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Make a column sticky

Posted by on 27/08/2015

Hi, i need to have someone code a "sidebar" column as sticky for me. a very simple task, but just past my ability. i am coding it into a template for a client.

Build api + web front end (start immediately)

Posted by on 25/08/2015

We have a small but very interesting project. we are building an online therapy platform where clients can make appointments with their therapists online and have the consulta [..]

Measure your pupillary distance

Posted by on 24/08/2015

We need to measure people pupillary distance in order to sell glasses online. the technology has te be web-based and we'll be integrated in our website (mostly javascript). [..]

Convert successful site to mobile-friendly but in htm [..]

Posted by on 18/08/2015

I have a site online since 1998. it is in top 10 for all our major keywords. i want to rebuild it but keep it as primarily an html site with a subdomain for ecommerce version [..]

Simple web based booking system

Posted by on 18/08/2015

We need a very simple java-sql booking system for a website. here is how simple it is. think "reserving a seat on the airplane". the vendor manufactres 3 different model [..]

Iphone application to prevent gps

Posted by on 17/08/2015

I want something that will send the same gps location on a map so that i can not be tracked via gps but it keeps showing the wrong location on a map. if it is as simple as [..]

Ecommerce website layout + basic coding (mock data) + [..]

Posted by on 14/08/2015

Need to redesign my website. need a developer who can build my website with a new look. no need of actual backend coding, just need a layout specifically for home and product [..]

Single page style template for wordpress with woocomm [..]

Posted by on 13/08/2015

We are looking for a person to build a new site for us which uses wordpress cms + woocommence plugin. we are looking for someone who is a master at this. thank you. 1. refere [..]

Phone app needed

Posted by on 08/08/2015

I need a new app created for both android and ios. the app will be used by several users to make phone calls. the app will be connected to backend servers. few important feat [..]

Cordova passbook plugin (new one)

Posted by on 07/08/2015

I am looking for a cordova plugin that gives me the ability to create passbook passes. is a start [..]

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