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Imsi catcher

Posted by on 02/03/2015

Hi.looking for someone to build a imsi catcher. it varies in options and builds but to get the general idea here is a link for more info. [..]

Need someone to make me a twitter account creator! (s [..]

Posted by on 01/03/2015

Hey guys i really need a twitter account creator and tired of paying money for programs that just simply do not work! if someone could help me out i would really appreciate i [..]

Water safety infographic

Posted by on 28/02/2015

Water safety info graphic outlines the center for disease control's recommendations for: storing water, safe water sources, unsafe water sources, and treating water.

Pokemon polaris rpg

Posted by on 24/02/2015

Hello all i recently got a pokemon rpg source from my friend. but there is a few bugs that's needs to be coded out also needs a few new features. a new css design.

Organ donor web application - visual studio 2010 only [..]

Posted by on 21/02/2015

This is a web application which i want done on visual studio 2010 only using c# language. it should store and retrieve all data from a back end database. you must specify whic [..]

Would like the ability to scrape sites like amazon, t [..]

Posted by on 21/02/2015

Hello, i'd like to be able to scrape the sites mentioned and have results uploaded to my website. i don't have site developed as yet was hoping if possible to be able to d [..]

Django web developer - full time position

Posted by on 16/02/2015

Hi, i am the webmaster of a coupon website developed in python, django. i am now looking for a django developer to work for me full-time, minimum 30 hours a week, in order t [..]

Ad wars - the commoditization of game space (non-bid [..]

Posted by on 15/02/2015

A map based tactical game where users actually fight the ad spaces itself, and the ad bots, lasers and weapon systems. ad's are traded on an open commodity system and users [..]

Estoy buscando crear 12 videos de 5 a 10 minutes cada [..]

Posted by on 11/02/2015

Estoy buscando crear 12 videos de 5 a 10 minutes cada uno con final cut pro y además desarrollar algunos gráficos en photoshop para incluirlos en el video. i want to shar [..]

Sound board

Posted by on 05/02/2015

Hi i need a sound board template producing for both app store and android i wish the sound board to have a splash screen that i can input company name/logo i would like th [..]

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