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Interactive flash cards

Posted by on 15/07/2014

Randomly select a card from a pack of 148 and be able to drag that card to an area of the screen. once viewed the card is removed from the pack, so after 148 clicks, no cards [..]

Usb drive programming

Posted by on 10/07/2014

Please find the usb flash drive requirements 1. upon inserting the flash drive it should pop up for credential, these credentials will authenticate online. 2. after succes [..]

Website/mobile app needed

Posted by on 10/07/2014

Hello, we want to develop a webpage and app where: -people can register and have a sort of profile -view other memebers -process payments -rate members (like ebay) [..]

Scify theme

Posted by on 08/07/2014

Hello all i'm a huge science fiction buff and what i'm looking to do is to build a site about myself that depicts science fiction. what i'm planning to do is to intergrade vid [..]

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Musik box

Posted by on 06/07/2014

I need a interfece that will work with a touch screen and a coin acceptor . this interface need to: 1. play a song for a amount of money that i will fix in administration m [..]

New website needed

Posted by on 23/06/2014

Project summary privacy 4 humanity is a non-profit organization that exists to inform americans and all citizens of the world of the issues surrounding privacy in the world [..]

Social sports web & mobile apps

Posted by on 02/06/2014

Social sports web & is a one of a kind project, that is looking for a sports oriented and passionate programmer and designer. the goal is to propose a design for the brand nam [..]


Posted by on 30/04/2014

A social/dating website based on the hobby of being athletic, physically fit, or anything to do with health. i would like to create a website, and a mobile app to accompany th [..]

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