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Simple adress phonebook in c

Posted by on 26/11/2014

for this project i need someone to design a phone book using a struct in c. the phonebook has to be able to store a person,name, and email adress in a text file. you h [..]

Bouncing balls, the c programming language

Posted by on 26/11/2014

Description your task is to implement a variant of the classic bouncing ball animation. to give you an idea of what such an animation could look like we've enclosed a windo [..]

Android app development

Posted by on 21/11/2014

I am looking to develop an android app to put on the playstore. this app will be the first of many. therefore am looking for a long term individual who will work along with me [..]

Sandbox game like grand theft auto but not as intrica [..]

Posted by on 16/11/2014

I want a sandbox game where you have a big city you can walk around in and pick up objects. where you can go into houses, or businesses and pick up keys, money,, or other ite [..]

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New catering website needed

Posted by on 15/11/2014

Need a website for my new catering company that i will be launching in march 2015. need one page with the our whole menu, and options to add things items to their bag or delet [..]

Mobile pic app

Posted by on 14/11/2014

Looking to have a mobile app done for android, ios, and posibly bb with a web page for ad and market will probably require a server side system unless we can determine work a [..]

Organ donor website - smartphone compatible

Posted by on 03/11/2014

A easily modifiable website where i can change the graphics and to a certain extent may be the layout on dreamweaver etc. it is a website where people can find potential organ [..]

Speed dating website

Posted by on 23/10/2014

I need to create a website that will allow people to buy tickets for a speed dating service. the customers do need to create online profiles. i just need to be able to post [..]

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