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Blackjack game created in java coursework

Posted by on 08/02/2016

Hi, i'm looking for someone to create the card game blackjack in java for my coursework. i believe it wouldnt take long to complete and needs no interface other than command l [..]

Pokemon ghoul rpg

Posted by on 07/02/2016

Layout/basic website structer login/logout database moves/ like attacking items maps/ be able to encounter pokemon on these maps battle system shops/ buy pokemon sell [..]

Ext js to html 5 conversion

Posted by on 06/02/2016

I have a project where ext js(sencha) files needs to be converted to html 5 conversion. experts on ext js and html5 respond to me.

New application needed

Posted by on 04/02/2016

I currently have a program that was developed in .net vb. i wish to have it converted to more modern code so that it can be updated for use on mobile platforms etc. i also hav [..]

Web form and backend

Posted by on 03/02/2016

Project description: this project is for a car appraisal company. the company needs to automate the process from a paper form to a simple web sheet where the end users and sa [..]

Baseball scouting website / app

Posted by on 03/02/2016

The basic overview of the site is a database driven peer to peer website with a phone app that has player profiles that can be edited by the players themselves the site wil [..]

Android app modifications needed

Posted by on 31/01/2016

Need to integrate into our app a way to use the android webview in the background (service)? it seems that using a ui component in a service class in android is not very well [..]

Need local developer from uk (canterbury, sidcup or b [..]

Posted by on 18/01/2016

Dear readers, i am currently a university student looking to partner with a talented developer who is proficient in html, css, javascript, php, mysql and can create a websi [..]

Website + webservice for pictures dashboard

Posted by on 18/01/2016

I would like a website and service to be developed. three things to point out : first: users should be able to : 1) register, sign-in/sign-out ( secure logins) 2) [..]

Augmented reality for signage

Posted by on 14/01/2016

Hi i am looking at using augmented reality for signage. i would like to make a sign that will connect to a simple app and work like the video in the link below. [..]

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