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Communication networks

Posted by on 24/11/2014

Project: in this project, you will implement a web server that hosts a collection of video files. you will also implement a mobile client that connects to the web server and [..]

Remote administration tool - rat -

Posted by on 20/11/2014

I'm looking for someone who can make, program (write) or give me a remote administration tool (rat) with all important and main features of a remote administration tool like t [..]

Simple, self-contained, chat-app for theatre audio en [..]

Posted by on 20/11/2014

As theatre audio engineers one uses battery-powered radio microphones mounted on the heads of on-stage talent/actors. shows can range anywhere from 1 to 40 or more of these. t [..]

I need a secure video player for windows and mac

Posted by on 18/11/2014

I need a video player that functions like the one you can download from i will be playing green screen video clips. when the user downloads the videos it [..]

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New catering website needed

Posted by on 15/11/2014

Need a website for my new catering company that i will be launching in march 2015. need one page with the our whole menu, and options to add things items to their bag or delet [..]

Organ donor website - smartphone compatible

Posted by on 03/11/2014

A easily modifiable website where i can change the graphics and to a certain extent may be the layout on dreamweaver etc. it is a website where people can find potential organ [..]

Poker bot based on open holdem framework

Posted by on 03/11/2014

Https:// is where you can find the framework for project bot must play cash games, sng, mtt no limit and limit holdem bot [..]

Lms needed for tutoring company

Posted by on 22/10/2014

Need someone to develop, or modify existing open-source software, to provide an lms for an online tutoring company targeting esl students. models are here: [..]

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