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Web form and backend

Posted by on 03/02/2016

Project description: this project is for a car appraisal company. the company needs to automate the process from a paper form to a simple web sheet where the end users and sa [..]


Posted by on 01/02/2016

Site structure: 1 - home. 1.1 - display the latest posts + images related to the subject. 1.2 - menu to contain the options "promises", "lawns", "table tactical", [..]

Android app modifications needed

Posted by on 31/01/2016

Need to integrate into our app a way to use the android webview in the background (service)? it seems that using a ui component in a service class in android is not very well [..]

Browser iframe project

Posted by on 31/01/2016

Need the ability to show my creative / landing page. need to preload / cache a optin page in the backend and "lay it under the landing page". as the user clicks, he clicks [..]

Implement lpa* algorithm

Posted by on 29/01/2016

The algorithm that used to calculate shortest path is lpa* algorithm which is nearly like a* algorithm lpa* search reuses information from previous searches to find solution [..]

Database and interface access to database

Posted by on 29/01/2016

University project data base: - a database constructed with sql 2012 enterprise - tables base bd: author, title, document type (book, journal, manuscript, image, etc.), [..]

Specialized video player

Posted by on 28/01/2016

I need a specially designed video player for a nabi xd android tablet (it's a modified version of android) for a handicapped person. once opened by me, i'd like the app to pla [..]

Phone app/website

Posted by on 26/01/2016

I actually have a handful of projects id like to get up and running. 1. need a website produced. bit like a blog hosting website but can prioritize the blog pages by numbe [..]

New android/apple app needed

Posted by on 25/01/2016

We are looking to develop an app for the android and itunes store. the bulk of the app will be e-book type data - lots of text organized so that it is manageable, with si [..]

Modify a soap module for prestashop

Posted by on 20/01/2016

I have a custom module that imports data through soap into a prestashop store. just quantities, no other data. on every product page there is a number shown with the stock. [..]

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