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Amazon api listing checker

Posted by on 26/03/2015

Hi! we are looking to commission a script which will use amazon mws credentials to interface with the amazon api to check multiple listings given a spreadsheet with one of [..]

Receive and send whatsapp messages through computer

Posted by on 25/03/2015

Hi there, i am looking into having a system that will receive and send whatsapp messages through my computer. the following is what i would like the system to do: 1. if [..]

Need an ecommerce extension or plug-in that enables m [..]

Posted by on 24/03/2015

I am trying to create an extension or plug in that will allow users to download or install extension or plug in and be able to buy products from people through their website. [..]

Script needed to rearrange text in word doc to create [..]

Posted by on 21/03/2015

I have a word document that has a musical chord chart for one song on each page. there is a lyric line with several words and directly above some of the words is a lettered k [..]

Script addon

Posted by on 18/03/2015

I have a purchased script: where it says cast reviews comm [..]

Crm module requried - in php with postgresql

Posted by on 17/03/2015

A generic crm module having provisions for customer details - view/update create call lists : based on criteria (eg: one month elapsed since last visit; made purchases of [..]

New e-commerce website needed with blogging capabilit [..]

Posted by on 10/03/2015

Hi, i'm interested in a web developer/designer to build an e-commerce website with a blog facility. i would prefer this being built using joomla or drupal, but i'm up fo [..]

Need something like

Posted by on 10/03/2015

I need a web application like or where i will have 10-15 video templates (created in after effects) for user to choose from. users can customize ea [..]

Imsi catcher

Posted by on 02/03/2015

Hi.looking for someone to build a imsi catcher. it varies in options and builds but to get the general idea here is a link for more info. [..]

Used car evaluation joomla component and module

Posted by on 01/03/2015

The joomla 3.x compatible module will allow users to select used car maker (e.g. audi), make (e.g. a3), year (e.g. 2005), engine (e.g. 1.9 tdi 105 hp) and mileage and search f [..]

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