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Torrent lister/indexing website

Posted by on 15/04/2015

Have a look at, or i need a similar site like that. since it's going to be a public torrent portal, it won't need any ratios and [..]

Online planner / to do list for personal use - html p [..]

Posted by on 09/04/2015

Hi i currently use an online planner / to do list that was built for me by a colleague. it is hosted on my private website. i am looking for a new planner to be develop [..]

Roommate selection and optimization

Posted by on 06/04/2015

Every academic semester thousands of man hours are spent trying to place new students into rooms. i am interested in recruiting programmers that would be able to create a prog [..]

Need an ecommerce extension or plug-in that enables m [..]

Posted by on 24/03/2015

I am trying to create an extension or plug in that will allow users to download or install extension or plug in and be able to buy products from people through their website. [..]

Building an app for ios/android

Posted by on 05/03/2015

This project will require extensive skills in creating ios/android apps. we will be working closely together as this is being done from scratch. i have all requirements docume [..]

Improve design and do the integration of a website

Posted by on 20/02/2015

Hi; i am looking for someone to improve good but simple the actual design and integrated in the site. the url: thanks [..]

The next million dollar project

Posted by on 26/01/2015

Searching for 4 individuals or companies to execute and develop a complete system. more information in the attachment. please read it carefully instead of simply bidding a pri [..]

Interactive website

Posted by on 14/01/2015

I am looking to create an interactive website performs two major functions: 1. presents audio-visuals, graphics and text in a dynamic and intuitive way 2. enables people to [..]

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