for someone to develop an app in android or ios which can be used in car to navigate from one postcode to another inside uk. the navigation has to be voice enabled [..]

Access 2010 database

Posted by on 24/07/2015

I need a class registration database. i have an environment where students provide a pre-filled paper request form, and an employee bulk registers students for classes. a admi [..]

5 generation pedigree

Posted by on 29/06/2015

I have a vb program built for access 1997 by coders on this site years ago , i wonder if anyone is capable of converting it to access 2010 or making it work within access 2010 [..]

Computer simulation of queuing model

Posted by on 03/06/2015

A computer simulation model to be built to simulate the queuing model of pharmacy department of a hospital. condition as below variable : 1) mean rate of customer arrive [..]

New website needed

Posted by on 02/06/2015

I need a clean and minimalist website. like or it will be website revolving around design, furniture design and art. the web [..]

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