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Amazon api listing checker

Posted by on 26/03/2015

Hi! we are looking to commission a script which will use amazon mws credentials to interface with the amazon api to check multiple listings given a spreadsheet with one of [..]

Full stack engineer who is not afraid of firmware, dd [..]

Posted by on 26/03/2015

Looking to build something that has never been built before? we are looking for an engineering jedi who appreciates a good challenge! we are building a new way to communicat [..]

Receive and send whatsapp messages through computer

Posted by on 25/03/2015

Hi there, i am looking into having a system that will receive and send whatsapp messages through my computer. the following is what i would like the system to do: 1. if [..]

Fantasy sports optimizer needed

Posted by on 25/03/2015

I want a website or app that uses predictions and math to optimize fantasy sport lineups. i have a few variations id like to add beyond standard optimizers. preferbaly an app [..]

Email source security- creating a spam filter

Posted by on 24/03/2015

Email source security subject area and background: emails can be used to trick readers into responding to a fraudulent request, perhaps from a bank, to attempt to gather user [..]

Need an ecommerce extension or plug-in that enables m [..]

Posted by on 24/03/2015

I am trying to create an extension or plug in that will allow users to download or install extension or plug in and be able to buy products from people through their website. [..]

Website help needed - home page not loading properly [..]

Posted by on 23/03/2015

Hello, i have done some recent work for a company building a new from scratch website and designing it for them. up until a week or two ago, everything seemed to be running [..]

Social web site

Posted by on 16/03/2015

Build a social site very much like facebook that allows end users to register with this site allowing them to create and manage{their files***}. once {their files***} are esta [..]

Nike add to cart super bot

Posted by on 07/03/2015

I want a shoe add to cart software that works with -works with countdown releases and non countdown releases (early links) -can cart multiple shoes of the same [..]

Building an app for ios/android

Posted by on 05/03/2015

This project will require extensive skills in creating ios/android apps. we will be working closely together as this is being done from scratch. i have all requirements docume [..]

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