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Paypal payflow secure token interface

Posted by on 20/10/2014

We currently have a basic interface set up to accept credit cards with payflow. it captures personal information, and then proceeds to payflow to gather the remaining credit c [..]


Posted by on 19/10/2014

Mycloud is mobile application for iphone and android. it actually merge all cloud services today such as dropbox, google drive, box, one driver and etc...(all those who have [..]

Google analytics to track individual visitors from th [..]

Posted by on 19/10/2014

I need someone to setup ga to track multiple visitors from the same ip. please have a look at and tell me if you can make it work with a site build on their sys [..]

Css and js help on

Posted by on 19/10/2014

Hi, im looking for someone who is familiar with or can sign up for a free trial account to get familiar with it. they use a graphic ui to create responsive sit [..]

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Insurance agency

Posted by on 18/10/2014

Hi, i am from turkey and my name is emre i need to a new insurance agency web site with control panel and without control panel.could you offer some choise of this website [..]

Urgent project - start up recruitment company website [..]

Posted by on 17/10/2014

Urgent project for a basic site with a maximum of twenty pages, minimal images, twitter feed, along with a pdf brochure & logo redesign. the site needs to look upto date, [..]

Another social network ?

Posted by on 16/10/2014

We need an instant messaging service on our website. the instant messaging will have two parts : 1 : instant messaging like facebook/skype and any instant messaging 2 [..]

Python script for raspberry pi to send & receive sms [..]

Posted by on 16/10/2014

I have made a small python script that can send an sms to my phone when a reed switch (door sensor) is opened. i would like to extend functionality to be able to enable/disabl [..]

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