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Building a customised testing tool

Posted by on 16/04/2014

To build a testing tool that can test android apps and desktop native apps. the tool can be built from scratch or from an existing testing tool

New website needed

Posted by on 15/04/2014

Hi i am looking to build a new website. would like to incorporate the functionality of as a guide for the types of things i am looking for. would look fo [..]

Java spring mvc tutorial using a sample application

Posted by on 14/04/2014

Introduce your sample web-app, use a site map to explain the structure of your system. then take the reader through the step-by-step process of building the proposed app using [..]

Rebuild mpos based website for cryptocurrencies

Posted by on 13/04/2014

We are looking for someone to do a conversion on mpos ( we would like it to store information for multiple crypto-currencies, use one login to [..]

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Edit an existing program with source code (very small [..]

Posted by on 12/04/2014

Hello all, i am looking for someone with c# who is able to editing an existing stand alone program with source code. i require one more function to be added to the program. [..]

Mobile app

Posted by on 11/04/2014

I need motivated people that are willing to take over this project and bring it to life. i'm in need of 3 individuals. 2 back-enders thats have deep knowledge and skill in dat [..]

Javascript maze

Posted by on 11/04/2014

A page for generating and traversing mazes for a fictional mouse using javascript and html and css. this requires a recursive function to traverse the maze and creation of [..]

Java socket programming

Posted by on 10/04/2014

Here is my request, i need someone who's able to code an java socket server to exchange information from mobile device to a mysql database. - the mobile devices send inform [..]

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