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Web app coder needed

Posted by on 24/10/2016

Im looking for a app coder who can help code the game im trying to make..i am needing you to use character hub since those are the sprites were gonna be using

New valet pos web application needed for a school pro [..]

Posted by on 24/10/2016

Hi, i'm a honor mis (management information system) student working on a pos valet web application project. i need help on developing this responsive web application using htm [..]

Rpg fantasy age

Posted by on 22/10/2016

I am in need of a coder who can help code a game i am making with a few other people. the coder needs to use game maker from steam the moeny payment does not come from me it [..]


Posted by on 19/10/2016

Hello i am trying to find a good coder that knows how to code well for this steam game (garrysmod) if you can help out we can talk of what needs to be done and see if you guys [..]

New website & custom algorithm writing needed

Posted by on 17/10/2016

I'm looking for someone to write custom code & algorithms for a new website, including ranking and filtering in rating info from a leading online shop.

Mobile os coding

Posted by on 17/10/2016

I need coders for develop software related mobile phone fixing (gsm coding) if any ne interested experts can contact with me on my email( and we samp [..]

Interactive clock game.

Posted by on 14/10/2016

I am looking to re-create this time-telling game in html 5 ( currently it is in java that is blocked by many browsers. essenti [..]

Telegram bot for instagram

Posted by on 13/10/2016

hi, !read carefully the attached doc before send me your offer! i need a telegram bot for instagram on telegram. specs: collect usernames, return lists, post scheduled mess [..]

Hosted android rat server on aws or other cloud

Posted by on 12/10/2016

I am looking for a webbased hosted rat server to be deployed on a aws type cloud service - either dendroid, droidjack or omni rat and a tutorial on how to install remote apk. [..]

Development of a sns site and mobile app

Posted by on 03/10/2016

We need someone to develop a sns and a mobile phone app for the same, which is compatible with iso, android and windows mobile. major emphasis is on superb graphic design and [..]

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