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Web app coder needed

Posted by on 24/10/2016

Im looking for a app coder who can help code the game im trying to make..i am needing you to use character hub since those are the sprites were gonna be using

New valet pos web application needed for a school pro [..]

Posted by on 24/10/2016

Hi, i'm a honor mis (management information system) student working on a pos valet web application project. i need help on developing this responsive web application using htm [..]

Braintree and website integration

Posted by on 19/10/2016

Need a developer to configure braintree to accept subscriptions on my website. i already have a braintree account and braintree sandbox account registered. i'm looking for s [..]

Call stats

Posted by on 16/10/2016

Our company currently uses for our voice calls, we are an outbound call centre and want statistics shown on screens in the building. voipfone currently provide [..]

Telegram bot for instagram

Posted by on 13/10/2016

hi, !read carefully the attached doc before send me your offer! i need a telegram bot for instagram on telegram. specs: collect usernames, return lists, post scheduled mess [..]

Website frontend and backend

Posted by on 08/10/2016

See attached document for details

Development of a sns site and mobile app

Posted by on 03/10/2016

We need someone to develop a sns and a mobile phone app for the same, which is compatible with iso, android and windows mobile. major emphasis is on superb graphic design and [..]

A highly mobile friendly website needed

Posted by on 02/10/2016

A training website with videos with the following features is needed: easy signup i.e full name, email and password videos would be categorized according to price users [..]

Front end webdesign for a word game

Posted by on 02/10/2016

Front end webdesign for a word game the game is a word-find game in which the player quickly search for words formed by adjacent letters on a grid. something similar to [..]

Api business enterprise model:to configure and/or int [..]

Posted by on 01/10/2016

To configure and/or integrate apis to perform or carry out tasks automatically such as: best /topmost or top best research select best products and/or services from affiliate [..]

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