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Primary school learning program - multiple choice tes [..]

Posted by on 01/12/2015

I require a web based application that allows students of any age group and ability to login and take multiple choice tests in numeracy and literacy topics whilst having their [..]

Java 2d game (netbeans)

Posted by on 29/11/2015

There is a squirrel in a maze looking for nuts. you will guide the squirrel to find and collect the nuts. there are two types of nuts available in the maze, almonds and peanu [..]

Web scraping: loop through google sheet and scrape in [..]

Posted by on 28/11/2015

1) go to the google sheet: 2) loop through rows and get parcel id 3) [..]

Developer to csgojackpot site

Posted by on 26/11/2015

Required for front end: • sign in with steam and shows users picture in top bar • chat box o way to ban users from chatbox (if possible) • box that shows people [..]

Develop and design website (joomla/rockettheme)

Posted by on 26/11/2015

The website is based on the eve online mmo. developed in joomla using rockettheme or shape5 to create a cool, vibrant dynamic social type website. a [..]

Raspberry pi programme developer (c++ & java skills)

Posted by on 26/11/2015

Looking for a developer with skills in c++ & java skills for a short commissioned project to be performed on a raspberry pi. requirement is to provide an end-product raspbe [..]

Online signage design center

Posted by on 23/11/2015

I would like to have an online signage design program that allows customers to design and submit there designs with the order. samples: [..]

Remote control vehicle

Posted by on 23/11/2015

"remote control vehicle" first part include, a pcb on boar vehicle hardware, it dialog with actuators to move the vehicle and also, hardware acquire information from on boar [..]

Dropbox clone - how to resolve file changes

Posted by on 21/11/2015

I have written a dropbox-like application for sharing files / folders across multiple platforms with a central file server. i'm not happy with how file changes are resolved [..]

Automationlab firefox extension \ imacros scheduler

Posted by on 20/11/2015

Hello. i don't know if you know the imacros software, integrates seamlessly with firefox and allows you to record and playback macros that interact with the web. well, i've [..]

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