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Create wp plugin - integration of api's from third pa [..]

Posted by on 24/01/2015

Dudapro partners - wordpress plugin with all apis for partners of dudapro integrate the full power of duda with our wp services. duda’s api allows us to seamlessly incorp [..]

Android and ios app

Posted by on 24/01/2015

I am looking for android and ios developers for application call ab. i need android app and ios app and new layout for app. it’s simple application similar to instagram. ( [..]

New webpage required

Posted by on 21/01/2015

We are a new youth media organisation in the uk, looking to create an immersive webpage in order to communicate a complex story to our audience. we have 5,000+ words worth [..]

New website needed and/or app

Posted by on 21/01/2015

Objective: the page is aimed at people who want to sell clothing, accessories and shoes that no longer used. there will be different categories of use: new label, new with [..]

C/c++ external processes opengl screenshotting, dll h [..]

Posted by on 20/01/2015

We have a c# clickonce application for a gaming community. the application includes an anticheat-mechanism by screenshotting user's game window and sending it as a base64 stri [..]

New community site needed

Posted by on 17/01/2015

We are looking for a reliable web developer with advanced php and graphics experience. we would like the developer to have done some level of community (interactive) site. als [..]


Posted by on 16/01/2015

Completely secure and is based on the power of php and mysql with encryption techniques installed on the authorization modules of the site for complete security of the funds o [..]

Interactive website

Posted by on 14/01/2015

I am looking to create an interactive website performs two major functions: 1. presents audio-visuals, graphics and text in a dynamic and intuitive way 2. enables people to [..]

Educational flashcard website

Posted by on 28/12/2014

Rfp for educational flashcard website - - jan 2, 2015 purpose: the purpose of this rfp is to provide a fair evaluation for all candidates wishing to bid on this project [..]

Animation - video

Posted by on 20/12/2014

I'm looking for a coder to develop a animation of diferent equipments operating as the example on the video on this link. in total i need 10 video animaions no longer than 1:3 [..]

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