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Looking for a rockettheme joomla template expert

Posted by on 18/04/2014

Im looking for a joomla rockettheme template expert. if you dont have expertise and proficiency in using rockettheme templates, gantry grid, less, and custom.css please do not [..]

Web application -- permutation renderings for output

Posted by on 17/04/2014

The shim project ------------------- goal create a program that will iterate through all possible permutations of shim configuration based on the given set of rules. th [..]

Website for ordering and business registrations

Posted by on 16/04/2014

Require a website ( prefer wordpress but open to other platforms / technologies ) that will allow businesses to register, to be listed and become visible on the site with adve [..]

Steam market researcher

Posted by on 04/04/2014

I would like rent a conder to create a simple program which main tasks will be: 1. search listings / bid (buy) auctions in appropriate range, 1.1. appropriate range means [..]

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Looking for c# mvc .net ajax microsoft sql coders

Posted by on 03/04/2014

We are looking for 5 coders based in the phillipines only! salary up to php50,000/month senior level min experience 4 years worked using these technologies c# program [..]

Php script or app for parsing websites and documents

Posted by on 01/04/2014

Parsing application 1.purpose: parsing website`s or documents and saving the information after processing and verification to a final destination ( website or document ). [..]

Cooperative accounting and management system developm [..]

Posted by on 26/03/2014

It has 3 parts. desktop application, mobile application and cloud base. i will give you a sample link to check it. question all that you do not understand very well. chat on [..]

Website extra functionality needed for existing wordp [..]

Posted by on 03/03/2014

I need to create an application to add onto an existing wordpress site. the application will be designed for users to use so they can find certain support groups or equipment [..]

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