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Udp string parse/relay

Posted by on 24/05/2016

I'm looking for an application to capture a large number of udp strings from a specified server port, send a confirmation message and then re-transmit captured data via json h [..]

Access spreadsheet content via database

Posted by on 24/05/2016

Hi! i’d like to realize a software to provide spreadsheet content to a user via an internet database. spreadsheet content should be stored as string (not as files) to searc [..]

Job board site, android & ios apps

Posted by on 24/05/2016

Looking for a full stack developer who can develop site with mobile apps with the following important details & requirements: your proposal must address the following in de [..]

Seo & marketing tools for our website

Posted by on 21/05/2016

Hello. i am the ceo of we are into seo business. we are offering seo tools and seo services. beside our own seo tools we need tools developed by reliable code [..]

New website needed

Posted by on 16/05/2016

Hi there, i'm looking at getting a new wordpress theme site built for a client of mine. he currently has a site but it is very basic & outdated & want's to have a brand new s [..]


Posted by on 10/05/2016

It’s time to make a rewrite of the code for the homepage the page is almost 10 years old and written in asp with microsoft access as a database. for the [..]

New website needed ( 33$ per signup )

Posted by on 09/05/2016

I am looking for someone to develop a website for me, a website where there are ' sexy ' images of females and a sign up button with a tos that says that when they sign up and [..]

A custom sticker creator

Posted by on 26/04/2016

I need an application for my website that allows users to create a custom design for a sticker i will create for them. it needs to have many different types of layout (dependi [..]

Php full stack developer (lamp) in delhi

Posted by on 25/04/2016

We are looking to hire / rent a coder in delhi ncr. we are an start up in education sector and making something really cool.

People transportation tool and site

Posted by on 22/04/2016

Hi coders! i have a micro business (a 3 room hostel), and i would like to implement a very simple user friendly tool so i can communicate with my transport providers. prob [..]

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