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Facebook token app dashboard

Posted by on 23/09/2016

Hello, i am loking to collect facebook tokens with publish_action permissions and store the tokens to a mysql database for later use. i want you to make an admin panel [..]

Windows server & advanced php rerouting

Posted by on 21/09/2016

Seeking a local backend developer in the area of jupiter, florida or within a 100 mile range. this person should be an advanced php & sql designer with experience in creating [..]

Dating site

Posted by on 14/09/2016

I want a dayting site that in most file uses ioncube loadres will expalin this later the dating site must allow users to register account with upto 5 photos have message inbox [..]

Basic crud php-mysql android & ios apps to manage art [..]

Posted by on 12/08/2016

I need a basic crud (create, read, update, delete) android & ios apps, to manage artists fans messages: -fans can register/login to application with theirs facebook, email/ [..]

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