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Nike add to cart application

Posted by on 30/03/2015

Attention programmers; we are a premier shopping service that for many years have worked the brick and mortar stores to be able to acquire new / first in stock and limited edi [..]

Receive and send whatsapp messages through computer

Posted by on 25/03/2015

Hi there, i am looking into having a system that will receive and send whatsapp messages through my computer. the following is what i would like the system to do: 1. if [..]

Need an ecommerce extension or plug-in that enables m [..]

Posted by on 24/03/2015

I am trying to create an extension or plug in that will allow users to download or install extension or plug in and be able to buy products from people through their website. [..]

Crm module requried - in php with postgresql

Posted by on 17/03/2015

A generic crm module having provisions for customer details - view/update create call lists : based on criteria (eg: one month elapsed since last visit; made purchases of [..]

Adding sqlite3 function to std_call dll

Posted by on 16/03/2015

Using the std_call dll from this project: to access sqlite from vb (vba and vb6) now i want to add the sqlite3_create_function to that [..]

Building an app for ios/android

Posted by on 05/03/2015

This project will require extensive skills in creating ios/android apps. we will be working closely together as this is being done from scratch. i have all requirements docume [..]

Imsi catcher

Posted by on 02/03/2015

Hi.looking for someone to build a imsi catcher. it varies in options and builds but to get the general idea here is a link for more info. [..]

Instant messaging app

Posted by on 13/02/2015

i would like to develop an instant messaging app for corporate usage. it has to be integrated with sharepoint, network drives for files access.

Web quoting tool for virtual machines and associated [..]

Posted by on 06/02/2015

We would like to have a quoting tool developed for us that has a similar look and feel to microsoft azure, softlayer, rackspace, etc. an example can be found here: http:// [..]

The next generation in requisition management web sol [..]

Posted by on 06/02/2015

Please see document for information.

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